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The trail is wonderful it's just everyone's slightly different directions and slightly different GPS Coordinates are all incorrect And after several attempts I was still unable to find this cave could very well be up the canyon south of Garner's Canyon Given all the different GPS Coordinates posted in the reviews and the vague directions.

It's very steep steep towards the top which can be a challenge. Overall great trail though!

crazy elevation... coming from Phoenix AZ...loved it.

on Indian Trail

6 days ago

Great hike! I would suggest having two vehicles. One at 22nd Street and one at the canyon trailhead.

Did approximately 3 1/2 miles round trip. Nice climb

10 days ago

Love this Hike I like to go up there from 22nd Street and look at the beautiful scenery.

10 days ago

This is awesome and was a demanding hike which I will not forget

The fall colors were just starting to appear! This is a great hike, not too steep, amazing views!

Loved this hike!

17 days ago

Good hike. Our seven year old with a cousin to distract him did surprising well on the hike. Given the young age of some of our hikers (7, 9,10) plus teens and adults we felt good about the 3.5 hours it took to reach the peak. Rocky with a pretty constant incline most of the way. (The first half was definitely easier then the second.) It was harder than expected, especially on the knees coming down.

19 days ago

Pleasant trail with nice views. Heavily traveled though withs lots of bikers who you constantly need to jump out of the way for.

19 days ago

Love this trail. It is great for a longer hike, with some elevation gain.

Beautiful hike. Good workout with great views.

20 days ago

Loved this hike! Fairly strenuous on the way up. Not too technical. It was safe and fun for our 2 huskies to join us and the view was incredible! Love being at the highest peak in the bear river mountains.

We used this route to go get a beer at blues brews and BBQ at snow basin! Great hike♥️

My favorite! It pushes you without killing you♥️

great hike for the experienced. Steep, relentless incline to AMAZING view points. Very good work out, hike up and run down. **MAKE SURE to fill your water at the spring about a mile in!! It's delicious and cold!!

24 days ago

One of my favorite hikes but I have seen rattlesnakes all summer on this trail.

this is a really beautiful hike. the fern forest is kind of amazing. the flowers were mostly spent, but still pretty. trail is pretty tight in some areas, but well worth the work when you take in the views. would definitely do again.

26 days ago

This is part of network of trails and you can do all kinds of different loops, out and backs, or even point to points using different trailheads. You would be wise to have a map. There are at least 2 other AllTrails entries for parts of this network. It 's a nice setting. The trails are used by mountain bikers, so they are all very easy to hike with no super steep parts. In places it is really a road. I started at the trailhead off of Rt 39, right by Pineview Resevoir, as shown here. For some reason, the trailhead looked like a homeless encampment this morning.

Love it! Beautiful scenery!!

After the fork ( don’t go across bridge, that’s Indian trail) trail quickly becomes over grown , almost disappears at times. It was like the trail was playing hide and seek. Towards the end the “trail” is a dried creek(?) bed and very steep and rocky. If your waiting for the grand finale at the end, you’ll be disappointed. It’s pretty closed in with almost no views. This was my first and last time using this very primitive trail.

Difficult but doable. Packing for overnight is not recommended as it’s very hot and steep. Saturday Hammock camp and Sunday morning summit was epic though. Wish there wasn’t so much smoke!

This was a pretty hike. It’s shaded most of the way, and has a few beautiful look outs. We couldn’t find the waterfall, but we didn’t look too hard. I’d do it again, but I much prefer hiking to waterfalls or lakes or along creeks.

1 month ago

I did this hike with a friend of mine and we loved it!! It was the perfect hike, it wasn’t too hard but still gave you a good workout. Mostly shaded which was nice so the sun wasn’t beating on us the whole time. The only thing about this trail was the end was just a dead end? We followed the map and it said we reached the end and it was just a bunch of trees right passed the fort people talked about in the reviews. We went farther past the end point located on the map but it just took us into the woods and led to nothing. So that was a little disappointing but on the way back down we went off trail and climbed some huge (dangerous) rocks and came to a beautiful view!! It was incredible- don’t recommend unless you’re good at climbing and not afraid of heights but it made the whole hike for us climbing up there. All in all loved this trail and will do again!

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great trail for both running and biking, Awesome views! Reccomend doing it clockwise as the switchbacks are a lot of fun coming down.

Good hike with lots of shade. Unfortunately, there are no signs so we ended up on Indian trail. We backtracked and finally took the saw mill route. Had to bushwhacked but did not make it to the end - it got very muddy and we saw fresh moose tracks. Ended up hiking 5.2 miles round trip.

1 month ago

I did this hike by myself and for starters I would say it was harder than moderate... I’m a distance runner so I would say I am in pretty good shape and this hike kicked my ass! Very very steep and there’s hardly any shade so it was sooo hot. I didn’t have a lot of water left and I was dehydrated and I was alone so I didn’t make it to the top because I was nervous about fainting so I turned around after 2 miles. Pretty hike and very challenging. Would like to do it in colder weather for sure. If you’re looking for a challenge this is a great hike to do. When you turn off the indian trail pay attention bc I missed it but thanks to this app I found it quickly.

trail running
1 month ago

Beautiful trail!!

I wouldn't do this trail again.

We are in pretty great shape, but my wife wanted to turn back with about 2 miles left because we didn't know if we'd have a better route back down.

I liked how hard the trail was and could have completed, but this trail had a lot of challenges midway through that were not our favorite:

- The swarms of wasps was disconcerting and too frequent for our liking. It made it difficult to enjoy the light stream at all.
- The first overgrowth section was about a mile of swatting bushes out of your face.
- The second overgrowth was several miles in and it was low shrubbery that tore up your legs.
- The scenery and "wildflowers" were pretty blah.

If you're going for a challenging hike, enjoy overlooks, and are well equipped for the rough terrain, and don't mind a lot of overgrowth on your hike, enjoy!

*We hiked just under 10 miles total of this trail according to Google Fit.

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