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mountain biking
2 days ago

Great mtb

2 days ago

A pretty walk through the woods. The trail is well marked and not too crowded early in the morning.

trail running
5 days ago

Great run! I would recommend starting counterclockwise.

Great trail along the lake.

first try, didn't finish , have come back :)

mountain biking
13 days ago

Great trail for a beginner mountain biker. Some parts are tricky but short

Beautiful trail which can get very intensive. Lots of incline and decline along the way but very worth it. Nothing challenging in terms of climbing or anything like that. Fun and great hike.

Awesome trail one of the best in the Fredericksburg area. Lots of different terrain and wildlife. Would be great for mountain biking. Long enough to give you a great work out yet easy enough to keep it fun.

My son (11) and I enjoyed this trail. We got a little mixed up and ended up on the bike only bit (Lake View Loop) but gutted it out until we regained the hiking trail. We clocked in a little over 7 miles total in 3 hours with a pause for lunch in there at the halfway mark.

Definitely will come back and maybe bring the bike out!

My daughter and I found a quiet spot with the creek running by us and read a book. Nice and relaxing. It was a lot of fun-we’ll be back!

You can call this trail moderate but after you do it you won’t feel that way, lots of short bursting ups and downs that over time will take their toll. Secluded except for the occasional motorbike / ATV that roars through illegally. This happens because of the primitive nature of the area, and the fact that over 20 years ago it was a known destination for 4 wheeling clubs.. so ignorant fathers who once rode there legally as a kid bring their kids out there thinking it is still ok. It’s not FYI the state of CT out it’s foot down on this. If you come across these 4 wheelers make you let them know this is no longer a permitted activity.

I guess after all is said and done this is the risk you take when you attempt to hike this loop.. might be better off heading south into the Yale forest and get on the Nipmuc trail there, that forest is beautiful and the ridge at Boston Hollow is killer. Not as strenuous as breakneck pond. Google it.

Finally - bigelow hollow is a mob scene on the weekends in the summer - ethnic groups have been gathering in hoards that leave a lot of trash around and make it difficult to enjoy the solitude of nature with their loud music and sheer #s of gatherers. I respect all people, but many aren’t aware of today’s norms for respecting these parks and the wilderness. They come to the wilderness equipped as if their were having a barbecue party on the beach..

Fun hike around Breakneck pond.

Very good trail for.hiking and mountain biking.

Just a straight hike, not very scenic and a lot of bikers! It was very winding and fun but beware of ticks! My partner had 4 on him by the time we left and three more when we got home!

1 month ago

BOO boring BOO poorly marked BOO just knocked down trees BOO not difficult BOO disappointed. At least it had a bathroom

rock climbing
1 month ago

I can

mountain biking
1 month ago

good trail...I usually hit this twice a year when I do the Greensboro trails tour...a but "rooty" in some areas but all in all good "flowy" trail...got some good pump sections that you can really get ripping on...

Flat trail, most parts are wide enough for 2-3 people side by side. Can be very muddy especially on the west of Newman’ Lane.

Nice trails good jumps

There may or may not be cliff diving here and it may or may not be amazing. I want to be clear that I am NOT saying you should jump off any cliffs but you totally should...

My new favorite trail. Has everything - lake view, deep shade for hot days, berms, pump parts, all single track, technical challenges but not impossible, well groomed. Ride up on green way to Wild Turkey trail for more miles of single track. Awesome for Mtn biking!

It was wonderful trail all the times .. I have gone this trail at least 20-30 times since last 4 years.

2 months ago

Not what I was expecting. Trail was longer, and didn’t get the elevation gains listed. Recommend going counter clockwise. Great if your looking to camp with family and want a variety of activities. This was long, a lot of greenery, but no spectacular views, so a little boring for a solo hike

Nice easy hike but definitely want to do mountain bike on this trail.

3 months ago

Agree with others, fairly poorly marked.

Not bad, easy to get to, a bit of traffic noise at places

trail running
3 months ago

Really enjoyed running this loop. Accessed from the North from Breakneck Rd in Sturbridge MA. Like the 1906 granite state border markers.

This is a relatively easy hiking trail. It might be more fun for mountain biking. I saw more people doing mountain biking than hiking.

3 months ago

Good walking trails with views over the lake.

A trail worth doing every once in a while. A moderate trail for running and an easy one for hiking. Great views along the path guaranteed.
No designated parking but spots available by the nearest restaurant. Entrance to the trail is not marked but the beginning spot on the map is very accurate so one should not have any troubles finding it.

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