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15 hours ago

Beautiful hike! You can hear streams and see waterfalls all throughout the hike. Get here early, the parking lot is full by 10:30 on the weekend. Lots of families and people hiking on the weekend but still did not feel crowded.

on Heather Lake Trail

18 hours ago

Pretty hike, trail is difficult due to rocks and roots and it’s literally a stream. Make sure to wear waterproof shoes since you’ll need to walk in water. The lake is beautiful and the sun was just coming up behind the mountain around 12.

Camped at Cutthroat lakes. Lots of rain and lightning through the night, woke up to blue skies. Enjoyed our time; didn't see any other groups camping but a few dayhikers on the way out.

Overall hike was enjoyable. Beautiful scenery along the way, but no great payout at the end. A small-children version would be to hike one mile in to the double waterfall and follow the short trail down to the beach by the river and waterfalls.

10 days ago

Excellent hike. Definitely moderate grade with lots of roots and boulders to navigate. Get there early.

Found this hike on accident. I went on a Tuesday so there was no body the whole time! the lake was beautiful and the trail was very easy to stay on!

11 days ago

Great did with dog and friend I had to take like five breaks going up but worth it for gorgeous views

11 days ago

This is a great short hike that is on the easier side of moderate. Really cool view at the top with the lake surrounded by mountain peaks! Lake 22 is cooler in my opinion, but Heather lake is an easier and quicker hike that is less trafficked.

14 days ago

I really really liked this hike. I did this right after Mount Pilchuck so in comparison, much quieter, less people, and easier terrain and under half the elevation. A very moderate hike in terms of terrain and scenery but diverse in scenery. The majority of it is dirt, roots, and the occasional pile of rocks to walk over. The best part of this trail to me was the view at the end and the smells and sounds around the lake. In the distance about a half mile from the lake you can vividly hear a waterfall and around and near the lake you can smell the flowers, damp dirt, and a faint smell of pine. We came on a clear day but right after some rain, I bet the smells are even better!

Nothing too strenuous in my opinion but I am 24, 135 lbs, and in fairly good shape. My friend Brian, his Australian Shepard name Oz, and I were able to knock through this no problem in about 1.5 to 2 hours including walking around the lake and taking some spectacular pictures. Our pace averaged around 20 min or so. You could easily trail run this on the way back just being careful of roots, small wet rocks here and there, and your speed down the switchbacks.

No music please! There were a couple groups playing music and in this kind of area (valley and open), you can hear a med loud song for easily a 1/4 mile or so. My friend and I ran to get past the group and far enough ahead so we could enjoy the sounds of nature and our own company. If you wanna listen to music, wear some headphones. Remember, most people do these hikes for the sheer joy of disconnecting and finding peace within nature. Music scares away peaceful thoughts, peaceful sounds, and the wildlife.

15 days ago

Beautiful hike with impressive views to the valley on the way up. Almost all of the hike is under heavy growth, so very pleasant and fragrant. Drastically insufficient parking, though the picnic area across the highway has a fair amount more. The lake is more impressive than I think most people expect it to be. It’s small but in a dramatic setting. Nice access to the shore for swimming. Possibly among the most rugged trails around, resembling a stream bed more than a trail for long stretches, especially the third quarter of the hike up, or so. Quite fatiguing especially on the way down, where each step is fairly calculated. Not a place for solitude, but quite lovely.

The hike itself is beautiful, quiet and mostly clear trail full of big trees and wildflowers perfect for a small child or children. Easy hike not too long up to a wonderful lake with a few places to walk around and see the water, dragonflies, flowers and watch fish jump in scenic dark green lake.

Access to the lake is limited with just the view in between trees and a few places to get right down to the boggy green lush lake. There’s a small space to eat lunch and have the kids explore.

I’m not giving it 5 stars, I would love to but the road up to the trail head is horrible. It’s hard to enjoy the hike when you know you have to drive back down the road which happens to be about 7 miles of miserable damaged road with little space to pull over for cars coming the opposite way. It’s a bad start and finish to what really is an amazing little hike my son absolutely loved. Hope some maintenance to the road in the future could promote a happier hike all around!

15 days ago

Magnificent old growth, gnarly beauties all along the trail, peekaboo waterfalls and many rivulet crossings even this dry season
Must go round the lake to appreciate the grand scale of Pilchuck backdrop with ice caves, giant talus boulders, and views across the lake
Sturdy shoes needed to traverse rugged, rocky stretches

The trail and lake were both nice, but there wasn’t much of a trail around the lake. It’s definitely a kid friendly hike, we went with our 4yr old and he enjoyed it.

I’m giving it a 2 star rating because how unbearable the drive to the trail head is. It’s about 6 miles of single lane road filled with large/very large pot holes and rocks... the entire way. We went in a good sized SUV and it was still a pretty uncomfortable drive.

Beautiful hike Sept 2. We got an early start and it was not too crowded. Met lots of people coming up on our way down. The early start was well worth it.

16 days ago

Two hours to the top, an hour coming down. Gorgeous views. Hike is very gradual going up- it’s a great hike all around! Can be slippery. Shoes with good grip necessary.

I love this hike for being family friendly. My three year old can hike a lot of this on her own. It felt a little underwhelming to me until we reached the beautiful wildflower meadow just before the lake. It was absolutely magical seeing all the flowers encased in rolling fog with the mountains in the background. I recommend this hike mostly in the fall with the foliage or when the wildflowers are in bloom, otherwise if you’re going just for the views, there may be better options.


18 days ago

This place is beautiful, did it 2 times. During the summer bring bug spray, once you get to the lake- they wont leave you alone. Sunscreen is needed as well, there are areas exposed you to sun.

19 days ago

We attempted Pilchuck but had to turn around due to a massive snow field in our way. We could not navigate it because we did not have proper gear. So we decided to hike to Heather Lake. The hike is moderately difficult if you are out of shape but the 4.2 miles stated goes very quickly. I've seen better views at the end but with the vast snow fall and boulder fields surrounding the lake, it was quite impressive.

22 days ago

great hike fairly easy, if you dont take a young child that u have to carry, super rocky for kids younger than 7yr. we took or 3yrs old she did fine on the steps but the up hill is mostly rocky which my husband had to put her in the hiking back pack. which made it difficult to try to keep balance on some areas that had sharp rocky terrain

23 days ago

Moderate hike, left early enough to beat the crowd. Bring enough food and water to sit and enjoy the view. Swimming was a refreshing treat, bring a suit. Trail was easy enough to tote a paddle board up.

23 days ago

Hike was great. Road to trailhead, 7 miles gravel but not too many pot holes. Only one on trail. Tons of mosquitoes (bring spray!). Bit through clothes, ugh! Trail says 7.9 miles, we clocked 10+. Spada lake is gorgeous. Grieder lakes were beautiful & hiked to big greider. Trek poles for the 40 switchbacks. More of a moderate hike.

25 days ago

8/23/18 (Thursday) Great hike. Started about 9:45AM & approximately 8 people before us. We were still in quite a bit of smoke for most of the climb up. Great workout. My son (16 yrs) wished he would have brought an additional tshirt. Soaked from sweat. Arrived at the lake within 2 hours. The smoke was just beginning to clear. Beautiful scenery. Able to see the snow and an ice cave (did not hike up to it; obviously dangerous) but it was beautiful for pictures. I would recommend it. I would like to hike it again in the clear blue skies.

26 days ago

The road is still gone about 2.2 miles out from the actual hike. It’s a nice hike with a few blow outs in the road so plan for a lot longer than what it says.

28 days ago

We hiked during the week and there was light traffic on the way up but on the way down there was increasingly more traffic. The hike is gorgeous and Lake 22 is picture perfect! This was our first hike in WA and it didn’t disappoint.

29 days ago

Absolutely awesome hike with beautiful scenery and the lake is stunning and a great place for a picnic! We hiked this trail with four kids (7, 7 1/2, 9 1/2, 9 1/2) and they were tired but did great, although they have hiked quite a bit. The littlest had the most difficult time. Rocks, roots, and switchbacks makes this trail challenging for the out of shape hiker. The view is worth it!

1 month ago

$5 permit needed for parking. No issues finding parking at 4pm. Such a fun hike given variety of nature such as little creeks or a fallen tree blocking the path. Best of all is the reward of a beautiful lake at the top!

Beautiful and friendly. Make sure you have the right pass (mountain pass or something like that.) Many rocks and roots and lots of uphill, including some switchback. But absolutely worth it.

1 month ago

Arrived around 2pm today, long dirt road with lots of pot holes. Very beautiful hike with lots of mini trails everywhere. The waterfalls were a little hard to find but other kind hikers let us know where to go. Would recommend to anyone and will be back again!!

Nice easy to get to hike. A good amount of people and dogs however on a Thursday morning. Still very enjoyable.

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