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Trail name is not “Miller Ruins Loop” on the trail markers - so we got lost for 2.4 miles (newbies). This trail is more intense than it’s “easy” rating. We enjoyed it on a beautiful, late December afternoon, but the sun is on the other side of the mountain by that time of day so it was chilly. We could have used gloves & beanies along with our sweatshirts.

I included this loop on a longer loop around the whole park. The ruins of the Miller place are so cool! They are in the beginning of this hike to the right at the dead end of the paved road that it starts on. They are definitely the highlight; this part of Loop Trail, the cut off, and Ridge Road are pretty boring. Heavily trafficked, so not much wildlife. They skirt the archery course which looks super fun in itself. There are kid friendly hikes that aren’t on fire roads in this park that are way more inspiring; a convenient one from the ruins would be Tan Oak Trail. You can do it as an out and back based on the stamina of your group, just turning around when you feel like it.

We did this today. We went slow and it took us about 4.5 hours. Redwoods are amazing! So peacefull and quiet. We started at sprigs bottom of mount madona. On the way up via the meery go round trail there is a pretty view inthe distance of some gilroy wineries. On the way down on sprigs trail there is a brand new bench. You can not miss it. The redwoods view is spectacular. Enjoy beautifull hike. We did 2000 feet elevation gain but felt good.

A little work to get to the top but the view is outstanding!

Hauntingly beautiful. Such a treat to see the white deer.

We went there with our dog. The trail was ok, it was difficult to see the road it self so we didn’t really know where to go.

5 months ago

We took the Frog Lake Loop trail today. It was a bit dry as expected but beautiful lake at the destination. We saw a wild turkey, tons of frogs, lots of blue dragonflies. I would definitely go back in the spring to see wild flowers. The Hobbs section was a bit steep downhills in some part and there was a couple of trucks on it. Next time, I’ll take the Frog Lake Trail to avoid the vehicles and get much better view of the ridges.

Parked right where the map takes you. You will walk up a roadway that is a Church. Walk all the way up until you reach the start of the trail. Jump the fence that closes off the trail. It was a VERY steep hike. Wasn’t expecting that. Went when it was around 90 degrees out. In the first 1/2 if the trail there’s plenty of shade, the last 1/2 is VERY steep - there is a rope to hold onto, bring some gloves! Was an overall rewarding hike with awesome views when you get to the top.

a little rigorous for horses

Nice trail! Definitely a good day hike. Beautiful ridgeline views.

Trail was amazing and not very difficult. So many frogs at the lake/pond!!

Great for kids.

10 months ago

Easy trail, wild flowers, frogs, unusual butterflies, we saw purple ones. Tranquil and peaceful!

Update 3/6/2018

All trails are open again, and equestrians appear to be using the trails. Nice and quiet on a Tuesday morning. Definitely prefer to park on the Gilroy side of the park and hike up Sprig Trail, then end with Merry Go Round Trail on the way back down. Old Mine Trail is worth it for the views.

March 2017

This is overall a great south county loop. It is a little crowded as far as other parks in this county go: on a Tuesday afternoon I passed a dozen people or so, including the people at the Sprig Recreation Area entrance, which is around the midpoint. This park is also a big horse riding area, but due to the recent rain, it is closed to equestrian traffic, so if you're a rule breaker like me it's a good time to let your dog off leash. This means a lot of the trails are very wide unfortunately. I love the cool, shady canopy and mix of redwoods and laurels on Sprig Trail, and the beautiful, rocky chaparral of Merry-Go-Round. I would recommend taking the loop in the opposite order the title suggests, starting with the Tan Oak Trail via Meadow Trail. The Tan Oak trail will take you to a junction with the Lower Miller Trail where you can see the really cool ruins of the Miller summer place. Legend says the park is haunted by the spirit of 19th century cattle baron Henry Miller's 8-year-old daughter, who fell from her horse and broke her neck while out on a ride. Then the Loop Trail Cut-Off will get you to Merry-Go-Round, which will descend the mountain toward the Santa Clara Valley. It is a more exposed fire road, which makes it nicer to do this direction, followed by the shady, winding climb of Sprig Trail back up to the entrance booth. Tie Camp Trail, which bisects the loop, is currently closed, as is a section of the Blackhawk Trail which is noted on the map.

10 months ago

Had no problem finding the trail head or accessing the trail. It starts roadside at a gate that's next to the plaque describing the dam. Very flat, great views of surrounding hills, valley, and reservoir.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

It was nice, not great. Went in early January and it's not much of a lake. Frog pond would be more appropriate. This close to the headquarters you run into ALOT of people. We saw probably 10 other parties. Rather than take the loop, we trekked onward the next day down to upper camp which was nice. This is a great little trip if you are trying to take it easy or introducing someone to backpacking. We stayed at the two oaks campsite which is world's better than the frog lake campsite by the bathrooms.

Nice trail,

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Bring spikes or shoes with cleats! We slid down almost the whole way which made for an interesting workout.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

This trail is very close to my home and it is my go-to trail. I really enjoy seeing all the seasons on this trail. It can be too hot when temps go past 95 as there are a few long steep sections with no shade for much of the way. Watch your step as Alligator lizards and small snakes often sun themselves in the sunny sections of the trail and often won’t move until it is too late.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Trail is closed!!

Friday, August 04, 2017

Great hike. First part is quite challenging going up the hill and then "sliding" down the road ( so steep). Coming back on flat frog trail is uneventful for the first part thru the forest but after about .7 mile you'll start enjoy unbeatable views and surrounding scenery for reminder of the hike.

The Sprig trail will work your legs up the 1.5 mile climb to the ridge, but it then levels and drops back down. Great canopy for most of the loop, but Merry Go Round is exposed and more of a fire road. There are several better single track options to get back down to the Sprig trailhead parking lot. Great for dogs, but be mindful of horses.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Calm lake. Two hiking options: 6 miles out & back or 4.5 miles loop. Out&Back is easy, loop is moderate.

Friday, April 28, 2017

What a beautiful peaceful hike. Take a day off work and go... less talk more walk.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

There was no trail head or markings on where the trail started and no way to get across the spillway. Total bust.

trail running
Saturday, April 22, 2017

This trail is steep from base to peak when taking the east face up. Be careful when descending the east face as the rock can be loose at places. All in all very fun and intense for such a short hike. I saw multiple deer, turkey, and plenty of wildflowers along the ridge. Watch out for rattlesnakes... a local said he'd seen plenty along this trail.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Quite an easy hike. We took a couple of detours on the way, to seems the monument and enjoy the view from the vista point on Ponderosa trail.

Frogs were plentiful when we were at frog lake (April) and very noisy.

Great hike, took us about 3 hers, at a leisurely pace

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

There are lot of frogs at the lake :). There are some good view. Easy hike. However, everything seems dead at the moment and a lot of bugs flying around.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Real ruins of old meadows estate, nice trail scenic route.

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