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Did the loop on October 12 but got started a bit late so took the Halfway House Trail to get up to the Canyons Trail and then eventually met up with the Long Trail to make it to the chin and back down via the Sunset Ridge Trail.

Halfway House was very very steep but offered some pretty views of the valley, especially with the foliage. The Canyons Trail included a lot of rock scrambling but offered some shelter from the wind on the ridge. Also great views on this section. Once we got to the Long Trail, the views were incredible because you get up above the treeline on to the ridge and you can really see the summit, the valley and stowe ski resort. Unfortunately we had a lot of fierce wind during our time along the long trail probably from the combination of elevation and quick changing weather.

Once we started descending via the Sunset Ridge Trail, the conditions were much better and we were able to enjoy the views and get some great photos.

Overall a great hike and worth the views. Strenuous because of steep conditions and rock scrambles. Make sure to check the weather and be ready for temperature drops and wind

Arrived at 9:30 went up counterclockwise like the sign recommends. Very good views. Was wet so rick was slippery. Summit had some snow and ice. Met the masses at the top. Dogs, kids, and lots of people. Went down burgess trail. Muddy with scores of people coming up. Very pretty but try to do mid week or get there early. We were amazed at how many people were parked along road. Total time -3 hours 15 minutes.

Summary (TLDR): Halfway House up and back in damp, foggy, and cooler conditions took roughly five hours. Challenging hike but very worthwhile.

My girl and I went over the past weekend (10/6) to see all of the wonderful foliage fall colors and the mountain didn't disappoint despite the weather. For our first time up the mountain, the ranger that was assisting in parking cars recommended Halfway House to the Chin, then back down Sunset Ridge. The conditions that day were damp, foggy, very light scattered showers, and windy at the ridgeline. The temperature was between 45-55F.

Halfway House certainly was grueling the whole way up if you aren't used to mountain hiking. The path has great opportunities for photos along the way and is easy to follow. There were two different areas where things were sketchy and both were towards the top. One is a serious rock slope that has very few areas to anchor your feet. We opted on taking a less traveled dirt path to the right of the slope and made it up without facing the troubles we could have encountered. The final dangerous obstacle was a shallow sloping boulder you have to cross that overhangs a cliff to connect with the trail on the other side. There was no going above or below this. I believe the hike up was around three hours.

When we made it to the ridgeline, we broke into the tundra foliage and it was beautiful! The sight was certainly breathtaking regardless of the poor weather conditions. There was still about another hour to the Chin according to other hikers.

We walked about fifteen minutes towards the Chin and ran into a few other hikers coming down from the Chin. They recommended turning back because it was raining pretty good on the summit and gusts were reaching up to and sustaining at 45 mph. I will also add if you are afraid of heights, walking the ridgeline to the Chin is not for the faint of heart. There is a 1000 ft drop to the right that provides for amazing views but will stunt those who may not be comfortable with heights.

To finish out the hike, we made our way back down Halfway House. Overall, we spent about three hours going up, two hours coming back down, and about an hour meandering around and enjoying views at the base and ridgeline. I'm looking forward to going back and experiencing the trails again. I highly recommend it.

Seems like a breeze, until you’re JUST about at the peak! Didn’t realize there was tram service up there until we redirected some not well-dressed tourists back to the tram as they started making their way down the steep rocky long trail in loafers and polos! Beautiful waterfall stop highly recommended to sit and listen to the white noise of nature.

Une vue magnifique au sommet à perte de vue. Un peu plus technique à certains moments entre Saddleback et the Horn mais ça en vaut la peine.

Fantastic hike! Made it in around 5.5 hours. We hiked this mountain in October and the view was incredible!

Been doing this trail my whole life, is a must-hike for anyone within reasonable distance. Best views in the state. Challenging enough but did it with my 18lb terrier this year not to mention a whole elementary was going up as I was going down. So don’t be intimidated by the “hard” rating

Beautiful views and pretty steep most of the way. Intersects with the AT for some giant boulder moments.

We completed this hike in beautiful weather earlier today. Everything that the others have written about the trail starting gently and then finishing with demanding scramble is ‘spot on’. The views from the top were however absolutely magnificent and rendered all of the hard work getting there, worthwhile. We would thoroughly recommend this walk.

We parked at the base lodge of Saddleback and hiked up grey ghost trail. Gorgeous views. Definitely some tough terrain at times but totally worth the view at the top.

I’m not a hiker and this was definitely difficult but it was very pretty. We reached the summit around 10:30am and it was so foggy that we couldn’t see anything. I think the fog burned out by midday but still a little disappointing. It’s not too busy (we went on a Sunday) and we passed our fair share of dogs :). Trail was pretty slippery even though it hadn’t rained in a few days. A lot of DIY rock climbing but worth it.

Decided to catch a sunrise this AM up on camels hump. Took burrows trail up and this was definitely a heart pumper, consistent climbing until the clearing before heading up on the long trail to the summit. Took a bout 1:20 up in the dark! I had to stop short from climbing all the way up to summit because of 40-50mph wind, but the sunrise was absolutely gorgeous with great 360 view.

Decided to tackle another of the highest peaks of the state, this time in Vermont. Another 3.5 hour drive from home and same back. Decided to go up the lesser traveled route, Halfway House. Glad I chose that, saw 4 people as they were coming down but nobody else. Mile to the long trail but seemed longer. I'm not the fastest hiker out there so didn't want to have to move aside a lot. Another mile to the meetup with Sunset Ridge then up to the chin. A fair amount of rock jumping as you get closer to the final climb but nothing crazy. Halfway House wasn't all that bad in regards to actual climbing, just took time. The top was a little busy not that bad for a Sunday. One thing to keep in mind, as I knew where I was going, I met a couple who weren't sure and almost took the Sunset Ridge to go down which would have taken them down to the wrong side of the mountain. I got them straightened out, just glad I could help. Now the fun starts, heading down. I knew before I started I would go up HH and down Sunset. I just didn't think Sunset Ridge was as tough as I went through going down. I read somewhere that from easy to hard on this side was SR then HH then LC. From going up HH, I think SR is about the same really. Took a couple hours and had a constant thigh burn going but didn't want to stop because I knew I wouldn't want to get up :). Got to Cantilever trail and didn't have the strength to go out and back, maybe another year. As they say, doesn't matter how far or how fast you go, just that you go somewhere. It's always a few steps at a time for me, not bad for an overweight mid 50's guy. Enjoy yourselves!

Great run/power hike. Challenging in spots. I did read about people being scare of heights should not. On the Monroe trail that shouldn’t be the case. I didn’t experience the other trails.

Beautiful trail! Like everyone else mentioned, starts off easy peasy with most of the elevation gained during the last bit which can be a bit challenging. We were blessed with clear blue skies and a gorgeous day to complete this hike up Killington. Highly recommend.

Great hike straight up Saddleback with beautiful views. The trail over to the The Horn was technical in a few spots but fun. This hike is a must do if your in the Rangeley area.

Was definitely worth each step!

Awesome hike with beautiful views definitely be prepared with water and food there is a nice mountain top place to eat as well about a 10mile hike

I'll start off by saying that these mountains are beautiful and any hike in the area is well worth it. However, the intel and directions from the All Trails route is not ideal, and coming up from the Sugarbush ski area can get confusing and tricky. That said, starting at the Lincoln peak base lodge, follow the utility road that goes under the lift. There are several forks in the road, the first of which you should take the left road. After that all the roads will eventually get you to the same place, as long as you keep going up. You are loosely following the Organ Grinder trail, so if keep seeing those signs, you are on track. The road is smooth but punishingly uphill at times. It's essentially a 3 miles at a 1000 ft gained per mile ratio. From the top you can get to the Lincoln Peak viewing platform (which served us no good because of the dense fog) and then follow Long Trail south to Abraham, which is a 40 minute hike. Make sure to jump off trail about 300 yards down from the Abraham summit to get a glimpse of the famous plane wreck from the 1980s. Very cool! From there you wind back to Lincoln, and over 2 minor peaks on to Ellen, the summit of which is forested but very peaceful. After getting back near Lincoln peak, you have the option to follow the All Trails route and descend down the "Middle Eart" trail. This is not recommended. The way is slippery, steep, with very dense vegetation. I'd recommend continuing past the Middle Earth ski trail back up to the Castle Rock chairlift and following the "Troll Road" trail down. We did not do that ourselves, but it looks like a significantly easier route, and ends up in the same place. The hike was excellent, but All Trails will let you down a little bit from a best route perspective. Still entirely worth the trip however!

The best trail I have hiked in vermont! The trail on the way up is majestic - just incredible. There are a few steep and rocky areas, but the view at the top is incredible. There is room on the top to enjoy lunch and view the incredible scenery. I highly suggest this trail for the adventurous! It is somewhat difficult and steep in areas, so good shoes are a must.

I would echo everything Josh S and Emily Gilson wrote. A very beautiful and picturesque hike throughout. Make sure you bring a jacket, plenty of water and bug spray (if you are an insect meal like me). We made it up and down in around 4 hours. I don’t recommend this for small children or dogs with short legs.

This was my second time hiking Mount Mansfield, but this time we did it as a larger loop hike. The hike going up to the ridge was slow going due to the wet rocks. Once on the ridge there was a lot of people and the whole ridge was socked in majority of the time with a few breaks of sun here and there. We hiked up the Halfway House Trail to the Long Path and down the Sunset Ridge Trail.

1 month ago

Started at Roaring Brook, up to Chimney Pond and then Saddle to Baxter Peak. Took Knife Edge to Pamola Peak and Helon Taylor all the way down. Fog/couds and wind on the knife.

1 month ago

The park does not “close” the Knife Edge anymore. It is up to hiker discretion whether to go across. It is very exposed, often windy and narrow in sections. Takes almost 2 hours to go one mile.

Helon Taylor is a very rocky and steadily steep trail. Tough to make more that 1mph avg.

The Saddle trail is pretty steady with a steep exposed scree section of about 50 yrds at the top.

The trail between Chimney Pond & Roaring Brook is an easy 3.3 mile walk in the woods with some nice side views across ponds.

1 month ago

My brother, sister and I started from roaring brook at 7:45 AM yesterday, a late August day with overcast skies and perfect weather slated all day. We are all fit and active, but were going pretty slow because the footing and climbing was already somewhat challenging from the Heylon trail. The exposed portion above tree line offered magnificent views, though there was a kind of foggy mist around the next set of mountains, and on a clear day you can probably see far more in the distance. We arrived to the Knife Edge by 12:45, some five hours later with a few short water and snack breaks in between. The KE was purported to take 2 hours max, but we inched our way forward for 4:15 minutes. Total ass kicker. So many tricky spots that having a buddy or two seems necessary to me, and I often didn’t see a clear trail, so we probably spent more time looking by for which boulder to cross. Granted, this was our first real rock climbing experience, as I’ve only ever done relatively minor scrambling (eg Old Rag in Shenandoah). There’s a dip where you climb vertically down and up and the wind howling the whole way was pretty terrifying; I thought I’d blow away! Most people probably went much faster but all of us are pretty scared of heights. Try not to psyche yourself and look down because it’s dizzying. So at long last we arrived to Baxter peak at 5 PM. Only two lonely souls up there and we hadn’t seen anyone else for at least a couple hours (we’re guessing we were the last ones to start hiking up that way and perhaps the slowest). Unfortunately, we didn’t quite research well enough (or didn’t anticipate how slow going it would be) to time our hike in a way to avoid returning in the dark. Took an hour to get from the peak to the saddle trail down the screw, though it was a lovely landscape in the waning sunlight. We were so lucky to come down saddle and chimney before sundown, because again you were doing a lot of rock holding and had to go slowly to not slip. Another two hours with headlamps from the chimney campground back to roaring brook with a nearly full moon ahead. Super glad for this app to track us because there were a couple sections where we veered off the trail and found the pond and realized the trail probably doesn’t go that way haha. However, I had to stop recording midway through to save my battery. All told, returned at 9:45 PM, for a full 14 hour journey with few breaks. Definitely take plenty of food, protein bars, I took more than 3L of water and glad I did because we sweat a ton (half from the anxiety I’m sure). Not for the faint of heart, but if you’re strong, believe in yourself, are adequately prepared and have likeminded hiking buddies, this will be an unforgettable experience and adventure of a lifetime.

Saddleback is a must if you go to Rangeley. It’s one of the more difficult and strenuous trails as it goes up a ski resort trail. The top is beautiful and well-worth the hike. It connects to the AT up top, and there is a nice little pond up there to swim if you want (my dog sure did!). It’s one of the most beautiful mtn tops I’ve hiked.

Wonderful trail. Just wish I had more time to make it up to the top. Got to the 2.7 mile mark, but had to turn around because the trails were still covered in snow and they were getting pretty steep. Plus darkness was creeping up fast once the sun set over the mountain. The first three-fourth of the way up was pretty moderate. No crazy slopes until the last quarter and that was where all the snow and ice were at. I was able to get 2 mile mark in 20 minutes by running. Make sure you allow yourself sometime to go up this mountain. I believe about 2 hours up and 2 hours down should be good enough.

Fun until I saw a bear! I ran

Hicking trail on this app was not well described we took the “RED” road on the map provided by this app..... we ended up “off trail” almost got hurt! It was badly indicated and also to much detail were left out! It’s not a hicking trail so much as your walking in the rocks of the ski descent! There was one part after the the Lincoln Peak that was fun it was really a hicking trail in the woods and fun! Other then that it was very dangerous and we could have got hurt ! This should have been only for winter
Also we went all the way to Lincoln Peak and it clearly says 1200m or 3973 feet of altitude! And this app says that we only did 700m of altitude!! Kinda sucks after all this hard work you like to have your stats correct!!

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