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Beautiful and scenic easy trail. A hidden gem in the area.

trail running
4 months ago

Parking at the end of Boxart. Not really a "trail" run but a beautiful run all the same.

Nice views great for family walks

4 months ago

You have a view of the Genesee river through the trees. And at the end of the trail is stairs that go down to be able to see the cascading waterfalls. One of the boards on the stairs is loose. Overall a nice walk. Not a hard walk as described.

5 months ago

One of my favorite places to hike locally - that and Abe Lincoln right around the corner. Great little bit of trail system going down to the wet area with some neat streams (people kayak through). A little hilly but that adds to the fun. I recommend this to anyone as there are ways to make it easier or shorter if needed, or enough places to explore around for a few hours.

Nice scenic oath. Mostly flat. I do wish that they did not blactop the path.

5 months ago

Park at lot at the end Of Boxart Street and go north to the Lake and return. About 4.5 miles round trip. Nice river views and wildlife.

Love this hike! The trails are a little confusing at first, but there is always great wildlife encounter. The park is full of deer, chipmunk, squirrels, plenty of birds, and at the creek I always see turtles and frogs. This is a great hike during the winter too. You can really see the old rifle range with all the leaves gone. Typically, there is very little traffic, which could also be why I like this park so much.

I'm partial to out west, but this was as close to climbing as I think I could get. Fun hike. You can stay mostly dry if it hasn't rained for a while. Take the fork to the RIGHT and keep climbing till you get to the wall. If you climb the wall, the right side seems safest, it is slick, so be careful and don't be afraid to get wet. After you reach the top climb up to the right, there are plenty of tree roots to help. This will put you back at the orange trail markers which eventually lead to blue and back to trailhead. The bugs were annoying, so bug spray might be necessary.

Steep trail. Very poorly marked trails. Followed path. If you want a strenuous work out, this trail is for you .

Was able to walk to Lake Ontario from the parking lot and back. Very dog friendly park! Scenic views and even saw some deer.

Very buggy. Trails are marked but confusing. Was trying to loop and ended going back out on same trail. Would not do again.

One of my favorite places to hike. Even in the rain on 9/3 it was still a lot of fun. After we made it up to the wall we climbed up the right side and kept going for a bit and then backtracked down the gully to the top of the wall. We then took the trail down since we had never taken it before. It was a little slick in spots (as usual) but my boots served me well. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a little challenge and a lot of fun.

Great trail for a 3hr hike. We hiked up the gully then down along the trail beside the gully. Beautiful waterfalls the entire way. There was just the right amount of treachery for me. The ropes were secure and easy to use. My daughter brought her Walkerhound who led the entire way. Thanks, Camo!!

Loved it! Hidden gem in the city!

Won't let me give it only 1 star. Didn't hike it. A friend and her niece had their rear windows smashed out in the parking lot. Don't want mine done.

Scenic. Can get to the Steven B. Roman while unloading. Some trash from inconsiderate people.

we went here because it was marked dog friendly. unless you have a very independent dog, I would not recommend it. trails were incredibly steep in some spots, and we lost sight of the trail it was so overgrown in others. I'd say this is more meant for hiking and mountain bike riding.

First time coming here, nice trails, not badly marked. Lots of bugs as to be expected some trails were over grown with that said there was a gentleman near the old rifle range clearing brush back from trails with a machete.

Fun challenging hike from the parking lot just south of Bristol Mountain (thank you Tim + Jacob), looking forward to returning on a not so cloudy day

some news views but paths are noy clear and bugs were horrible

Great place, small turtles hidden everywhere, beautiful swans! Cool giant boat. Family and pet friendly park.

nice park, but some of it is now underwater.

very nice and quiet walk.

Great challenging hike! Lots of waterfalls to climb, some are definitely difficult to traverse but not impossible. We just took our time and looked for natural handles in nature. They are there if you look for them. Walking down is pretty difficult, we didn't walk all the way back down. We went to the farthest 50' waterfall (about 20 minutes past the bridge) and then we backtracked to the bridge and followed the trail back down. A girl we had been running into while hiking, went back down the whole gorge trail and took a pretty nasty spill going down the waterfall with the rope. If you choose that route be aware and go slow. It's extremely beautiful, worth the effort and a great workout! The best part is treating yourself to a delicious snack after you work up a behemoth appetite, we will definitely be back!!

waterfall after waterfall! So amazing be careful this is hard trail and you have to get creative with your steps up and down!

Great trail, very beautiful, well maintained and a lot of variety of routes. Not sure why it's listed as difficult. If you go down to see the falls coming back up is slightly more difficult but it's well maintained stairs. It's also completely avoidable if necessary and the rest of the trails are generally flat.

8 months ago

Hiked the blue, white, and some of the red trail. Good elevation changes and marked trails.

8 months ago

Not sure why this is rated as moderate. Easy walk from parking lot to the bridge aside from a steep hill that leads you to the trail. I went paddle boarding here last year, but the dock isn't even visible anymore due to high water levels. Many people walking, biking, and fishing. Trail is well kept.

Very interesting trail. Can take the very steep hill to get some nice view of the gorge and mountains (roughly 20min hike to the viewpoint). I did not go to the end because that was already satisfying :)

I went into the river bed in the gorge for further exploration and this was lots of fun! I would recommend to take water shoes so you can go in the river bed and have more adherence in there!

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