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Beautiful trail. Steep sections but totally do able. Views are amazing.

on Lone Lake Trail

3 days ago

Great trail! My friend & I day hiked in with our dogs. The colors are so beautiful right now. the hike starts off with a decent incline and levels off to a big open valley before a final smaller incline up to the lake. There's an option to hike to the upper lake as well. There is also a waterfall about 1.5 miles in if you go off the beaten path. Nice Idaho gem.

on Tubbs Hill

4 days ago

Fun hike. Places for Tucker (our dog) to play in the water.

Loved it! Once you start you go up and up and it doesn’t stop till you reach the top. Be sure you start early to allow for rest breaks. The views at the top are well worth the struggle to get there. Once at the top you will be greeted by goats that are eager to lick any rocks you sit on, but be sure bring a coat and maybe hats/gloves because the wind will cut through you and the temps drop a bit. The down hill was much faster but just as difficult. This is where I got the blisters. All in all, can’t wait to do it again.

4 days ago

Good hike. The kids, dog and I had fun.

4 days ago

Holy Heck!!! This hike was a tough one - but worth every sore muscle. Definitely start early, so you can take lots of well deserved breaks. Goats and scenery were spectacular! The downhill is tougher than the up, (because going down you’re totally exhausted).

This is a great hike. Its straight up and straight down. No flat sections. This is for the well conditioned hiker. Tons of elevation and lots of uneven terain. Most of our party was sore the next day. Training with hills is a good idea first.

Nice trail, pretty well-maintained until the end where it got kind of overgrown. Besides the first climb this trail is very easy. Not too many good views, but a beautiful forest hike.

Great hike for a park in town!

Beautiful hike! Very well maintained trail. Very peaceful. Cedar Grove was a nice rest point. I always try to select trails with water near by for my dog to cool off. This is perfect with a stream running along the trail. I will definitely be going back in the next week or two. No parking fee right now as it is the off season for the lake goers. Best I've hiked in awhile.

6 days ago

This is an ambitious day hike but better than colchuck after 5 miles in. Also don’t need to drive that dreaded dirt road. Must dedicate all day. Two lakes and in between had stunning beauty. Also saw a deer, goats, and even a brown bear all right along trail.

8 days ago

This trail is the same one as the MOOSE MARBLE Trail. We thought they were next to each other but it's the same one. Good trail fun walk, we saw a moose and her baby. It is 8 miles long though

8 days ago

lots of fun. Beautiful view.

10 days ago

Did this trail as an overnight. Saw a few other hikers and Hunters. Everyone was very polite and had great trail etiquette.
The hike itself is a constant incline so if anyone you are going with isn't in decent shape it will be strenuous and potentially slow going. The views are totally worth it a highly recommend. There is a bear box provided which was very appreciated. At the lake there are limited options for pitching a tent so get there first if it's a popular weekend.

10 days ago

Beautiful hike on a pleasant September Sunday. The first 1/3 of the hike is considered easy with little elevation gain on a mostly wide and well-maintained trail. The 2nd 1/3 is a little steeper and you hike through various granite plateaus, but still easy to walk on. I would classify that section “moderate”. Make sure you follow the rock cairns carefully as it is easy to get lost on the trail! At the end of that 2nd 1/3, you will have a gorgeous view onto chimney rock and the valley you just climbed through. You can easily call it quits there and forgo the last strenuous and a little dangerous part of the hike as it is stunning right then and there. The last section gets a little tricky and is only for experienced hikers: you literally have to climb through a field of gigantic boulders and you have to make sure you don’t slip and fall through the cracks. I do not recommend bringing your dog up to that section! And don’t forget to bring your hiking poles! Once at the top, you get rewarded with even more beautiful views over the front and also the back valley. And if you are brave enough, you can even climb along the back edge of the rock and find the view over Priest Lake; however, we chickened out after about 100 feet as it got too steep and we didn’t want to risk falling off the cliff and having to be rescued….it’s not for weak nerves!
The length of the trail is closer to 12 miles overall per our tracking device. 4 hours up (including lots of breaks for pictures and some snacks) and 2.5 hours down.

Not much to see on most of the hike, but when you get on top your rewarded with a spectacular view of Lake Pend Orielle and the surrounding mountains including Scotchman Peak. What makes this hike hard is the fact that it’s a roller coaster climb that is as easily hard to get to the top, but just as hard or even harder on the way out. Wish the trails wouldn’t be so damn rocky, or else this trail would be a lot easier on the feet.

I started a bit later in the day so wasn't able to do the full trail, I turned back where the trails split off. I enjoyed it though, it's well maintained and lightly trafficked and while there aren't any sweeping vistas or 360 degree views the scenery is great

12 days ago

Three of us and a dog hiked to the lake in the late afternoon and had a great hike with lots of shade. Arriving at the lake we found only one fairly level spot to put a small tent. We dropped packs and boiled some lake water. I set off with the dog to scout around the lake for a more level spot to pitch a tent. On the opposite side I did find a level spot just big enough to put two small 2 person tents side by side. We did not see anyone on the trail on the way and had the lake to ourselves all night. The wind was really crazy all night long. Did not have any trouble with bugs near the lake at all. Was awakened by my dog growling at something outside the tent. I made some noise and calmed the dog down and went back to sleep......no further problems. Don't know what it was, but it left. Hiked out in the 8 am time and encountered 2 separate hikers on the trail out. Hiking boots that FIT CORRECTLY are a MUST on this trail or the toes will take a beating on the decent out. This was another great hike to an alpine lake I highly recommend. We went on Labor Day weekend and still had the lake to ourselves all night!

I have done this trail many times, both hiking and mountain biking. It is beautiful.

on Tubbs Hill

16 days ago

Great trail, very scenic! Enjoyed the trail and enjoyed that it was not busy! Will return!

17 days ago

Keep following #65 it's a small sign but as long as you follow it it's easy to find. You will be driving on an unpaved road for a little while. Be patient.

You will need a light layer /sweater. It will get cold when it's getting close to the top.

Need good shoes since you will be walking on rocks later on. but no need hiking shoes. I had trail running shoes and they were fine. You will get dirt on your feet for very much 3/4the time. You shouldn't wear sandals!

Definitely, need water and a little snack. I burned 2300 calories with this whole hike! Get some fuel for coming down!

There are two bathrooms only at the trailhead. Yes, toilet paper but No water.

It took us 5:20 for the whole trail. The ”incline” starts right away. It was a real tough hike!!!! But like everyone says, it is worth to see those cute goats and the view. Some parts are shaded but I wouldn't recommend hiking there if it's hotter than 80s.
If you have a knee issue, you will need a pair of knee compressor or brace for when you are going down.
We had a goat on the trail today when we were coming down and he did not move for a while. My friend threw a little rock gently by the goat and he took off. (not at the goats!!)

trail running
17 days ago

I love this run! it’s a loop so, you can come from the front or the back. if you run, you should be done within 30min or so. You will be ok with regular running shoes. i wouldn’t recommend to go there right after a rain or next day. It can be very muddy or you can slip on rocks.

Nice trail. Kid friendly. All trails isn't completely accurate on distance. The 4.6 mile loop would be challenging to do w kids as the original trail is overgrown. We followed the loop past that and it cuts back down to the all trails making it about 6 miles. Still worth it. Very beautiful.

Beautiful day and a beautiful lake. Well worth the drive and well worth the hike to see the prize at the top. Kind of surprised to see so many dogs off leashes even if the sign says they should be on them

Great trail! Fantastic views and well maintained. Bead Lake is beautiful.

Pretty Trail good to run or hike. I was sure glad I had the app. There were a couple of places where it forks in different directions, just stay in the main hiking trail instead of the road like areas and you’ll be able to follow. Trail stays pretty cool since is all under the trees.

Very nice trail. Easy to navigate and great for beginners.

19 days ago

Great hike very scenic. Trail was nice easy to navigate. Only wish I had brought gear to stay the night as it would be a good overnight spot.


21 days ago

nice area, nice flora. cool hemlock forest. grade was a little steep, though; more switchbacks would have welcome. worth doing, though!

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