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I've walked/ hiked the park for 40 years.
Its in the Pacific Flyway. I've seen many species right here . Eagles, Hummers, Woodpeckers, Swans, Bufflehead, Bluebirds and Vultures to name just few. Bring your binoculars.

Easy to do, and plenty of trials easily viewed on google maps. Do this two or three times a week anywhere from 3 to 7 miles [if you do Dillon Point Rd]

mountain biking
1 month ago

Rode here on 2/19/18 and had a blast! The trails were in great shape. Dry but not dusty, everything was green and super lush, and the wildflowers were just starting to bloom. And as is usually the case here, had almost the entire area to ourselves.

If you're in the East Bay and looking for a fun, challenging place to ride, check this place out.

1 month ago

Great hike in cooler weather, though I imagine in summer would be quite hot with lack of shade. Be aware that trail is very uneven due to cow traffic. Great views from the top of the ridge.

Worst hike I think I have ever gone on. We walked through a very overgrown trail, completely covered by bushes, and then walked on what seemed to be a farming maintenance trail. We didn't even reach the Bay before turning back because it was so boring and unsightly. The farming equipment we walked by at mile 1 should have been a sign.

2 months ago

Fantastic views of the bay! A bit muddy when we went but had a blast and will definitely be back. Keep an eye out for mountain bikers and cows.

This trail is closed for a year due to fire damage.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Good combination of fun downhill (fast, flowy, jumps) and moderate climbing. Can be stretched out to a roughly 18 mile out and back. If you are in the area definitely check it out!

This is a nice hike if you live in the area due to its convenience. A lot of the trails are uneven due to the cows' hoof prints so it's important to step carefully so you don't sprain an ankle. Nice views of the San Pablo Bay along with all the area peaks (Mt. Tam, Mt. Diablo, Mt. Saint Helena). You can expand your hike by entering Lynch Canyon Open Space Preserve which connects with Newell OSP.

Very nice view

Not a difficult trail by any means, small bits of rocky terrain to cross. There are a couple of steeper shortcuts if you want to make it slightly challenging at points.
It is an out and back, but has nice views.

Great hike with lots of trails to choose from. All paths have great sights. Parking cost $6 cash or check only so that would’ve been nice to know before arriving but atms and stores are near by to get cash. Well worth it and looking forward to going back and trying more trails. Also pretty cool that here’s a botanical garden with in the park as well. Highly recommend

The loop is washed out because of a tidal flow enhancement project in 2009 where it turned out nature had better ideas as to where the tidal current should go. (according to the sign)

You can hike 2.6 miles out to the bay, and a small part of the loop.

Nice to look back and catch the trails i did before being onsite.

IMPASSABLE AND NOT MAINTAINED. We decided to go clockwise around the loop. This meant we found the IMPASSABLE trail 90% done with the loop, which meant this was an 11.5 mile hike. There is more than 10 feet of fast moving water that no one, regardless of ability, should walk through. Afterwards we see a tiny notice that the trail is out, right next to a big map which doesn't note this.

My legs are fully scratched up from unmaintained trail of sharp brush, starting at the shoreline.

For the previous 5 star reviewer: you clearly didn't take the route in the map.

Starts off at the base of the entrance of Hiddenbrooke Golf Club right off of the highway by way of paved walkway. Trail head begins off of this walkway and is full of great views. At some points only mountains and valleys are viewable. At the peak, you can view the highway as well as the country club as well as bordering neighborhood. Great hike! Lots of small rodents!

The scenery was great, stopped at the gate though after another hiker warned us of snakes beyond the gate. Hiked 2 miles.

6 months ago

Very nice trail overall you get too see many different areas up from the hills. Including some water views of the San Pablo and Carquinaz Strait in the direction of Benicia and Vallejo.

The trails is about 95% exposed to the sun so early am or late pm is best. Signage is a little confusing so make sure to have a map with you. Single usage in some areas so watch out for mountain bikers.

From the main parking lot gate if you take the right side trailhead it will be a steep incline some 1100 feet but at least it will be on fresh legs. The return is a little more paced as it descends slowly.
A few benches here and there but best spot is under a few trees.

Great moderate loop hike, with wine at the beginning and end.

At first I was confused about the paved walkway that runs parallel to Hiddenbrooke Lane, but the trailhead breaks off to the right and into the hills after a short distance.
I jogged most of the way to the summit and back down (except the steeper hills and areas where I had to tread lightly over stickers) and opted to turn left at the top and head back down via switchbacks where the trail meets back up with the road farther up.
Once at the summit, housing development comes into view and it's an interesting contrast to the cows and grass and hills you just came through.
It worked well for me to end the run with pavement because by this time I was hot and tired and grateful for the shade offered by the planted trees alongside so I just moseyed back to the parking area.
Will be back!

Beware: only open Friday thru Monday 0900-1700, tried to do a hike with my son during the weekday on summer break to come to a closed sign...ugh

too much horse shit

trail running
7 months ago

As a beginning trail runner, I was stoked on the technical aspects of this trail: easy hills, some rocks and cracked mud to dodge and climb, alternate routes with varying difficulty, etc.
It's August, so maybe that's why I didn't have problems with stickers, mud, ticks, or horse shit. Plus (on a Monday morning) there was no one else on the trail... except a few cows and lots of scurrying rodents.
Even though the trailhead is at a park/dumpsite and the stunning suburbs are in view throughout the hike, I'll come back to run this trail again because it's close and it's good technical training for my skill level.

trail running
9 months ago

Very nice trails for running, however in summer it's infested with ticks. Got five on me and 4 in my dog in the span of one hour

Great hike, dog friendly, and near a winery - you can't beat it. You'll get a solid workout! Multiple uphill climbs but enough breaks to make you forget that your glutes were en fuego.

Could not get past 1/4 mile. Went with wife and 6 year old. The path was overcome with sticker bushes couldn't squeeze by with out getting stuck with thorns. Trail not wide enough for my little 6 year old to pass through without catching a thorn to the face. We were really looking forward to a nice hike up to the ridge but had to turn back. If the over growth on the trail was cut back it would have been a nice little hike.

In bad shape as of May 25, 2017. Needs a lot of weed wacking. Ripped up legs on thorns, slow, and couldn't see trail in some areas. Also, poison oak creeping into trail, not too much and almost all avoidable, but I'd rather keep eyes on the trail, not looking at leaves.

I usually really like the flow section.

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