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Nice trail that is well kept & blazed. The view is nice

However, three issues.
1. I would just recommend you understand the blazing. It is blue white, till you cross another trail, then go right on blue for the rest except the blue yellow summit.
2. For the cutback, I didn't find the trail as shown so had to go about a quarter mile in the road - not bad, just free warned.
3. My GPS tracker shows 5 miles and I only went off maybe 200 yards, plus my cutback (2) was shorter.

Awesome number of trails available. Beautiful in all seasons. Wear waterproof boots because it is super swampy in some parts.

Always a good walk kid and dog friendly

Markers need repainting. Beautiful gorge! Ice formations were great!

This is an out and back trail that has evolved into a loop, there are no more red blazes after you reach the top, there is a pretty well defined path and you can follow the map on this app.
I've been living close to sea level for a while so this one left me huffing and puffing a few times, not used to climbing.

One of my favorite hikes !... this hike will not disappoint !! ... great look out points

Loved it!

2 months ago

Great activity to burn a half day when in New Haven. Absolutely stunning views during autumn. After our hike we did some scenic driving which I recommend for anyone with some extra time who appreciates the color change. We visited some parks that had better views within an hours driving distance, but if you are in New Haven and looking for something close I highly recommend.

2 months ago

One of my favorite places for a fun quick easy outdoor walk. Beautiful views and the trails are always clean. Great options to up your hike by taking some other trails off the loop! Never kayaked in it but often see others enjoying the lake itself with fishing and dogs swimming!

Start on the switchbacks and continue onto the stairs when you see them. Great workout ... they say there are 286 steps to the top ... some of the steps are steep and not always a railing to hold. If you have anxiety about being on the edge of steep cliffs ... it will start churning in your belly... but trust me ... the view up top of New Haven and Long Island Sound (and the gluts workout) is as absolutely worth it! Pack a lunch as there are plenty of picnic tables up top.

Nice afternoon hike spot. Moderate hills, relatively easy trails with good markers. Beacon cap had nice view and place to relax before trekking back

Many trails. We completed the loop around the lake. It’s beautiful.

Beautiful adventure...striking views and great work out with steep hills and rocks. Loved it!!!

3 months ago

Awesome trail, loved every bit of it. Very scenic view of the elm city especially when you get to the top.

It’s more an easy trail. Very relaxing, and plain in most parts. No parking!

3 months ago

Great afternoon hike. Not terribly difficult, but the initial descent is pretty steep and rocky and has a fair amount of human trash. Be ready for lots of rocks, but the views and flowers and lack of people on the trail are worth it. There are places where the markers aren't great (especially when changing blazes) but overall a well-marked hike.

A nice walk, and the views were amazing. So very fun with the kids. there was lots for them to see.

nice trail. needs a little work, if you have bad knees though, and hills hurt, not the trail for you

Great trail. Very easy hike. The blazes are a little difficult to find but still enjoyable

Pretty trail, very steep but not too long. Next time I’ll go straight instead of left at the red markers to make the full loop. Also will wait until after a rain storm and when the leaves start to change...it will be gorgeous then!

Great place of adventure. Lot of up n down parts to make the hike a solid workout as well

4 months ago

Lovely little leisurely trail. Great for birding, strolls, and running (if it hasn't rained recently). Has a parking lot and a swingset at the beginning.

This is a very difficult trail, worth it but requires an experienced hiker/fit person. The waterfall is at the top so get up there but it won't be easy.

This is a great place for a small east hike. There is a trail that loops around the lake. You can go kayaking, fishing mountain biking and picnics there. There are also back trails for hiking. One will bring you to the top of West Rock,where you can see over New Haven. Another trail will bring you to baldwi drive which is a paved road that was closed years ago but it's still a hiking trail. Another trail will bring you to Paradise Preserve aka "The field of Dreams". please not the state cut down that big tree at the field of dreams two years ago. I hike Lake Wintergreen daily,so i know it by heart.

5 months ago

Very humid August day and rocks were a little slick. Short scrambles over low glacier ridges were a nice mix in, even having to lift the dog up onto some. Canopy covers well and there is minimal sun. If your into mushrooms....this is a good trail for you. The Orange circle trail on the way back cuts through some large boulders which kids would love.

Enjoyable little hike, great for any fitness level. Wished the trails were a little better marked.

Good little trail. Not too busy but well blazed.

5 months ago

Great little hike, right on the outskirts of town. If you want the easier hike, go left at the bridge so you can take the switchbacks up, then go down the stairs. Going up them definitely would push this into a moderate hike and not one for the faint-of-heart or the out of shape.

5 months ago

Great trail enjoyed moderate in spots but easy overall

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