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bridge out
7 days ago

My wife and I went as a photo hike. The trails were closed to the public so we took another trail nearby. I know the recent storms hit the area hard and it shows in these trails with many downed trees and debris along the paths.

Great Urban Trail

12 days ago

I had walked to the marina on Nathaniel Greene Trail and I hate walking back on the same trails I just came from, so I took Turkey Trail back to my truck (Almost... had to jump back on Nathaniel at the very end). It was at that point that I saw the sign that Turkey Trail is closed. I don't think I did any damage as it wasn't muddy and I was hiking, not biking. Anyway, I saw deer and it was a good hike back. Longer than the other trail, of course, but both trails were very well kept up. There was one tree down across the trail if you were biking, you'd have to stop and get around it.

Awesome all around trail

trail running
21 days ago

This is a great trail that cuts through very historical parts of Fredericksburg. The paths are clearly and at certain times of the year very frequently used. The scenery dramatically changes when the river runs high so pay attention!

This trail is what it is, and it is mostly wooded access roads. For me, Fendley Trail was a nice endurance trail, easy to moderate. I picked a day where the weather was all over the map, and I think that made it nicer and less traveled.

nothing about this trail is moderate, easy at best. muddy but flat. highly traveled by mountain bikers who take over the trail.

walk this Trail me and my girlfriend pretty challenging Trail would do it again

Love this place, was here at 5am yesterday before the ice melted and it was perfect!

Nice and beautiful

2 months ago

A nice local trail with a variety of terrain and pleasant views of one of the lakes on the Greensboro watershed.

3 months ago

Definitely a workout. I found it pretty hard on the knees, optimal for biking I'm sure. Lots of wildlife. Quite the beautiful hike with many different types of terrain. Whoever has been responsible for clearing the Tropical Storm Michael damage from the trail, my hat goes off to you. There were so many trees down, but I never had to cross an obstacle on the trail. Job well done!! Looking forward to my next visit!

Nice brisk walk on the path. Not overly crowded and the people I encountered were all very nice. Great for all hiking ability levels

I will be back on my bike next.

Pleasant river walk. Eat at the Upper Nyack Grill after, great bbq, cole slaw and m&c.

great trail!

on Vances Cove

3 months ago

Is the trail head up someone's driveway? I used this app to go to the trail head and it is a residential driveway ... am I mistaken?

Nice trail for hiking and mountain biking! Just that trail markings are little confusing there are 3 trails red blue and white.

mountain biking
4 months ago

this is an excellent mountain bike trail !

Even with the map in hands, we had some trouble at the beginning to find the blue trail, and got to wrong trail two times wasting a lot of time. It was supposed to take 3 hours and we took 5. We finally gave up on the map and GPS helped a lot. The trail itself its well market, however right on forks its bad signalised and confusing.

The difficulty is moderate, however as we took a lot more time it felt like hard.

As it was a beautiful day, the pond was like a mirror of the sky, which made all the trouble worth it.

I followed the Nipmuck Trail from the main parking lot and connected to the Breakneck Pond Loop Trail. If you approach this way, be careful--you will get to a meadow, make sure you bear right and find where the Nipmuck Trail picks back up (you will find a baby blue blaze). The white trail and a feeder road also stem from here. The trail itself is not demanding but you will find some narrow/mucky spots you have to scramble over. Pay attention to the blazes, as there are some break off trails.A fairly long and interesting trail, with some nice views. I did not find many bugs and did not come across another soul, despite going on a cloudless weekend day. I will do this loop again, as it certainly tires my dog out, but it's not my favorite at Bigelow. I'd like to take the white trail sometime when it's a bit cooler and my pup won't be so hot, as that looks more fun and challenging.

It’s a joke this trail is rated moderate. The red and white trails are essentially wheel chair accessible. All the trails are muddy and ripped to shreds by mountain bikers (probably a really great place to bike to be honest). Lots of switchbacks and not a lot of elevation gained. However there are nice views and the blue trail in particular is a pretty nice hike.

Not a bad hike didn’t care for all the walking along the power lines. There were a few down trees on the trail. $7 to get into lake Anna park

real nice trail lots nice plant life it tends to have a bit too much foot traffic but other than that it's pretty good

Makes me sweat

It’s a nice hike but pretty crowded and not much to see. The lake is a lot smaller then the map shows. Like I said a good hike but just not really worth the drive for nothing special.

We just spotted two baby bears!! And mommy bear may be around!! Carry Bear Spray!!

mountain biking
5 months ago

Great mtb

5 months ago

A pretty walk through the woods. The trail is well marked and not too crowded early in the morning.

trail running
5 months ago

Great run! I would recommend starting counterclockwise.

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