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Hiked Broke-off Mountain alone at age 67 with back pack expecting to to camp. At 2 miles in water was scarce. I ditched pack and day sacked to summit. Hazy day from fires and 85 + temperatures water was precious. Suggest to carry plenty and conserserve for hike out. Beautiful views, flowers, and butterflies. Difficult but doable round trip with day sack. Enjoy.

Great hike, thoroughly enjoyed the entire walk except for the overgrown parts right at the beginning. Took us 2 hours to get up (I was carrying a 3 year old) and about the same to come down, only because we were looking for a bear that someone else saw on the way up. Only saw about 15 people in the 5 hours we were out so it was relatively peaceful. Highly recommend. No reason this hike should be rated as "hard" in my opinion. If I can carry a child the entire way as never be worried about my footing I'd say it should be moderate. As of right now there is a small creek at 1.6 miles in that is a good place to fill water if you are filtering, that could have saved me from carrying quite so much water. Our GPS showed 7.5 miles and my Apple watch said 7.8 miles. Seems to be a theme with alltrails... Underestimating the mileage! Great hike, though, you are sure to enjoy it!

Nice waterfall. Trail was in very good condition. My 3 year old walked to the falls herself then rode in the backpack up to bench lake which was barely a puddle and then on to Sifford lake and around the loop back to the trailhead. Sifford was a nice quiet lake. Didn't see anyone else up there. My son and I swam in the lake. The bottom was pretty mushy but it was refreshing once you got out deeper.

22 days ago

Spectacular! Almost skipped due to trail being described as "hard" and for "expert" hikers. Good portion of the hike had shade, gradual incline until the summit which was somewhat rocky, but very doable. Lunched with butterflies on the summit. Bring water, temp was in the 80s, used all of my 32 oz.

1 month ago

Loved this hike! Very beautiful the first ten seconds you walk through a nice green area with water and awesome wildflowers!! We started our hike around 9 I would recommend a little earlier because it gets super hot but sine it’s so beautiful we pushed through. When you make it to the top the view is gorgeous you can see for miles and miles it’s really cool up there.

Absolutely gorgeous hike. We were torn between Lassen and Brokeoff, but decided to do Brokeoff because of the varied terrain - we are so glad we did! So beautiful with streams, wildflowers, lichen covered trees. Great trail with gradual increase in elevation. Amazing views up top. 7.4 miles round trip according to GPS.

Hiked this trail Saturday June 30. Stunning! The vistas from the top were some of the best I've seen in the area. Pockets of snow but none on the trail. A couple of small creek crossings.
We started about 8am and the temp was pleasant, very warm on the way down. A couple of rock falls to climb over but easy to navigate.
Wildflowers were wonderful, and the butterflies were abundant.

Stunning views, ran into no people at all

1 month ago

We hiked Brokeoff Saturday morning. It was a beautiful day with blue skies and no wind. I really enjoyed all the beautiful scenery on this hike. I would recommend hiking poles on the way down; helps save the knees.

Hiked this trail backwards (started with Sifford Lakes) this last weekend and it was AWESOME! We hiked up around all the little lakes and found ourselves completely alone. Once you get closer to the falls there are definitely more people but it was still fantastic and I 10/10 recommend.

Great hike, the sign says 2 hours one way, it's more like 2.5 hours up and 2 down. Did this in late June and there was still snow. However, warm and did the whole thing on a thin t-shirt and track pants. We were warned about fallen trees and rock falls, but, saw one fallen tree, the trail is pretty cool. Bring lots and lots of water, there's not much shade as you go higher. Beautiful views, definitely worth the hard work. The sign also says Moderate, but, I'd classify this as strenuous. Youre climbing 2300 ft at 6600 ft elevation.

Not well marked right now tons of snow

Summer Trail- a beautiful traverse through meadows, forests, past streams, and up across the side of Brokeoff Mountain. Great views of the surrounding Lassen Park. The final 1/3 of the hike has the best views as the trail wraps around the west side of Brokeoff. Plan to spend some time at the peak, as the views of Lassen Peak are great (though be careful, there are many large drop-offs.)

Winter- snow shoeing this hike is also a true joy. We followed a set of tracks that seemed to very closely parallel the summer trail. There is no "avalanche forecast" for the Lassen area so use your best judgement and don't proceed too far past the 1.5mile meadow if the snow appears unsafe. The final 0.5mile of the "winter route" proceeds directly upwards, instead of switch backing. A difficult finish to a moderately difficult climb.

Took a boy scout troop hiking down to the falls. It's a pretty short hike, but the trail keeps going downstream for quite a ways. We followed it for another mile past the falls before turning back. The creek was roaring with all the rain and snow this month -- a great time to see the falls.

Hiked it last weekend February 10th. I had rented snowshoes and my friends had crampons. Wish I got the crampons. It was hard and icy and towards the top the snowshoes lost traction and I slipped twice at the top before the summit and had to turn back. Slid through rocks to stop first slide and second time had to flip snowshoes toe picks down to slow glissade or I would have ended up down at the bottom of the mountain on the steep western slope. Hike was challenging and fun other than that. Views are priceless.

the trail was really beautiful. Just like the other reviews, youll see the yellow and brown trail marker across the road from the parking area, close to the bridge. the trail is sketchy in some areas as there was loose gravel and rock, but an overall beautiful hike near the creek. There is a lot to see going along. I was a little disappointed at the end at the falls, there is a fish ladder to gelp the salmon up the stream. A bit of an eye sore, but the falls were beautiful. No real trail marker at the end of the hike except a bench.

Beautiful and well-maintained right now. Took 4 humans and 5 dogs. Had a blast. Bring a picnic.

Made it up the the ridgeline but turned back on account of not having snowshoes or crampons to handle the ice on steep terrain up to the summit. Will definitely return with the proper gear. Trail was easy enough to follow until the treeline starts thinning. Just keep switchbacking towards the ridge at that point. There's a small cairn, not visible from below the ridgeline, marking where the trail meets the ridge. Views are definitely worth the effort, even just from the ridgeline.

Hard but worth it. Views of Lassen are spectacular. Bring a summit beer and enjoy the views!

Difficult at times but the views are more than worth it! Lassen peak and the surrounding area are gorgeous. If you’ve done the peak you can easily do this trail. Definitely recommend a lot of water and a fully charged camera! Also, the peak is windy so pack accordingly.

Nice fall hike.

A great hike with amazing views!

Beautiful. The climb is distributed all over the climb so no big push! Gorgeous views all around!

11 months ago

This has been my favorite trail so far in Lassen! The hike was great from start to finish. It took about 3 hours 45 min with a 15 min break at the the top. Perfect view of Lassen Peak, and lots of good viewpoints along the trail. I highly recommend doing this trail when you visit the park, it was unforgettable.

A great trail for my first time in lassen national park! The falls were beautiful, and the hike to sifford lake is so pretty and quiet, we saw maybe a half a dozen people from kings creek falls to sifford lake. Bench lake was almost dried up. Will definitely do this hike again! Took about 2 and a half hours with stops at the Falls and lakes.

I've been up Lassen Peak 5 times since the 90's. Brokeoff is more scenic and a bit tougher climb. Not quite the elevation, but the views are startling.
Do this one above the peak trail. You won't be sorry.

Very nice hike with change in terrain and flora. Lots of cicadas. Lots of queen ants at the top. What's with that? Much we're Hike than Lassen Peak

Sunday, August 13, 2017

I love this hike! It's both beautiful and challenging. It took me about 3 1/2 hours total at an average pace with little breaks. There are streams, wildflowers, and the view of Lassen Peak from the top is breathtaking. I have even seen deer on this hike before. Highly recommended

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Awesome awesome awesome hike. Has it all - views, wild flowers, waterfalls, and variable terrain. Good amount of shade except near the top. It's definitely a work out but well worth it. Highly recommend this one.

Monday, August 07, 2017

Saw beautiful flowers all along the trail. Amazing view at the top !

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