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2 days ago

This trail is mainly a horse trail. Be aware of this when you go. The trails are narrow so if you're with friends, you'll be going single file. Because it's designed as a horse trail, the view isn't spectacular despite the trail bring near Folsom lake. There are spots where you can exit the trail and head toward the water. We saw a few runners & hikers on the trail but it wasn't super crowded on a Saturday afternoon. The brush on the trail doesn't get trimmed. I wore Capri tights & hiking boots. My son wore shorts & got a little scratched up. I didn't see any signs that said you had to pay for parking. There was a Porta potty in the parking lot.

The trailhead is annoying because there is not convenient parking. Very pretty views but trail can be very narrow and uneven at times. I would call this more moderate because you can loose your footing.

Great trail. For this out-of-shape old lady it was more than moderate but still doable

I went on a Monday (no reservations required on weekdays!) and there were still plenty of people on the trails. Only downside is the drinking fountains are no longer working. One of my friends planned to fill her water bottle up there only to find that out. Bring water with you!

Very little shade 90% of the way. The lower valley trail is so much nicer than the new upper loop. The it’s easy to get lost on the way back as you can follow the trail and turn it into a 15 mile hike instead of turning around and going back. There are some neat features like an abandon movie set and a nice picnic area where the American River is. We saw a lot of people rafting which was entertaining. River much too fast to swim anywhere near there.

13 days ago

Make reservations on weekends !!!

mountain biking
18 days ago

felt like it ended nowhere, but when I go again, which I will try and find a nice spot because its beautiful there

The round trail shown here is not wheelchair accessible. You could go back on the same route and just get to the bridge that over looks one of the falls

Oooops. I went to do an update to identify the trail head start was wrong, only to realize that I was wrong! Sorry. We started the trail from Google's, which is really half-way of the full trail.

So I guess we only did half the trail.... Oh well, just a new members mistake.

Went on this trail with my wife and dog and best friend and his 7 year old daughter. Very easy hike. We took our time on the way in, admiring the views of the lake and it took us close to an hour to get to the pond (we really took our time). The pond had TONS of turtles!!! There are picnic benches (quite a bit weathered) to the North side of the pond where we had our lunch. It was Labor Day weekend and pretty hot in direct sun. After we completed our lunch, we continued the hike maybe 25 yards only to find some more picnic tables IN THE SHADE!!!! I WISH someone had written about that. So for those of you looking to have a picnic, go for the tables in the shade (somewhat North East of the pond).

We deviated from the trail and headed down to Folsom Lake (not a trail, but nothing preventing you from walking) and had a GREAT time.

When we returned at a much quicker pace, it took us less than 30 minutes to get back to trail head.

In a nutshell, a super easy fun hike, mostly for non-hikers. You can do this easily in 90 minutes, but if you go to the lake (like we did) you can spend all day there.

By the way, the AllTrails pin on Google is WRONG (as of 9/1/2018). Use Google Maps to find Avery's Trail. Otherwise, you will not be close to the actual trail head.

We parked at the Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park. Free parking - Yaye!

We did the whole 12mi hike - it was definitely an intermediate hike. We started at the West Ridge Trail and took West Ravine Trail on the way back (easier path).

Beware: No shade!!! (We run out of water because it was just so hot today -9/1/18. I should’ve brought more water.) We was a lot of horse poop and a baby snake.

The West Ridge Trail leads you to the river where you can see Satan’s Cesspool. There’s no shade there too so it was difficult for my group to eat together.

Overall, it’s a decent hike. I think this is a great trail for spring time.

Great trail in the spring and fall

did this trail a couple of months ago great starter trail. good views of the lake, some mountain bikers but they were very accommodating in sharing the trail. i will do this one again.

on Hidden Falls Trail

30 days ago

Nice easy to moderate trail. There was a Mountain lion there today near the second falls so we didn’t go as far as planned. The first Falls was nice, light water, but some. A bit smoky but great trail.

new county policy you must have a reservation to park booked in advance. also they charge for the reservations. they pay park rangers to stand out and collect the money.

Park was closed and there is no parking outside of the gate. Not sure why the gate was closed when it wasn’t past park hours. I wouldn’t trust the directions. No easy lake access either. I brought my family with my dad who struggles with diabetes because it said it was an easy walk. Not happy, I would rate this 0 if I could.

Really enjoyed this hike. Lots of variations in terrain and options for trails. A beautiful breeze coming off the river almost the whole hike. It gets really hot and a lot of the trail is not shaded - so even if you get an early start it is probably better for a fall/winter hike. Bring plenty of water. Lots of poison oak in parts. Trail is also used by horses and mountain bikers so you need to be on the lookout.

This trail has many options of different length hikes. They provide paper maps at the trail head to help navigate though the park.

on Hidden Falls Trail

2 months ago

Trail has many options for all levels of hikers. Many shady portions and great facilities. Make sure to bring plenty of water. The hidden trail leads you to some great overlooks and you can hike down to the trail. Make sure to reserve the day before. $4.00 for half day 6:30am-9:30am / All day $8.00. No cell reception so take screenshots of your confirmation when you reserve. Take a picture of the trail map before you head out.

mountain biking
2 months ago

This is not an easy trail. Bring 4 quarts of water during the warm months.

Great for families.

Gorgeous trails with views of the river. This is a great hike for a hot day because there are so many places to take a quick dip and cool off.

Still one of my favorites!! Tried some new trails this year and finally got back to this one for the first time this season! It's perfect for all fitness levels. I usually run it and feel safe doing so. The bikers are courteous and usually make their presence known! It is pretty much all brown now, but still lovely. Half sun and half shade. Some poison oak, but the trail is clean, clear and well marked!

Great trail that leads to some even better fishing, depending on who you are!

2 months ago

Way too narrow, over grown bushes, thorns, no foot traffic, only saw 2 bikers, lots of ticks & saw a huge RATTLE SNAKE that scared us away about 2 miles in. Not coming back.

2 months ago

Easy but nice

2 months ago

Parking and access: Plenty of parking (because it's $10). If you are a frequent visitor to the park or Cal State parks I suggest buying an annual pass for $120. i bought in April It's already payed for itself by July . If you live in the Folsom area its nice to be able to just drive up to the lake and go for an evening stroll with the dog.

Trail: Speaking of dogs, and echoing the other reviewers, this and other trails surrounding Folsom lake are prime tick country. This is a narrower trail with thicker brush, and though I didn't see any bikers when I went, having to dodge them while standing in the brush with your dog is inviting trouble.

Overall: Nice views of the lake and variety of plant life as you meander along the shore with only short small elevation changes.

2 months ago

Great hike along the river with intermittent river access. Great for dogs especially if they can be off leash or like to swim. Very rocky in places with modest elevation changes. Not many people out on a cool July 4 morning except several mountain bikers.

2 months ago

great trail for a mountain bike ride. there are sections that are a bit rocky, but if you're a technical rider, that shouldn't be a problem.

Really pretty in the Spring/early summer. Go earlier to avoid the few patches of sun. a very pretty trail. my partner and I did it and are at different levels. you could make it point to point it out and back. I did some trail running on the way back. CHECK FOR TICKS THOUGH!

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