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on Cascades Trail

9 hours ago

Combined this trail and Tompkins Knob for a nice hike that was not too strenuous. The only difficult part of this trail is the stairs down to the falls. The rock steps are uneven and the hand rail has eroded or is broken in a few places so care has to be taken. Because we have had a very wet spring this year, the falls were beautiful-much nicer than some of the pictures I have seen of them taken when it was much drier. The steps lead to two viewing areas do have a substantial rock wall. Because of the sheer steepness of the falls these are not the type you would want to even attempt to wade in areas above them.. The return trail meanders along Fall Creek is lovely.

Great beginner hike! Also great to bring along dogs that would enjoy playing in the water.

I should have realized this trail is actually a portion of the Boone Fork Trail, which we’d already done. It is an awesome hike though. We took our boys, ages 7 and 9, and 2 dogs. Be sure to let the kids wear bathing suits, as they’ll have a blast playing in the river. The trail is not marked as Hebron Falls though. You’ll just follow Boone Fork Trail to the right at the sign in the Price parking area, where there are restrooms.

Beautiful hike. Very easy. A little too crowded to earn the 5th star from me.

Great hike with an even better view. It is all uphill to the waterfalls. If you’re not in the best of shape, it’s going to be a little tough. But worth it. I brought my 6m old Border collie and we both went in the water. Great time.

7 days ago

This trail is a beautiful walk all the way, convenient parking area with easy access to the trail. It is a very very easy hike, only technical part is if you want to go up on top of the water fall.

10 days ago

This was a great little trail to pick up over summer. You're well-covered most of the way under a tree canopy that sometimes closes in to be charming and cozy. The trail itself is mostly uphill and peaceful. There's camping at the end (including a rope line to put your food out of reach). My biggest complaints are the folks who hike in with four itty bittys and a 16oz bottle of water to share between the lot of them, and the utter ambiguousness of the trail ending. It ditches into a series of small campsites, but has no definite end. I ended up traipsing around the woods trying to figure out if there was a view I was somehow missing, before giving up and scrambling up a few rock faces. The views were pretty decent, though challenging to track down.

I *strongly* suggest that if you have the time (and energy, snacks, and water), that you take at least a half mile jaunt up the Cragway Trail (you can access it a little ways back from the end of the Nuwati). The Cragway is steep, narrow, and strenuous, but the views even a little ways up are fantastic. If you're feeling ambitious, you can keep going until you hit the Daniel Boone Scout Trail, take a left, and you'll loop all the way back to the start of the Nuwati (I obviously suggest looking up that route on AllTrails so you're not going in blind).

Beautiful falls with many small side trails everywhere.

The trail is under the forest cannopy cover the entire length to the falls. The trip reward is a beautiful compound falls. You can scramble up next to the falls using hands and feet to see it from different angles.

13 days ago

Trail is well marked. Six mile gravel road to the trailhead is scenic. The falls are beautiful and it is a great hang out spot for me and my dogs EXCEPT - SNAKES! Lots of these under the rock ledges today. Great swim spot though - GO EARLY for solitude.

Pretty ver well travelled

This is a nice little trail for walking a dog.

The trail is pretty short, a couple hills to climb but nothing crazy, so I'd say it's pretty easy. The best part of the trail, not surprisingly, is the falls which are surprisingly large. Definitely would recommend.

The trail starts off a little steep, but not horrendous. Easy trail. Great falls and areas of privacy.

16 days ago

Very nice and pretty. Nice waterfall at the end!

16 days ago

My two daughters and I love to hike. We took a day trip to the Catawba Falls today. This was our first hike here but we will definitely be back with friends. The hike to the first large waterfall is a nice and gentle climb. We loved hiking off trail to see the many beautiful waterfalls along the way. The first main waterfall is one of the most beautiful I have seen. It looks like it belongs in the rain forest due to the colorful mosses and plants that are living in the waterfall. The hike to the second fall is definitely a challenge but is well worth the effort. The weather today was in the 90s but the water was cool and refreshing. We hiked South Mountain last week and loved it. This hike to the Catawba Falls, however, is so far one of our favorites!!!

Quite easy trail once you complete Grindstone, but it just adds to the excitement. I recommend the views and sights for anyone looking for a good 6 mile hike when combined with Grindstone.

18 days ago

Perfect trail for kids and families. Ends at a series of lovely little waterfalls that kids can wade and rock hop around. Took two four year olds, 10 year old and 14 year old and they had a blast. Well-marked signs to trailhead and on trail.

Great trail for a beginner!

20 days ago

Great easy hike for all age groups and pets to the lower falls. Great spot for lunch and a dip in the pool. The hike to the the top of the falls was much more difficult and extremely steep. The view at the top was gorgeous but definitely would not recommend that for small children.

nice trail and waterfall..just a couple of steep parts but overall easy.

beautiful views

22 days ago

Nice 2 mile trail along the stream, going gently up with some easy rock scrambling as you reach the falls. Beautiful falls with a small pool to cool off. Crowded but a pleasant hike for all ages and all sizes of dogs.
Note you turn onto the highway entrance road and then take an immediate left on to the access road. I missed it first try thinking I’d end up on Heat 40 if I took that turn. The trail head and parking lot are at the very end of the road—you can’t miss them if you just keep going.

22 days ago

Short but kinda tough. Get your blood pumping on your option to climb up using all your limbs. Lol There are a few spots that have ropes to help pull you up the steep almost straight up vertical climb. Not to much trust in the ropes but there are rocks and roots to grab to go up. Trust me its so worth it climbing up as the views are breath taking with the waterfall. Also climb out to be in the waterfall too. Rocks are very slick wet so use your brain before running out there in excitement.
There are a lot of small trails that go off the path but they are not long. Go for different views. Hike and explore more than just the path. There is a group of different small sets of waterfalls you can climb up quite a ways, if you were to walk up area of rocks before the little creek crossing on the main trail. Not too many people im sure know about it due to its not a trail and its a lot of water to walk through, climbing, parkour and or your choice on getting covered in poison ivy if you try to walk around through the jungle lol its so enjoyable and fun. I have gone a few times and see different stuff each time i go. One of my favorite places.

23 days ago

A casual hike up the hills and a great place for a skinny dip at the fall.

Absolutely awesome! My wife and I hiked this with some friends and loved every minute. The work it took to get to the upper falls was well worth it!

Great hike and nice waterfall

We loved this trail! It was shaded all the way, beautiful with lots of little areas to relax by the river. Our five year old did well and we didn’t find it to strenuous for him at all. Great “pay out” for kids!

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