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I loved the experience

The hike was fairly mellow until the last 1km where it got decently steep. The memorial plaque was around 1h 10 min up the trail and then another 1hr to the top of the hike with the Propeller of the plain crash. It was cool to see the memorial but I was disappointed that you can’t hike to the top of the peak.
It took 2hr 10min up and 1hr 20min down at a fast walking pace.

Amazing hike, beautiful lake

4 days ago

Commenced hike yesterday 10 am or so. Went behind the tank and were about 20 minutes up the trail when we commenced heating growling from what seemed like a mountain lion of sorts. Spoke loudly, held our ground but with each movement and sound of our bear bell the growing got more significant. Decided to call it a hike and retreated slowly down while making lots of noise. Would be cautious of area and definitely not do solo.

on Abby Grind Trail

5 days ago

Great workout and can be done a few times back to back!

Be careful with the GPS! The link took me to a very dangerous steep and rocky forest service road the bisects the actual trail! Never made the hike as I was almost didnt make it up the road in my non-4x4 4 cyclinder engine :(

12 days ago

Lovely trail with good elevation gain

14 days ago

A good hike to start off the hiking season. steady challenge all the way up. Lots of flowers and pleasant smells. View was okay for me. kind of blocked by a tree or two.

16 days ago

Had a great hike up to the second lake.
She's a steep knee grinder both ways so beware.
I brought my dog and we got through it in 6.5 hours with a bit of a lunch hangout at the wrecked platform.
Met two nice guys searching for old mine shafts and found an old Spear head while hiking this trail.
Totally recommend!

16 days ago

This is one of my favorite shorter hikes. The views are pretty standard for most of the climb, but the panoramic views at the top are gorgeous.

18 days ago

Great day on the trails! Seemed to be pretty busy - 6 cars parked at the road and about 10 people encountered while on the trail. Overall, peaceful and well marked. Trail is fairly narrow throughout, take caution on the loose rocks. Would do it again!

Pretty decent, short hike. Good with kids.

Good trail, nice and cool during the hot summer days, nice little creeks throughout the trail.

20 days ago

Its great for it's closeness to Abbotsford, but otherwise nothing special.

20 days ago

Makes for a good workout, but trail is rather dusty and viewpoint is just alright.

Trail was in good shape. Not a lot of steep grade. Worth noting, the memorial is not at the end of the trail. I’m guessing it’s more around 4km from start of trail to memorial. Also the road is in very rough shape the last kilometre. I would recommend walking it rather than beat the crap out of your 4 whelp drive.

24 days ago

I can start my hike up Mt Thom from my doorstep. The trail is an uphill dirt switchback that is heavily trafficked. The path gets quite narrow at some spots making it sort of 'single file' at times. I have seen quite a few runners that use this hike as their daily exercise and in the early afternoon on a nice day it becomes quite populated and you'll often find a lot of other people using the trail. There is a nice view at the top but it's not absolutely stunning. There is no water on the way so bring some for you and your dogs. Some days you'll encounter a lot of off-leash dogs - they are required to be kept ON-leash here, but a lot of people don't listen. This hike on average takes me about 2 hrs to complete starting from Walker Creek trail off Sylvan Rd.
Keep in mind that there are a few different spots to start this trail so you can increase/decrease the difficulty: Prest Rd staircase, Sylvan (via Walker Creek Trail or via Thom Trailhead), Thom Creek Drive (via Thom Creek Trail), and Ryder Lake.

28 days ago

good hike , might be little hard for smaller kids

Good hike lots of great scenery. I recommend going in July or August and bring pleanty of water because the streams are likely dried up this time of year. Only reason I didn't give 5 stars is we were expecting a beach. We ended up camping right in the middle of the path.

Great hike up to both lakes, lots of rocks to climb over, so make sure you have shoes with great grip.

WARNING: for overnight hikers, we saw 6-7 cars with their driver windows smashed. Do not leave any valuables inside. My guess is this happened overnight when there weren't people around. Not sure what action we could take on this!

Great workout as its mostly uphill. Helps to bring walking stick for the up and downhill. Amazing view at the top. But lots of flies and mosquitoes. Recommend bug spray or wear long sleeves to cover.

on Mount Thom

1 month ago

Great workout on this hike! Quiet with only a few hikers!
My dogs loved it and enjoyed the creek water at the end of the hike!

1 month ago

I hiked the trail to the lake. The round trip was 4hrs 20min. With a 15min. rest at the lake. Definitely take your time and watch your step for the first kilometer as others have mentioned lots of rocks and roots to catch you, keep your eyes peeled. This was a very pleasant walking in the old growth sections. The large boulders with the Moss and trees growing around and amongst them is
very grounding making you feel very small. A good hike definitely not a Beginners Trail.

1 month ago

Easy to access but there is no formal trailhead so parking is just off the side of the road. The trail is well laid out and offers links to other trails. Beautiful little lake. I was glad to have the fully paid app as I wandered onto another trail and needed to rely on the app to gat back on track.

This is definitely a grind, it’s not too long of a hike, but it can be tough if you’re not use to going straight up, but it’s worth to try at least once. Pretty view of farm lands. The parking is next to the Abby gun range off exit #3.

We hiked this August 11th-12th for one overnight. I want to start of with saying that my car got broken into and badly vandalized! Such a shock to find my car that way, I bought the vehicle 10 days ago! :(. They tried prying open the hood, broke the front grill, smashed a window, damaged things underneath the steering wheel, everything was turned upside down, they undid the battery. I couldn't even drive it home. After hitch-hiking to town to get phone reception I was able to set everything in motion (police, tow truck, ICBC, etc.). It was a very sad and stressful day. There were more cars with broken windows, but my car seemed the only vandalized. Be careful out there, however I am unsure how I could've prevented vandalism like that..

About the hike. It was amazing, and steep! We were in cloud cover, but still had a fantastic time camping up at Upper Pierce Lake.

1 month ago

Beware to those staying overnight: when we arrived Sunday morning (Aug 12), we saw that the cars of those who stayed over Saturday night were broken into. At least 4 cars had their windows smashed and one vehicle had the grill taken off their car and the front hood and back door was banged up. We had to tell everyone on their way down (as we were going up) that their vehicle likely got messed up - real bummer. Don't leave any valuables behind!

The hike itself is beautiful but very steep and hard on the knees (I recommend hiking poles/sticks for the way down). We went straight to Upper Pierce Lake - took 4 hours up and 3 hours down. It was very cold at the top despite it being very hot and muggy for most of the way up - bring layers and lots of water!

1 month ago

Really liked this trail. It was a good workout to the lake. Had our friends dog with us and only encounter hikers on our way up to the lake. We were at the lake alone. A great hike and very well marked.

We really enjoyed this trail. Scramble at the end was trying but for the rest it was scenic and peaceful.

great family hike but no view... hard to show the kids how far they climbed when we couldnt see anything. regardless we had a great time. baby in the pack and our 3, 5 and 7yr olds hiked in and out like little champs!

we will do it again if the look pit gets trimmed back a bit

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