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Beautiful but heavily trafficked

Easy of hike as it gets!

22 hours ago

Awesome short hike, beautiful drive in. 0.3 miles round trip!

The trail is in terrible shape from floods and mudslides. We got halfway through and with the trees down it became impassible. Hopefully they can come in to clean this trail up for others to enjoy. Our little boy liked getting to play in the creek since we didn’t get to see the waterfall.

1 day ago

Was an easy trail for a newbie to start on!

3 days ago

easy short hike with a real pow at ebd nice swimming area just dont fet to close to falls area swimming a lot of people have drowned here swimming and jumping. they have put steps at the trail going down the hill now so it is real easy now. Nice spots for kids to play in water also with sand there. even saw a beaver swimming there one time

A short but gorgeous hike. Most if it is uphill and very slippery so shoes with good grip are a necessity. The fall at the very top has a great swimming hole with gorgeous clean mountain water. 10/10

My first hike to Raven Cliff Falls was in 1966 before the current trail was made. We hiked in from Hwy. 276 near the bald rock overlook. That trail ran by the old bear hunter's cabin alongside Matthews Creek and ended at the foot of the falls. One of the most magical experiences of my life was sleeping under a full moon on the flat rock right at the bottom of the falls and seeing the spray and mist from the falls highlighted in the moon glow. Over time, I wore out the seat of several pair of shorts on the sliding rock about a mile down Matthews Creek from the falls.

Great trip! Lots of beautiful scenery without being overly strenuous. Excellent for taking pics and for getting so exercise. My friend and I both have some injuries but were able to complete this hike without any problems. It's only an hour from my house, so I will definitely be doing it again!!

If you do the full loop you must cross the river twice and you will get wet. Lots of tree roots but a nice hike with great views of falls. I have dogs that enjoy the water and there were a couple of places for them to get in.

Really pretty and short - but definitely moderate (not easy) hike between the climb on the way back and the uneven surfaces. We were mostly alone mid afternoon on a Friday, but as we left we passed at least a bakers dozen of college students on their way in with (open on the trail) cheap beer, so perhaps less delightful late in the day on a Friday!

9 days ago

Wife and I enjoyed the hike. Saw a few people stop at the false summit. So be mindful of it as you will have to cross water. So wear boots, or water shoes!!

Dogs had fun hiking although there were a few not so friendly pups on the trail. Happy we decided to do this easy trail.

Short but strenuous 2 miles uphill hike to the top with an INSANE waterfall. So worth it. Well marked with purple circles on trees. Highly recommend!!

The falls are at the base... it’s a trail to the top 43 flights of steps

My wife and I did this hike with our 9 mo. daughter in a carrier and thought that it was on the more difficult side of moderate, but not quite strenuous. Great hike, but if we did it over again, we could have just gone straight to Hebron Falls (so, go right at the fork instead of straight) and backtracked the way we came in. Going the full loop seemed a little tedious because after you see the rock community and the falls, there really wasn't much more of interest (except for a bunch of little creek crossings and a very brief section in a meadow). Plus, the full loop has you walking a couple extra miles through a large camping area and along the parkway which was a little boring. The best part of the hike is definitely the 1.5 stretch straight to the falls. Lots of awesome places for getting in the water, and beautiful variety in terrain.

best waterfall trails in the state...two great falls on this trail....bring your shorts so you can get a swim in at turtleback

12 days ago

Perfect hike for days when the mountains are covered in fog. The cool mist made for a comfortable but beautiful experience. Trail difficulty is more moderate than hard, but downed trees, erosion, and a destroyed bridge do make for rough terrain. The cascades and Glen Burney waterfall were absolutely beautiful, the Glen Marie waterfall was just alright by comparison. My wife and I did just fine with our 9 mo. daughter on my back (lots of ducking and squeezing under branches though).

12 days ago

Definitely as others have said, dirt road drive. Guy below was right on the money. Directly after 4th bridge, park and walk to the left down to the falls. Didn’t pass a soul the whole time. Safe logs and rocks to climb on at the bottom w care.

Loved it you can swim and walk they the water

13 days ago

I'm not sure that I would rate this trail as hard, but it there are a lot of roots and rocks. It's literally straight down to the Cascades, Glen Burney and Glen Marie falls views, then, of course, straight back up to the trail head. The only reason I rated it a 4 instead of a 5 is due to the bridge outage, which causes you to (very carefully) have to cross the river through some pretty active water. There are also a couple of spots where the trail has given way on the right, leaving a pretty narrow passage. All in all, this hike is worth doing!

a very tall two tier falls. first section is normal plunge second is Cascade. very steep to get to falls but worth it

nice. very busy on Sunday afternoon.

not easy. 1/2 mile but either up or down, no flat.

Good little hike. We had three kids 3,10 and 12 all did great. Loved the falls at end and sitting on the big rocks. Overall good hike.

We chose this trail because it was rated ‘easy’ on this app and we had a 3.5 year old and a 7 year old with us. Even though they did pretty well, this trail was NOT easy. The park map labels the first section of the trail from the parking lot ‘moderate’ and the second part of the trail ‘difficult’. The waterfall was lovely but a little hidden. The trail itself was rocky and had some steep inclines at points. We used the directions from this app to get to the parking lot and the trail head. Directions were good. However, make sure to also use this app to find your way to Wintergreen Falls bc it is not labeled on the way down the trail in the park, until about half way in. Overall decent hike, but again, NOT ‘easy’.

my favorite fall at Dupont.

14 days ago

What a lovely place, a leisurely walk round trip about 2 miles, an easy trail with access to the river, bridges and at the end an incredible tall waterfall.

14 days ago

A super short hike if you’re trying to do something easy. The stairs are long in the beginning but immediately after that it’s flat ground and then you’ve made it. Went pretty early in the morning and still ran into quite a few people.

15 days ago

The terrain here is beautiful, and the altitude changes nicely (but be careful about loose stones and slippery wetness). If you want to see how the different faces and altitudes of the region affect the trees and local insects (open grassy fields, hickory, berries, oak, various evergreens, bees among the rhododendrons and ragweed, flies on the bear and dog scat), this is a good trail for that purpose over just a few miles. Also, there are several crossing routes and side trails so that you can modify your hike to your needs, but remember to walk the extra mile or two to catch all of the falls.

I thought it was strenuous coming back up. but I loved the trail and the falls!

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