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on Lake Chabot Trail

3 days ago

Great, very scenic trail. Thankful to live close enough to enjoy it often.

Definitely NOT moderate. It was a great hike but there was interesting spots and I questioned my ability to continue lol. Great views and lots of friendly people along the way. Part of the trail is being closed and there were no signs

this app and place is so fun and refreshing!!!!!!

NOT MODERATE. Not at all. Be sure to check the map often as it was easy to get off trail...at one point we were basically rock climbing on a section of trail one of the rangers said they were planning to close off soon.

Beautiful trail! Definitely worth taking single track trails when you can, see below recommendation there. So clean and lots of water right now. Trekking poles highly recommended. Trail is not well marked back in the falls trail area so bring your phone/map and make sure you don’t get too side tracked on a deer trail?!

Very green and scenic during this time of the year! I would recommend hiking during the winter and spring while it’s still green. The trail are not marked well so make sure you pay attention and follow the map on your phone. Parking is very difficult, be prepared.

Mt. Diablo comes alive in the winter!

This is my favorite winter hike. I like single track so I take Donner to Hetherington to Wasserman and avoid a good portion of the fire roads. On the return I get to Back Creek via Tickwood.

Was a fun trail took about 3 hours to complete. You get to see a great sight of SF through the trees. It was the first time actually going on a hike with my girl and my dog.

Do it! You will not be disappointed. Views are really great

Love this hike! I’ve done 3 different trails & I love them all

A bit more than moderate but a cool hike

one of my favs. great intense inclines and areas if flat and down hill parts. fantastic views and always a great hike in this area and on this trail !

only reason why I'm giving it a 4 is b/c we would've rated it from moderate-hard. Otherwise, It was amazing! A solid 3 hour hike (not incl stops), nice inclines, combination of exposed and shady areas, wide trails as well as sweet, narrow trails. There is wifi along the way, and we definitely needed to access the online map for trail names. The little waterfalls were a sweet way to cool off along the way. Def bring 2 decent sized bottles of water and food.

Very scenic trail and a great workout. Went there by myself but if anyone needs company would love to go back :)

1 month ago

Great hike and beautiful view. the only bad thing is that there's a lot of cow pup

Excellent trail when water is running. One or two sections are very steep, trekking pole will come in handy for sure. Will definitely do it again in rain season! A very fun hike. Counted at least five falls, most are right by the side of the trail.

1 month ago

Hiked the around the whole lake, it was beautiful. Not to strenuous, we started on the left side by the bathrooms/Marina and would do that again. It was shady and the incline was not to bad.
Going the other way we would of been in the sun during a steep dirt trail portion. Started at 8:30am done by 1:30pm. Stopped after mile 5 or so, found a nice bench with a view for lunch.

Steep incline to start for roughly a mile but evens out near the top. Beautiful view of Diablo and lots of bird sightings. Mind the cows


Awesome hike! challenging the whole time with amazing views to reward. definitely will be going back

So... we are beginner hikers and skipped a small portion of this hike because I mistakenly brought my 3 year old. He did spectacular, but was clearly done. Anyhow, amazing hike! We will be going back most definitely. However, I would NOT call the Falls Trail portion of this hike kid friendly nor would I call it moderate. Ha. Wicked awesome though. 5 stars. Don’t underestimate this hike! It surpasses “moderate” at certain spots.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great trail. Couple of things to note: cows (to avoid) in parts of the trail; very strong winds sometimes in top. Not for beginners.

Not straight forward trail and hours of being lost

1 month ago

Not too long. Not too short. Just right.

More difficult than expected - not too long but quite steep in some places. Some areas were steep and slippery.

Beautiful daffodils and oak trees.

This is a gorgeous hike right after the rain since the water is flowing nicely, but the mud on the trails (especially the fire road portions) is crazy. I wouldn’t exactly call the waterfalls impressive, but they are definitely nice. Also, I’m surprised this hike is rated as Moderate. I have hiked the entire Appalachian Trail and I thought this hike was closer to Hard in terms of the steepness in some spots!

Loved this trail! I did feel there were some hard areas but as beginners we were able to get through it and we will be going back!

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