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I loved the views on this trail. It was a bit rooty but not bad. I am new to hiking and did the trail with ease. To get the cave with waterfall tho is a boulder climb which may be where you turn around! The bathrooms tho were horrid I held it the entire time because of how bad they were.

My family and I had a great time on this beautiful hike. We love hiking near water and this hike follows the creek more than 90% of the time. My daughters are 6 and 7 and pretty experienced hikers already. This was an easy hike for them and our 2 dog (Vizsla & Yorkie).

Beautiful hike! Did this with my sons last weekend. It was cloud and overcast, so we stayed cool. The falls are a great payoff. I don't recommend climbing to the top of the cliff, it has gotten very dangerous since my last visit a few years ago.

One of my favorite hikes now. The entire hike you’re hiking along a beautiful creek and the incline is easy/moderate until you get to the cliff-which is a very steep and slightly treacherous climb rather than hike but the views to see the waterfall and top of cliff are more than worth it

8 days ago

From parking lot we had it at 6.1miles with moderate up and downs. The trail is primarily under canopy with no real views to speak of. Nothing spectacular but good exercise

Hiked this trail to see fall foliage and we weren’t disappointed. It was gorgeous and we got many beautiful pictures. The forest was ablaze with color and the falls were a treat. Trail is easy to follow. Saw a snake on the way back. I think it was a garter snake.

Great hike! This is one of those hikes where the journey is a enjoyable as the destination...pretty woods, creek crossings, we took our dogs and they loved it as well.

Great hike! I would rate most of the trail easy and very pet/kid friendly. Many photo opportunities of the beautiful waterfalls.
if you want to climb to the top of the falls it is very steep and I would rate it as strenuous.

11 days ago

Beautiful hike with fall color and lots of photo opportunities. Don’t know that I’d rate it as moderate. More like an easy hike. Only a few ups and downs. Passed lots of kids and dogs. Lots of falls along the way. Lots of places to stop and have a picnic. Fall was running heavy after recent rains.

15 days ago

Absolutely beautiful hike and the waterfalls really nice to hear along the way. The leaves were falling and the contrast of colors were so nice. Loved this trail so much!

15 days ago

Wonderful trail! Follows a creek the whole way, so you get interesting scenery around every bend and the constant, calming sound of babbling water. Plus, there's plenty of places to stop, splash in the creek, or just set awhile and relax. Saw a lot of people camping along the trail.

The waterfall at the end was unique, but kind of a let down. But I didn't mind because the hike there and back was fantastic! This was a fairly crowded trail, so recommend going on a weekday if you can. My dog loved it, with plenty of shade and water to splash in so she stayed cool despite the summer heat.

17 days ago

This trail is perfect for all ages! Easy hike in. Just watch out for tree roots. Very unique waterfall. Never seen anything like it. I always wondered what it was like bc of the pictures. This is one you need to see for yourself. The water was flowing real good after Friday’s rain. The fall leaves on the ground made the perfect setting for a beautiful hike!

Shaded, so always cool. Streams along most of the trail, so there are lots of places for pups to stop and cool off. Lots of roots. So watch your step! Favorite hike in North Georgia!

22 days ago

Just hiked to the falls and back, very easy hike and the falls are nice.

22 days ago

Lodestar has this hike well reviewed. I just got back, my partner and I lost the trail several times due to lack of blazes. no one on here mentioned that all the trails in the area are terribly marked with blue blazes so you can only trust the blazes to an extent. you need some serious navigation or time to complete this trail now compared to reviews done two years ago. seriously wish I listened to Lodestars review I probably wouldn't be in pain now. would hike again for the view.

Great hike and beautiful falls. Well worth it.

Super easy 40 min each way to the falls. Went with two boys 7 & 10 yrs of age

Rained a little bit the whole time but the hike was easy and there was plenty to look at. An excellent day hike.

1st time on the trail to get back into walking and loved it.

One of my favorite hikes. The waterfalls are AMAZING. So worth it.

1 month ago

This is a great trail. As another reviewer noted, the start of the "mapped" trail on this site is the gravel drive in from the main road. I clocked this at 1.5 miles. If you zoom in on the trail, you can see gravel "road".
This is a loop, but the best part of the trail is all on the southern part of the loop and follows Turtletown Creek. You will hit the double waterfall shortly after the fork in the trail. You can then continue along the "creek" to the second waterfall, which is at the very "top" of the loop. We came back on the northern part of the loop and would not do that again. You move far enough away from the water that you no longer hear or see it. There is more elevation on this side, and therefore a bit tougher hike, but it is not as scenic. Plus, on this side we had to avoid a three foot long copperhead snake.

Pretty lake views. Great for taking your non hiker friends who are stressed by incline.

Great spots to let kids play and loved the waterfall!

Going clockwise the first half parallels the river and the second half climbs a ridge. I imagine the latter is very pretty in early November.

Saw just a few other hikers on a Sunday in October. Both falls were beautiful- the second definitely worth the extra hike.

Don’t be fooled by false trails. The path described is on well travelled trails although not always clearly marked.

I love this trail for the family. Very peaceful and beautiful, it's a great trail for your pet as well. Be prepared to pull over though paths are slim in some parts.

Really fun hike! The end is great.

Great hike. Only moderate if you're new to hiking, otherwise it's fairly easy. Make sure you have good shoes because the roots will test your footwear appropriately, which is really the only moderate part of the hike.

You're rewarded with a great cliff spot at the end, but get there early because around 10 onward it started filling up.

Exhausting but beautiful!

1 month ago

Walking by the river and suddenly you are on the side of a mountain will tall trees. The walk down to the falls is a bit hard on your legs but it is worth it. You can go real close to the falls. Bear in mind that this trail has lot of fallen tress so be ready to climb under or jump over one. It's an adventure!! Loved it.

beautiful. a lot of water. ^_^
Many places to stop and just meditate

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