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This is my go-to trail due to its proximity to my home. My dog loves it. Trail follows the water almost entire loop. Little beaches along with way for the dog to splash and cool off.

This is what a good hike looks like - plenty of tree cover, views of the lake, hard-packed trail and episodes of elevation without exhaustion. Lots of hikers on a gorgeous spring day., but didn’t seem crowded. 4.5 miles of joy.

10 days ago

We knew to follow the blue triangles but still got turned around. There is a sign before the incline at the end and after reading it it seemed to me to take what ended up being the turn that takes you up the road to the top. It was too late to turn back. Probably my fault but as a newbie to hiking I feel the signs could have been more clear as to where to go. The viewing area for the best photo is not very big, a small platform. It would have been nice to have more of them or a bigger one. Going down the mountain was tough. I rolled on the small gravel a couple of times as they were very pebbly.

I was surprised by how tired I got on this trail. The distance made me expect it to be rather easy but the ups and downs left me winded. It’s not an easy trail but it isn’t too long so you can get it done in about an hour.

21 days ago

I found this to be a challenging and interesting hike. If you find this to be "boring" or "not real hiking" as a few others have said, hiking may not be your thing. Sure, there's no amazing overlook, mountain peak, or waterfall you're hiking towards, but the lake is beautiful and just being surrounded by nature is what it is about. The trail is clearly defined but is still very much a hiking trail, not paved or gravel. The trail has a well established trailhead and small parking area at the start/finish. The trail is very well marked and has mile markers and wooden benches for resting at every half mile. The trail seems to get progressively more difficult as you go along, with the first couple miles being relatively easy and directly on the lake shore, while the last few miles take on a more woodland feel (though still quite close to the lake) with increasing hills. I found the last mile to be quite challenging, as there is a prolonged uphill section starting at mile marker 4.0. There is an opportunity to cut the trail short or add a small side trail to increase its length, however I just did the standard loop. I'm not sure why the distance on AT lists this as 4.8, the trail markers clearly mark 5.0 miles and the end of the trail is another tenth or two further than that marker. I hiked during midday on a weekday during a school break, and only came across a few other hikers. It was quiet and peaceful.

23 days ago

Beautiful hike! We cut the hike in 1/2 to make it a little over 3 miles. Once you get past the waterfalls the crowd really dies down. We will definitely do this one again.

Great trails. Excellent signage on trail. Different trails for different levels of hiking...you can make your hike easy or hard. Park is super cleans and very well maintained!!!

24 days ago

We went during Easter weekend and wow was it crowded!! So many dogs too. I brought my 2 dogs and they loved it too. The first part was paved and the closer you get to hanging rock- the steeper it is.

25 days ago

A good hike with scenic views. We hiked this on a Saturday and there were way too many people for us. Would hike it again during the week.

trail running
25 days ago

I made a second trip in less than a week because it seemed a shame that this wasn’t rated for trail running. It’s a bit narrow and rocky, so maybe not ideal for running. I really enjoyed the steep climb right at the start (heading left). The small streams are fun to jump and there was at least one downed tree to hurdle. I was there at 8 am sharp on a holiday weekend so I had the trail all to myself, which may be the key to any trail running here since it looks like it’s a busy area in general.

good cardio with intervals! Beautiful views from the top.

This is a great place with beautiful views & well worth our drive from Hickory! The Vertical Mile Trail will definitely kick your butt but it’s a good challenge! Coming back soon to hike the other trails we didn’t get to do.

1 month ago

Very well maintained trail that was clearly marked throughout. I hiked with my roommates on a Sunday afternoon in cool weather and we were surprised to see so few people. The trail keeps Jordan Lake in sight throughout with little else than water and trees by way of scenery. Some decent climbs through a few sections so “moderate” is probably about right for the difficulty rating. There were a couple of slick patches with rain the night before. Not too muddy though and easy enough overall to keep a brisk pace while discussing time travel paradoxes.

Did it a few years ago. Loved it

1 month ago

This trail and the Rocky Face Mountain Recreational Area are hidden jewels in Alexander County in the Vashti area. The Vertical Mile Challenge (VMC) is true to its name—a challenging 2.2 mile trail that uses some of the Hollow Trail paths. After 8 laps you’ve climbed 5,280 feet vertically. Best time to visit is late-September when the park lights up with bunches and bunches of tiny yellow flowers—very beautiful and surreal. Many other activities at the park too like rock climbing, nature trails, picnicking, ranger talks, and nature displays.

Nice hike through the woods. Has a few small creeks to cross. Trail is easily marked.

nice loop. trail was well marked and had several nice views. had a great time.

2 months ago

This trail starts out with a lot of people but just after reaching the falls in .08 miles the trail becomes lightly trafficked. There are many creek crossings that are easy to cross with pleasant views and sounds of flowing water. There are only a couple spots where the land opens up for distant viewing and this trail only has about 1,700 feet in total elevation gain. The one downside about this trail is that it follows the road for the first few miles and you can hear cars and there are even spots where you can see houses.

Great overlook and hiking down the Mountain to look at the rock quarry from the bottom was great! And walking right next to the Eno!

3 months ago

Just went yesterday (jan 4th). Pretty cold and windy so there was not many other people out. The hike is nice and the view from the peak is awesome. If you are going another great thing to check out is cascade falls which is only 0.3miles from the visitor center and is even handy-cap assessable. The falls are really pretty and are frozen right now.

3 months ago

Beautiful winter hike with my college age kids. We walked fast due to the subzero temps but it was not too strenuous and definitely worth it. Great views without the leaves on the trees, very peaceful spot - just what we needed on a bright winter’s day.

Pleasantly surprised! The view from the top was much better than expected. We went in mid December and there wasn’t anyone else on the trail. I’m sure really pretty when all the leaves and foliage come back.

Nice hike

great little trail with a view of the river!

An amazing trail! On a cold day in December we enjoyed a couple of rock climbers! A great day!

Absolutely beautiful trail to hike with your dog! Definitely a moderate trail with a few small inclines.

Beautiful view from the top, especially during autumn foliage. Lots of stairs but totally worth it when you finally reach the top!

One direction will have you climbing up rocks, the other (starting at the trail head towards the pinnacle) will put you climbing up steps. A cool trip through the boulder fields but definitely a challenging hike.

I would describe this as "moderate" rather than "hard." Lots of diversity for such a small area. The parking area at the top is usually crowded, but take the Jomeokee Trail around the actual knob and you'll get some great, less trafficked views. This is probably the best hike within an hour of Winston-Salem

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