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Fun hike. Lots of elevation changes and the rope down was fun. Various paths to get down the steep part.

The falls are pretty and a nice place to enjoy lunch or a snack.

Some nice single track bouldering and switchbacks.

Good times.

One of my favorite hikes, can’t wait to come back!

Was a great hike. It gets pretty step right in the beginning for about half the hike and then it smooths off some. Great view at the top and as of yesterday the flags were still there.

Super Bonita caminata, la vista preciosa. Un poco resbaloso al regreso por que te resbalas con las piedritas.

Perfect length and difficulty level! Great for a little challenge and a great spot to hang out and enjoy lunch by the falls! Will 100% be going back.

This is a short, fun but rocky trail.... I will return after a good rain so I can see the water flowing!

People! If you bring dogs, don't leave the dog crap-bag next to the trail. Pick it up and don't be lazy. BETTER YET, leave your pet at home.
Trail was decent, not crowded, and had benches here and there.

so much fun. i love this place. its local and more fun/ less crowded than cowles.

Super fun hike. I wanna go back there for sure:)!!

Don’t overlook the easy trails if it is beautiful scenery that you seek! I got some really dope pics here. This trail was peaceful on a weekday morning and I found the solitude that I was craving.

I had heard everything from "easy for whole family" to "absolutely treacherous" about this hike so I had no idea what to expect when we did it today.

We hiked the old way down which was definitely a little lose and sketchy but a lot of fun. The ropes were still there at the bottom where there is a rock drop off. We made our way to the falls and it was a fun adventurous hike.

To get to the top of the highest fall the climb has some exposure and I was more uncomfortable than I let on. We did separate routes to and from the top fall. I recommend the "normal" route (closer to the water) it was the less sketchy of the two.

The walk back up the mountain we tried the new trail and it was relatively easy if you do any hiking all all.

It took us about 4 hrs car back to car and we stopped a lot, took photos, and hung out at each of the 3 falls.

20 days ago

wow a great hike but be prepared. very steep at the top. one hour from the saddle to summit. twenty minutes back. great view. just below the top find the big rocks that offer a shade cave. geology 101 w variety of rock all around. i was glad it was cloudy.

A very pleasant hike in early spring. We didn't start the hike until around 11 am. It was sunny but there was a nice cool breeze almost the whole time, so it was very comfortable. It's easy to see how it could be brutally hot in warmer weather though. You can choose to hike the steep trail straight up if you want the incline. We opted for the switchbacks to get a little more milage. The main reasons for not giving it more stars were the lack of trail markings, the heavily eroded trail with all its loose rocks, and the view which, while nice, was nothing spectacular. Overall, it was an enjoyable outing, but nothing to write home about.

P.S. The flag is still there

Not for the faint of heart. The ropes going down are no longer there and there is a new path they made that you can go around instead of going down or up the steep path. It’s easy to get lost a few times but people put ribbons you can follow. Worth the trek! Fun hike. Challenging at times I highly recommend hiking boots especially if you want to climb to the top of the falls

Extremely crowded trail but I still agree that it's a nice hike. Not a good one with the dog if you have a nervous dog like mine.

somewhat challenging trail. the new trail carved out into the hill makes the falls accessible to smaller children and animals. old routes prove challenging with a lot of Boulder climbing and plunging into shallow streams.

Lleven condición

We did this hike for the first time on 3/24/18 on the new route.

Location- it took quite a while to get there even though we spent the night with family who live in El Cajon instead of coming from where we live which is near Long Beach...it still took a bit over an hour to go 40 miles since the last 10 miles or so to the trailhead is on a winding dirt road that will rattle your car even at low speeds so that last 10 miles probably takes about 25-30 mins.

Parking- we arrived early (about 6 am) so the parking lot was empty however when we left the lot was overflowing

Trail there- I never did the old trail, but the first 1.5 miles are still the same and at about the 1.5 mile mark you can see the steep descent of the old trail going down to the creek and you can see the waterfalls in the distance; so the new safer trail takes you to the left and it is a relatively easy trek to the falls; as you get closer the trail becomes less defined and you need to look out for little blue ribbons on the brush indicating the path to stay one; we arrived to the falls in a little over an hour it was a relatively easy 2.2 miles

The falls- the rock areas by the falls are very slippery and there is no easy way to get to the upper falls so be ready for some scrambling and treacherous conditions to explore all 3 falls; it was too early and cold for us to get in the water...bummer

Trail back- the trail there is mostly flat or downhill so the way back is much harder obviously and we found the first half a mile back harder to see and follow the trail back and had to do some backtracking to find the trail since we somehow started going to low and close to the creek; I can see how people have a hard time with this relatively short RT hike of about 4.5 miles during warmer months, or after expending energy playing in the water, or drinking alcohol.

This trail was super fun!!! I love to go back again for sure:)!!!

visited: Wed March 21st 2018
The steep incline section where the rope used to be does not exist anymore. The county cut a new trail path which makes it more accessible for children and dogs. The waterfalls were actively flowing that day.
Note to hikers: please clean up your bottles of kombucha, hipsters.

25 days ago

Loved hiking along the water rocks. Hiked it with the kids and they loved it!

Really good! Not as hard as I was expecting based on the reviews/hype but maybe because the day was rather cool. Very pretty scenic hike and good workout!

ok the dirt road down isn't bad. I was glad i had a truck thou. once at trail head good luck finding parking. we went early and lucked out. we arrived at trail head about 830am there were only three cars. when we left it was full and people were parking illegally. anyhow trail has just been redirected to a safer path down to falls once there enjoy the sounds. lots of water flowing when we went. i suggest saving energy and water. the trek back is all up hill. enjoy this local beauty.

Went on yesterday with a group of people and 2 dogs. My brother in law invited us because he regularly goes there. Awesome view throughout the hike and got better on the top.
Once you get to top there's no other way back but how you got up. Don't make the mistake I did trying to find another way down. It looks like there is but there isn't. A 3.5 mile hike turned into a 9 mile hike haha good times

This is a great hike! It had been a couple years since I have been here. They recently added a dirt parking lot for about 50 cars, has portapotties, and a new trail that goes around the edge of the mountain so you do not need to trek down the hill with the rope.

From the parking lot, you will walk along the main trail, when you hit the wooden post you will go left to make your trek to the falls. If in doubt, look out in the distance, you should be able to see the falls pretty easily from this location to assure you are headed in right direction.

The water was flowing really well and the new trail along the way makes the hike a breeze on the way down.

Over all most important thing to remember is that you do downhill all the way to the falls, so save enough energy, food, water for the hike back up.

I also recommend to have some hiking shoes, if you explore around the waterfall it will be nice to have the better traction on the slippery rock surrounding the falls.

Make sure to take your time and enjoy this beautiful piece of nature!

Nice hike and was not too populated. I can imagine it getting hot in the summer, but it wasn'y too hot when I went..I used the switchbacks on my way up to avoid the loose rocks on the trail leading straight up. I would recommend that everyone does the same to avoid erosion. I will definitely do it again for an easy hike, but will try to bring water next time.

Fun easy hike especially now with the new trail. No more rope needed to hike down.

27 days ago

Suspension Bridge is hidden Gem!

27 days ago

Serene and peaceful! Green!

So beautiful.!!! I was so apprehensive, because of its reputation of being treacherous and difficult, but it must have been made safe lately, because though it’s tiring on the way back, because on the way TO the falls it’s pretty much downhill, there was nothing dangerous about it. Honestly, the biggest pain to me was the driving there. I had my regular slightly low car, and some of the roads are dirt-ish. Then again, if I’d had my husband’s big truck, I would feel insecure that it was too big because some parts of the road are very slim. Back to the hike, the destination is so gorgeous. Though it’s too cold still to go swimming, we put our feet in and walked around. Two couples went, and I saw the guys going down the small waterfall into the lower pool.Thank goodness they hurt!

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