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Beautiful hike!

A nice hike with a bit of a challenge but totally manageable for my 30 pound pup. I agree with others that this trail is more fun counter clockwise than clockwise. Some nice rock scrambles going that way which were fun to climb up but seemed like they’d be a challenge and unpleasant to go down. After reaching the tower, the trail is downhill and mostly stairs. I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars because it’s a bit crowded at the tower and on the second half, and it’s close to the roadway in parts (even requiring you to cross a road at one point). You should know there is a $10 parking fee. I’ve been to a bunch of Harriman trails, but this was my first time parking by Bear Mountain and it took me by surprise. I’d love to do this again and explore some of the secondary trails.

Solid up. Go up near the lake it’s a better route up than down if you’re looping

4 days ago

Gentle incline, hiked this on a foggy cool morning so didn’t get to enjoy the views at the top but the woods and the trail itself were enough of a reward. Will do this one on a clear day. Doggy really enjoyed it as well.

One of my favorites hikes. It is always beautiful and the views from the ledges are great. Good views for the effort.

One of the best hikes I’ve done!

Think it's better to hike this in reverse from what is shown here - go up Major Welch and down the AT. I avoided doing this hike for a long time because it's not as fun to be on a peak that people can simply drive to. I shouldn't have waited so long. There are some great views going up Welch (back down to the Hudson and over to Popolopen Torne) as well as some mildly steep rock scrambling. The views from the top of Bear Mountain are pretty great looking south toward Dunderberg, the Timp and beyond. If you climb to the top of the Perkins Tower you can see out in all directions. I do wish people would be more considerate with litter. There were places on the AT that were strewn with garbage, and there was litter in several places at the peak, even though there were garbage cans nearby. Why? They are rerouting the AT from the top of Bear down through a new area that won't require you to walk along the road as much. The stretch of the AT is one of the nicer maintained trails I've seen - nice and wide with plenty of easy stone steps. That didn't keep some jackasses from trying to bushwhack downhill to avoid switchbacks. My only gripe with this hike: human beings.

Wow, moderate climbs with great views only an hour from NYC. We hiked clockwise on the loop...this is a great way to go, lots of great views off the Hudson River on the way to the high point of the trail. Sneakers or trail runners are suffice for this hike as they provide ample grip on the rocks. Well maintained trail with easy to follow blazes. Added bonus is you get a little time on the AT for my fellow hiking junkies. Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy by the lake after your hike.

11 days ago

My first time visiting the White mountains and I loved this trail! My friends and I went counter clockwise, as suggested by other reviews, and were glad we did. I would rate the inclines this way as moderate. The views are unbeatable and the trail itself is just gorgeous. Make sure you don’t miss the main look out point. There is a small sign posted on a tree, so keep your eyes out so you can see the best view!

12 days ago

Nice hike with great views from the top. We went counter-clockwise, so the steepest part was encountered going uphill, not downhill.
Also, nicely shaded everywhere (except the ledges at the summit), which was great on a hot day.

Great trail with varying terrain. And the view on top is spectacular. Bring plenty of water. The falls provide a nice break on the way up.

Great trail. Beautiful views. Very demanding going up...fallow red circle to the top.

Major Welch to Appalachian trail was great. Some steep inclines on the way up with beautiful views both ascending and descending. Tough in some spots but all in all a moderate trail. Bring a water bottle or 2! If you bring your drone like I did be prepared to be yelled at by the park ranger at the top by the memorial. Mid trail they won’t bother you.

We hiked up Major Welch (you have to walk along the lake for a bit until you see the sign on your left for MW- the trail sign is a white square with a red circle inside) & took the Appalachian trail (marked white) back down. I would say the trail is moderate! Start early to avoid the crowds. MW had a lot of rock scrambling and wasn’t an easy hike, the AT on the way down was basically taking stairs down. Took us about 3 hours to do the loop with 5 breaks!

This is easily one of the best trails I’ve done (in This mileage range). It has its strenuous parts, but nothing crazy & definitely good for dogs. Just don’t forget ample water, bug spray & food for the summit - gorgeous views!

the view at the top makes this a rewarding hike!! make sure you bring plenty of water cause 2 per person wasnt enough. lots of sweating, especially during the rock scramble.

Beautiful view

18 days ago

It’s a fun hike with many opportunities for my dog to refresh himself on the stream. Steady climb but not too difficult. The last .5 miles do require some scrambling and keeping an eye out to stay on the trail. I had to carry our dog up and down a couple of rocks but nothing unsafe nor too difficult. If you decide to not climb the last half mile you still get spectacular views.

A great trail that’s challenging on the north eastern end. If you’re bringing your dog, you may need to assist them along the path. Once you head down the path towards the AT it gets much easier. The trail becomes more professionally manicured for hiking. Would definitely hike it again.

Great hike! Nice easy incline- did with a baby on my back. View at top is beautiful also has a nice covered barn like structure.

My first big climb back in June 2018. Gorgeous! ❤️ Visiting from CT and now I’m hooked on the whites!

Easy walk. Not even hiking really. Very pretty.

Great for half-day activity. Better to go up Major Welch and come down via AT. MW has more rocky sections, much easier for climbing, going up. Amazing views!

Up dorr ladder and down south cadillac, this was my favorite trail. Giftstore w bathrooms and snacks at the top of Cadillac!

Fantastic hike every season!

Great views at the end! Make sure you go all the way to the end of the trail. Some hikers we ran into didn't realize it went back so far and missed the best view. Do counterclockwise to save your knees.

24 days ago

We did this trail the same day as Champney Falls, as they are close to each other. Both were good ~2 hour hikes. Like some of the other posters, we went counter-clockwise and were very thankful for that, as the steeper rock steps were done going uphill vs. down. Nice views at the top ledges. Don't stop at just the first ledge, go down another 40-50 yards on a little path for the better views.

Not that hard. Family and pets friendly. Very nice.

never really hiked before. first time with some friends. had a blast. not super hard but some areas were challenging. great time overall. definitely need solid shoes with good traction if you take the Weltch trail to the Appalachian, to the Blue trail as your loop.

Great hike with great view points

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