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trail running
2 days ago

Nice mix of easier and challenging sections. Great views if you take the time to enjoy them. I got 7.35 miles the couple times I’ve run this trail.

2 days ago

Beautiful hike. Low traffic. Not difficult. Is a must do.

Great trail, 13 km and we finished in 2 hours and 45 minutes. We went clock wise so the steepest part of the trail is when you’re descending near the end.

A really beautiful and challenging hike. I took a few detours but primarily followed the AllTrails map which was well marked. My favorite part was the final climb to Tom's Thumb which was steep making it a great workout. The views vary throughout the trail keeping it really interesting. I would definitely recommend taking a few liters of water or at least doing it during the cooler months.

We did this hike over the weekend. In my opinion it's not that hard..... just really long. We clocked 13 miles total roundtrip. But most of it is flat, so it's not crazy taxing. The only real elevation gain is the very end when you climb the battleship. There are a few places where you have to do some rockclimbing. Nothing to where you need ropes, but if you aren't comfortable with 3-4 move bouldering, this hike will be scary for you. The top of battleship is worth the scramble! Gorgeous views of the superstition wilderness! I brought a gallon of water and finished it by the time we reached the car.

very cool hike, super windy at top..but beautiful views.

5 days ago

Easy to go off trail. could be marked better. But a great hike.

Great quick hike. Took about 45 up and 25 down, ran most of the way. Good in the evening because it's mostly shaded. Good work out in 1.5 hours.

Nice hike. Relatively easy.

8 days ago

First time to AZ hiking, entered off road. Should have used GPS, struggled a little finding trailhead we came in on, was all good though. Awesome trail!

Loved it, not a lot of people around. Will definitely do this again.

Nice steady incline and for sure more challenging after the first viewing point. So rewarding at the summit, amazing views. Didn't make it all the way up the first time, but paced myself and lots of small breaks and got to the top, well worth it!!

Took a heathy couple hours. Once I got to the hidden part I was unsure which way the trail went so I turned back. (That and I was half way through my water.) I still got 6 miles in so I was happy. I'll try try again.

Good trail. Glad I can read and know they have signs everywhere stating that the trail has a large wash portion (and it's on every map). Makes it easy to prepare if you're using the most baseline of observation.

Beautiful hike, but much more challenging than i anticipated. Incredible views and very clean.

LOVE this trail! It's long and somewhat challenging with the ever present incline. The scenery was amazing. The trail was very dog friendly. Definitely worth going all the way to Massacre Rock. The trail does get pretty narrow in places and a little steep here and there but nothing above a moderate rating. We did lose the trail once and got started down a different trail going the wrong direction so use your map if you can. There were many places where the trail would split and meet again on the other side of a rock. Bring lots of water and sunscreen. We did not see any waterfalls but could tell where there would be waterfalls if there had been heavy rain. Everyone we met on the trail seemed very friendly. Definitely plan to go back.

Great trail, but, someone is not right about the miles. I used 3 different device's (at the same time) and got an average of 7.9 miles. GPS times 3. Steps useless. The map ???.
But a great hike no matter the distance....who's counting anyway??

Beautiful views and great trail

12 days ago

Several sections are pretty steep, but one of my favorites on South Mountain. Great views from the top!

This was a hard hike for sure! The trail down to the mountain itself isn’t bad at all. Once you get to boulder canyon trail follow the tips and stay left so you don’t miss the turn for battleship, although I will say we never really found much of a trail. We made our way up without a path and once we got to the top we saw what looked like a trail. You have to climb a little to get to the actual top, it is not too bad though. We followed the cairns we found at the top down and somehow got lost again lol but finally made it down. Amazing views overall. It says 10.8 but we clocked 12 miles.

13 days ago

Beautiful scenery! I think I needed to be in a little better shape. But would want to go for it again.

Great hike around the loop today. Warm temps but cloud cover helped. Nice easy hike with beautiful cactus!

Love the hike once you get to the trail. The approach is pretty flat, long and a bit of a drag if you’re just walking. If you are running out to the trail it would be much better.

17 days ago

Fun trail, easy to moderate. Good views

I enjoyed my hike immensely. Not only was I surrounded by the beauty of the desert, I was able to challenge myself physically. I scrambled, jumped, ran, and climbed with a grin. It’s an active trail with lots of bikers so it’s best to keep your wits about you. Most people I passed were polite and the bikers were appreciative when I let them pass.

I like this hike to get in mileage. Not particularly challenging but some good ups and downs. It is fairly challenging for a mountain bike in my opinion since I am not the best mountain biker out there ;)

17 days ago

Loved it!! Everyone was so nice and helped others out!

18 days ago

Great trail. Challenging at times. The distance is way off. 6.64 miles to the base of the falls. Even without water at the falls it is a good hike. At a couple spots it was difficult to find the direction of the trail but if you pay attention not too bad. Will be back out here again for sure!

Came to Mesa with my Dad for Cubs spring training. We found this trail to be highly recommended for trail running by the park ranger. Absolutely stunning and beautiful views. Loose rocks on the northern side can make for some tricky footing and more walking than running. Highly recommended for trail running.

19 days ago

Nice hike with great view. Went on a weekday and not busy. Easy side of moderate with a steady gradual incline. Decent overgrowth in some areas. Great for dog paws, just watch for cholla. No facilities at trailhead. Dirt road to trailhead was no issue.

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