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Very easy trail on the parkway offering great views!

My wife and I hiked the trail this morning. Easy hike with lots of nice views and wildflowers. Lots of history with the Lodge and it must have been spectacular to stay there in the early 1900’s. Trail is kept up nicely. We will definitely be coming back for a fall hike. Had a great lunch in Weaverville.

If you are looking for an easy trail that gives great 360 views- this is one of the best in that regard

Great forest area with mixed use trails (walk, bike, hike, run)

on Craggy Pinnacle Trail

12 days ago

Great short hike to the summit from the parking area. You ascend around 400ft over 3/4 mile so not to bad. The trail is dirt and rocks. Great views at the top.

Beautiful views on the way up to the blue trail loop.
We chose to go left and it was decently steep. My heart rate was up until we reached the top, where a natural spring was coming out of a rock.
I use trekking poles while hiking to protect my knees and was thankful to have them once we were half way up the blue trail.
We didn’t see any wildlife while we were out, but I imagine 2 people and 2 dogs make a lot of noise to scare animals out of our path.

This hike was not particularly demanding. it did have some nice views at the top.

Thank you thank you Eileen for your review
I don’t know if we would have found it if it were not for your detailed instructions

We enjoyed this trail
Our last day in Asheville
It rained all day
But wanted to get one more hike in this pm
Perfect after heavy rain

A trail i've been doing since I was a little kid. Walk up the hiking trail to the right & walk back down the gravel road. The views from the top are amazing, and sometimes there's cows! trails are always in great condition, and it's never too crowded. great for the sunset!

Beautiful short walk with a nice meadow to watch the view, have a picnic and watch the cows. (In summer.) If you want a real hike this isn’t it, but if you want to relax and just play games with the kids, this is the place to go.

(kids pov) Really liked the trail, would do it again, "this trail rocked, haha" (lots of rocks).
(mom) This was a really cool trail, but I'm not going to lie - the hike up from the picnic area was rough. Constant climb and lots of rocks. From the pavilion up is easier and gorgeous. So green, informational placards, and a lovely natural spring on the side of the path. Pretty wildflowers! Blueberries weren't ripe yet. Best dog drinking fountain ever! Would do it again.

This trail never gets old. Within the last twenty-five years I guess I've ran, walked and plodded Hardtimes on a weekly basis.

Decent elevation, dog friendly, lots of nettles and the path is thin at times, which made it harder for the kids.

1 month ago


Very beautiful with lots of wildlife and flowers. Watch out for bears, I got attacked on the trail 3 days ago by a black bear with cubs. (We startled each other.) luckily I’m pretty tall and she decided to stop in front of me and back up.

Nice short hike, it took maybe 10 minutes to get to the viewpoint. If you’re able to get up there on a less cloudy evening for sunset, it’s an incredible view!

NOT ticks! Don't worry! They're weevils.

Great short hike with spectacular 360o view! Only 0.4 miles up (the trail sign said 0.7 miles, but my GPS only measured 0.4mi). Wildflowers on trail. I went on a Tuesday late afternoon, and it was only lightly trafficked.

1 month ago

Very easy hike. I added the loop for the blue trail. the pace I was doing made it easy. On a harder day the blue climb would have got the heart rate up.

Short hike. A little steep but a great 360 degree view.

Ok so if you’re going to do this trail start at the picnic area and head up from there. I made the mistake of starting at the visitors center and heading down, only to find some picnic tables overlooking a parking lot! Kids were not pleased. The grassy knoll was nice, saw some people hanging out up there in some nice spots. That’s easily accessible from the visitors center if you just want a nice easy spot to be....never found the waterfall either

Such a short hike with such a big payoff! I know one reviewer said that they had been swarmed by ticks the other day, but I was just up there today and the little black bugs that were up there were NOT ticks, they were weevils!! It’s gorgeous, best around sunset if you can!

I'm not getting it, but I totally didn't see a waterfall. There was a juncture, off this path, that leads to Douglas Falls in 3.6 miles. But, I didn't see a waterfall on this 1.9 mi (RT) trail. Trail was well-maintained. Start at the picnic area parking lot. When you get to the "Visitors Center," which is a pavilion, go thru/under the shelter to continue straight. If you take the path to the right, it leads to a dead-end about a quarter mile up with a below-average overlook. The straight path will lead you to the juncture already mentioned or to the start of Craggy Garden Trails from the overlook. This is a nice path for a walk in the woods after a picnic. I did this as my last hike of the day, so I didn't have enough in me to take the Douglas Falls path for what I assumed would be a 7 mi RT. I only did it because I thought I could get a waterfall in under 2 mi RT.

Great hike and only about 30 mins from Asheville. The drive up is beautiful too. It was foggy when we went so didn’t get to see the full views at the top, but we still loved it.

Beautiful trail but when we got to the top we were swarmed by ticks. Not just a few. Each of us were covered with 20 to 30. What was weird was that it was at the rocky part at the top. People were running down screaming. Weirdest thing ever.

1 month ago

Gorgeous 360° views. You can get the most amazing panoramic shots. Very mild and brief hike.

Watch out for ticks! Went up July 4th around 7 PM.

1 month ago

Up hill both ways, secluded trail. Offers a little bit of everything

A little easier than I expected but a pretty hike. For difficulty I'd say it's a 3/10. 7 year old did it easily with a couple of a short breaks on the way up. Wildflowers, cows, & the view at the top were worth the time.

Loved the hike. It was harder than I imagined. Have fun!!

Really enjoyed hiking this trail. Nice gradual climb on the White Trail and nothing too tough to walk over. Misunderstood that the Blue Trail was the way to loop back to the White Trail and head back to the trailhead, and ended up adding a few miles to the hike. You can take the Blue Trail at the Lodge and it's a steep hike up to get back to the White Trail. Or you can stay on the White Trail until you see the other end of the Blue Trail and it's a steep hike down. The only real tough stretch of the hike. We crossed paths with a few other folks and a dog but did not see any wildlife. Only room for 3 or 4 cars at the trailhead so the earlier comment about additional parking might come into play.

1 month ago

Reading the reviews, I think people took a wide variety of trails in the area and mistakenly thought they were on this one. I’m not surprised, because the trails and trailheads are not well marked. The actual Pine Tree Trail Loop has no water crossings and there is no field. Instead it’s a relatively easy hike through woods and rhododendron. It goes alongside the creek part of the way and then circles through the woods most of the way. The trailhead can be hard to find, and your hiking time can double accidentally which probably happened to a few people. Here’s how you get to the Pine Tree Loop trail. From Alltrails, if you open the directions in google maps, it will get you to the right parking area. It’s labeled Ledford Trailhead. From there, do not walk up the dirt road. That’s the wrong direction and a completely different trail. Instead, park your car, and return on foot to the paved road, and keep walking the direction you were driving. This takes you towards the campground. You’ll go past the ranger station, past a four way stop sign, then you’ll see the trailhead on the right. Follow the blue blazes to stay on the Pine Tree Trail. At the end of the loop, it puts you back on the road in a different location from where you started. This is disorienting, but you’re close to the original trailhead. If you turned right down the paved road from there, it would take you to the lake. You want to turn left to head back towards the ranger station and your car. So, plan on an extra mile of walking on the paved road in addition to your trail time. And it doesn’t hurt to bring some water and a snack along, in case you find yourself on some of the intersecting trails and doubling your hiking time, which I think is pretty commonplace.

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