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Did the out and back trip back on March 6th. Great conditions that day. Someone has been up there in the past few months, as I found the trail had been re-blazed. No way anyone can get lost now. Anyone been up there in the past week or so? If so, any snow/ice left? Looking to do an out and back again.

1 month ago

Really great trail. Loved the views and boulders. Was slippery coming down the mountain. Lots of ice even though it was 72 degrees out. Easy to follow, well marked.

Nice short winter hike. Snowmobile tracks ran the entire trail. We used microspikes as there was still the need for traction. Saw two snowmobilers, but no other folks out that day.

groomed winter trails!! lovely in the woods or field.

Love this trail so much! Awesome choice if you want to do a calm walk or to hack your horse and work on pace! Were some ATV’s most were very respectful other than a few (always got those). I highly recommend.

4 months ago

Great Day!

Took me 2 hrs 15 min to complete loop. After storm there were lots of trees down. First half of loop (going clockwise) is a bit more challenging to find footing. Second half easy walking on old road. Lots of leaves on ground in fall made it a bit slippery. Boulder field at the far end of the loop.

Thank goodness for the trail map. Got off trail 5 times. Pay close attention to the trail markings or you’ll get off track.

5 months ago

Couldn't find parking or the trail. We drove around for 20 minutes looking.

BEAUTIFUL, well marked trail with challenging terrain. One of my favorite trails to date.

Great hike. The boulders are amazing!!!

6 months ago

awesome trail, ended up at the power lines.definately do it again

6 months ago

Nice trail though poorly marked in spots. Useful to run the AllTrails app to keep track of position and make sure you take the right turns (there are quite a few). Fairly flat with a few moderate short uphills and a few large rocks to climb over or around. Some simple plank bridges over wet areas. Medium sized parking lot off 85 just north of 101 marked with wooden Oakland Forest sign. I would call this more of a loop trail than an out and back since there are a couple options for doing various distance loops depending on which turns you take. I did a 5.5 mile loop basically following the AllTrails map with a few shortcuts. Great for hiking, mountain biking and dog walking.

6 months ago

Nice place to hike with the dogs. Lots of area to hike. Our short hike ended up a 3 hour mission to find our way out. The trails are not marked very well! No matter what trail your on it always says red and when you reach a split off the red trails go in 4 different directions. I would go again but next time be prepared to be in there for awhile. They need to mark the trails better.

7 months ago

Great trail to get out on in the morning, gets noisy from the highway but overall great trail.

Love it here & parking is great

Great trail loop around north mtn. Did it with my dog and she had fun climbing up the boulders. Some places aren't particularly well marked but overall a great place to wander.

this was a good first hike and the views were beautiful

8 months ago

Easy hike, but trail was not marked. There were a few places where we didn't know which path to take for the loop.

nice trail. interesting tidbit. all along the trail are marked sites with latitude and longitude for rescue. This, I assume is because their are a lot of bikers and if injured they can notify 911 better.

Does anyone know where to park for this trail? When I liked up directions in the app it brought me to a residential house.

Nice trail, markers were a bit inconsistent so it's easy to get turned around on some private property, better trail marking would have made this a better experience for sure. Other than that this was a nice hike, not too high up so views are still a bit obstructed by the trees but a fun loop – good workout.

10 months ago

This was a bit rough. Lots of turn offs if you aren't using a map app. Web map claims 5 miles which my wife and I didn't believe for a minute. Not a very scenic trail but it's a good workout

I love this trail! I walk my dog and ride OHRV up and down here all season!

Please be respectful of others on the trail though! it's not uncommon for me to see people on OHRVs blasting past horses and dogs.

trail running
11 months ago

Learn the yellow outer loop (marked) trail first. Then there are so many miles of super fun interior trails (not so well marked). Love running here.

Great trail beautiful place black flies where horrible the trail porky marked ended up doing nearly 10 miles due to no signs on trails.

trail running
11 months ago

good for trail running - easy to get lost

trail running
11 months ago

Would be 5 if trail was better marked. Keep phone on you

Love this trail - great area to explore. You can add on or shorten length of trip easily. Just make sure you have a map because there are LOTS of intersecting trails.

The Boulder field is incredible.

Done this loop a bunch of times. It is Fundy/Shaw/Split Rock/Woronoco/Fundy. Early season runoff makes a beautiful waterfall and meditation place on Shaw trail. Interesting and some very large glacial erratics on Split Rock Trail. I get annoyed though at all the miscellaneous back and forth zigzagging of this trail loop. There seems to be no purpose to it other than to make the trail longer. No scenic views or unusual features (other than the glacial erratics). Once you know the loop it can be quite tempting to shorten it.

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