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1 day ago

Great hike, check out my guide on HikingGuy for more info

2 days ago

Easy yet epic hike, check out my guide here: https://hikingguy.com/hiking-trails/best-la-hikes/devils-chair-hike-devils-punchbowl-natural-area/

live less then 10mins. from devils punch bowl. have hiked this

Beautiful trail, great for beginners. Lots to see and explore.

9 days ago

nice cold morning walk.

Great hike with friends

Great trail and very remote. will definitely come back and use it as a jumping off point for ascending the upper peaks on the front range.

Nice trail to take school age children. Sad that no one is coming out and picking up the litter. The dessert has so much beauty it should be cared for..
The hike was perfect for the children I brought ages 5-8.

13 days ago

Beautiful trail! Got to break in my new hiking shoes

14 days ago

Loved this hike. I would say it is on the easy to moderate side based on my experience with other AllTrails hikes and ratings. The hike in is a breeze. The walk down to the chair is steep for about 25 yards and then easy peasy. I do hike a lot, as my daughter reminds me, but it is not hard at all. As for the trail eroding, it's not bad at all. I have a fear of narrow, steep trails, and I was able to do this without too much effort. Beautiful area! It would probably be hot in the morning in the summer months when the sun is shining on the trail, but most of this trail is in the shade on the north side of the mountain. Cool in late December.

My friends and I were camping down below and decided to go on a hike. we thought this was the 2 mile hike and as inexperienced hikers we packed a granola bar each and a bottle of water each. "Travel light" we thought. it was mid July and about 80° one kid forgot his water so we had to share with him. Thankfully even with the dehydration and hunger, we still enjoyed this hike. Once you reach the "chair" it's well worth it.

20 days ago

Great short-ish hike. Pretty well covered throughout with beautiful views of the high desert. The beginning mile and end mile are steep but the bulk of the hike is pretty easy. A few hairy spots where the trail is eroding pretty bad, but all in all this is a good hike with kids/dogs.

22 days ago

Nice morning hike

Awesome hike. My wife and I really enjoyed it. Took our time to let the scenery sink in. There was a little snow on the trail from last week’s rain, but it was all worth it.
Started at 0930 got back to parking lot at 1430.

Great hike, beautiful views, very clean trail but some sketchy path areas but easy to get through, not may people along the way either. Some challenging inclines if you’re not used to them. Seen lots of hikers with poles to help with that. We started off at 10:30 am and got back around 2:30.

Nice and easy lots of quartz

Nice trail!

Did this hike with my kids, ages 14 and 2, both loved it and it was pretty easy for them. There are a few precarious spots so gotta keep an eye on the toddlers. Nothing too crazy and plenty of room on the trail to hold hands and let other pass. Others have mentioned it and it’s true, there are a LOT of side trails and shortcuts, but the main trail was pretty easy to follow. Overall a great hike. Don’t forget to check out the nature center with some live snakes. When we were there they also had two owls, a great horned owl and a barn owl, outside the nature center.

Great geological formations to view and the tiny visitors center was nice as well. I felt the trail was marked satisfactorily, however, one in our party felt we needed to go in a different direction at one point. You do have to be careful as many people appear to go off trail in order to reach the bottom of the Punchbowl. The actual trail gets near the bottom of the Punchbowl but not all the way down.

Pretty difficult hike and can be dangerous, but worth it. Recommend using hiking shoes with good tread and/or hiking sticks. I started with the left side to get the upward steep part out of the way and it was the right choice. It could’ve been dangerous going down on that side and I was able to enjoy the rest of the hike without much difficulty by getting it out of the way. Steep part only last for 1/4 of the trail. There’s a bench at the top of the mountain and an amazing view. Parking for this trail is by wooden posts where a concrete structure can be seen.

The trail starts out well marked but soon many trails lead off in all directions. They should have more signs to keep you on track. Other than that it’s a beautiful area and a lot of fun. I’m glad I had this app to keep us on the right trail

Short, easy-ish loop through Devil's Punchbowl, when you don't have time to go 7 miles to Devil's Chair. This short loop woild be gre as t for kids.

2 months ago

Dull but easy hike on a wide equestrian path, leading from one parking lot to another. Meh.

Great hike mostly covered. Started at 6am and saw only 1 person on the way. On the way back I passed quite a few people. Go early and enjoy the peace and quiet. Wonderful view at the top.

this place was beautiful! lots of shade and awesome views! Our dogs and kids loved it here!

2 months ago

I did this hike first thing in the morning with my two dogs. I like to go counterclockwise and end my hike at the ranger station. Saw deer at the beginning of the hike.

on Devils Chair Trail

2 months ago

Started this hike first thing in the morning with my two dogs. The first mile is a straight incline so is the first 8/10th of a mile leaving the chair. Great view. Make sure you bring water.

Loved it! We say a deer family! Very close too!

2 months ago

I hiked this trail on Tuesday, October 16th. The weather was in the lower 60s which was perfect hiking weather. The trail is beautiful with a nice mixture of open exposed areas with great views of Devil’s Punchbowl, narrow one-track foot paths through the shaded forest and then the finale, the walk out to the ledge of the Devil’s Chair itself. Killer views of the Punchbowl and the desert beyond. Hiking midweek I only saw 3 other hikers the entire hike. Finally, since I hiked in relatively mild weather this hike was not that strenuous (probably the easier end of the Moderate range). I will definitely be back!

More easy than moderate, the pathway is narrow for single file hiking, but the hike itself is fairly easy. No strenuous up or down hill parts, minus the very end that is slightly downhill.

Beautiful views, and if you go early in the morning and hike quietly, you might see a wild bighorn sheep :)

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