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Beautiful day for a hike and great local trail. Well maintained and plenty of parking.

21 hours ago

I would say there is enough elevation and enough places you had to watch your step to make this moderate. My heart rate got up a couple of times. The description says lightly trafficked, but felt more like heavily. But I was also there on a beautiful Sunday at noon. The fall leaves made it absolutely stunning. I'm glad I was able to catch it before they fell off the trees. There has been enough rain in the past week that the creeks were flowing, very pretty, and provided clean water for my dog to drink and play in. One of my favorite trails near Atlanta so far. I completed it in about 2 hours, but I was taking my time.

Beautiful hike east to the Quarry and then around to the west loop. Water was crystal clear and high. We went early and saw no one until leaving the trail. We loved all the bridges. The trail was well maintained. Perfect for families!

Loved this trail. Great scenery. Walked along a creek for quite a bit and over at least half a dozen bridges. Only draw back was a guy w 4 noisy kids. Nice sized parking lot.

I wouldn’t call this hike easy. It’s not bad as far as incline goes... it has a couple of relatively steep inclines but nothing crazy... but the trail itself is really narrow at parts and has a lot of rocks, slippery spots, and tree trunks. We hike weekly and I found this a little rough in terms of navigating the terrain. We also had two dogs with us which made the narrow trails difficult to pass. Very pretty and enjoyable tho

5 days ago

Beautiful waterfall. Lots of rocks and roots along the path and a little crowded but it was a weekend! Overall very nice hike!

Hiked to the Quarry and back. Trail is easily identified and well maintained. We live in the area and it rained a good bit a few days prior, however the trails were in great shape. The Quarry is awesome!

Super easy trail with an amazing water fall. Avoid this trail on the weekends as it can be extremely crowded. Quick hike with a rewarding view.

Worth the hike. Easy trail and beautiful views. The way in is an upward climb and seemed more moderate to me because I was carrying my toddler in a pack all the way up, so I’m sure it’s much easier than it felt

Beautiful trail and easy to navigate. Definitely worth going the whole way up to the falls. We brought our dogs and they loved it.

11 days ago

AWESOME HIKE! I'm not big on waterfalls but this one is WORTH IT! There are several waterfalls along the trail but the one at the end of the trial is a beauty.

We did the west loop. The rock quarry pond is on the east loop. We will see it next time.

14 days ago

Not a bad hike at all! Went by quickly, got a beautiful view at the top, and had an opportunity to see some changing leaves, too. Took my small dog along with me, saw lots of other pets on the trail.

Little confusing with so many trail connections but overall good trail. Nice views with good trails!

Awesome trail. Lots of up hill and rocky. Scenery is great!

Wonderful trail! The rock quarry is beautiful and peaceful and there are several great spots with easy access to the creek where the dogs love to play! I was a little disappointed that the top of the west loop is so grown up right now that you can’t see the summit views at the bench. The wildflowers and pretty fall colors still made it worth it :)

15 days ago

We are flatlanders from Florida in our late 50s, early 60s and found this to be a comfortable hike. 2 bridges and one creek crossing. Very few roots and rocks to navigate. Go early to avoid crowds. Sunrise or shortly thereafter. It was crowded on our way out.

Great last min idea to get some outdoor time while vacationing in Asheville. Waterfall is beautiful.

15 days ago

Great hike for our whole family! My 3.5 year old did the entire thing independently and my 65 year old FIL loved it. Took us about 2 hours total. Don't stop until you get to the top oast the second bridge... You will definitely know when you have hit the big, gorgeous falls at the top. Trail had some parts where you had to walk over large rocks in the creek and at the falls you have to maneuver over through big boulders to get the best view...DO IT!

Great hike! Be warned, though: We started at the parking lot on Burnt Hickory and hiked up the hill clockwise. The first two miles are all straight up hill, and very rocky. Quite the workout! We saw many deer, loads of chipmunks and very low flying hawks on he hunt. Gorgeous views. Highly recommend.

18 days ago

Easy hike to two major waterfalls. The trek to the Upper Falls was not as dangerous as I read that it would be...piece of cake. Close to a 4 mile round trip.

Easy out and back hike. Don’t a bad waterfall considering our simple the trail is. High traffic though, even during the week.

19 days ago

My review is from the perspective of an amateur landscape photographer.

I was pleasantly surprised by these falls. The lower falls are very photogenic and easily accessible. There are a number of good opportunities for different compositions, assuming you are comfortable with some easy rock scrambling and the slight possibility of getting your feet wet. the only downside is the trail is very popular (great scenery and relatively easy hike) and it may be difficult to setup your shot without waiting for others to clear the immediate area. But it's worth the wait.

There are also some nice spots along the trail to photograph the stream and some minor cascades.

Overall a nice outing with many opportunities for waterfall photography.

20 days ago

A very popular trail near Old Fort that is both easy to navigate and visually engaging. The trail is very nice and well worth climbing by itself--however add in the waterfalls and this is a fantastic outing. They are quite impressive.

Good hike

22 days ago

Good hike, had to cross a bit of water using rocks but enjoyable.

28 days ago

Rocky trail and a good climb - but the view is worth it!

30 days ago

Loved the hike and even got a bit of a workout.

Beautifal day; easy walk to the lower falls. Will bring visitors here, for sure.

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