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Not a bad trail just not great. Could hear traffic just about the whole time.

love this park. wish more people were respectful of it. Seen alot of folks wandering off the trail, going up to Sugarloaf hill, and abusing some serious Trail rules. This place is a preserve and should be treated as such. Landmarks should be treated with respect. Please stay on the trails and preserve this state park so that other people can enjoy it for a lifetime, thank you.

nice trail through woods and high grass dancing in the wind. Pond area was pretty but I wouldn't swim in it Lol. dark water from wood debris. kids enjoyed. We threw a foot ball all the way along the trail back and forth

17 days ago

Had a blast on this trail, it is very diverse in the different biomes that you experience. The northern half is very beautiful running along the beach for a few miles, it also has a good amount of elevation change. The southern half is a little easier however if you go after there has been rain be careful of mile 5-4 or 4-5, depending on the direction you are going, it is extremely wet and muddy. The camps are well spaced apart and are great spots to set up for the night.

Beautiful and relaxing. Very nice w the water and the wooden bridges

Went at end of fall colors with family. Flat and follows along the river so pretty and relaxing nature hike. Fall colors looked great reflecting in river

The views are absolutely beautiful. Very peaceful hike. Did not find it to be too challenging but just the right amount of a work out. Well worth the visit even if you don't do the whole trail.

I enjoyed this hike! Easy and enjoyable!

Great Trail
What a great outing!

My friend and I did this yesterday. we got lost in the woods for a while. It was really fun. There's a geocache in the woods. It's really an amazing trail and so beautiful.

Was very nice. Good views and easy to walk.

I’ve been coming to this park since 2004 and it’s one of my favorite places in the Wilmington area!

1 month ago

Easy and short dog-friendly trails with beautiful views of the water. Lots of venus flytraps and painted buntings to be seen.

Keep an eye out for copperheads.

Great overnight backpacking trail.

Good trail, but full of ticks. I only made it half way before I decided to turn around. I must have pulled or brushed away 14 ticks off myself and my dog.

Nice trails! Only issue is all the dog poop on trails. Just be sure to watch where you put your foot.

Great afternoon trot with the pup. The end observation deck was breathtaking. In the sun it got pretty warm but was much cooler in the covered/tree areas on the trail. Lots of families out on the nice weekend so if you’re looking for more solitude I would maybe try another trail. Still a good overall trail.

A great walk in the woods! Nothing like the AT or other Nelson county trails, but nevertheless it’s right here on the island and easy to walk up a sweat!

Short and sweet! Trails are well-marked.

Our troop did the entire 22 mile trail on Jan 13-14. We camped halfway along the trail around Dogwood Shelter as the shelter was occupied. The first half of the trail was very challenging to stay dry as there was a lot of water from the recent snow and rain prior to our arrival. Bridged walkways were very slick which provided a balancing challenge with a 45lb pack. One part of the trail was completely flooded and it was difficult to get around without your shoes getting wet. The second half was worse and it got to a point where we just gave up trying to stay dry and just trudge through the water to keep our pace. All in all it is a nice trail to hike if it’s a drought during the winter. I would like to come back when it’s not so water logged.

beautiful trail along the Neuse river. Good for walking a dog, as long as your dog can hop over some downed trees

Loved the trail and so did my 7 yo golden doodle. Little spooked that the sign said to wear bright orange!! I had to turn my coat inside out! Shouldn’t have mentioned that to my husband, now he doesn’t want me going back.

All flat, great for jogging. Only a few roots!!

Okay trail. Pets not permitted.

2 months ago

Beautiful spot to camp and enjoy the beach! We had an exciting camping trip as a strong storm headed over the island the night we camped there. Definitely a little scary - but an experience we'll never forget. Clean showers & bathroom over there and really serene setting!

Have paddled out of Hammocks Beach many times - nice paddling spot & easy for kids/newbies too. Even saw a small gator splash into the water near us & dolphins. Be aware that over the weekend (esp. summer) that jet skiers can sometimes race up and down the channel, causing wakes that might flip out inexperienced paddlers. Have to be really aware of your surroundings, as we've had a few experiences with jet skis getting right up on us.

paddle sports
2 months ago

Easy hike & took out our paddle boards here (there wasn't a spot to choose paddle boards from the activity list). Lightning came in while we were out on our boards and we got stuck on some oyster beds. My fault b/c I didn't realize we headed out right before low tide. Be aware if you go out of the tide schedule. Nice fishing spot too!

Easy trail for kids & dogs!

Have walked this several times and it's an easy hike. It can be isolated at times & we've heard wildlife when it's late afternoon (never seen any gators though). Great for dogs and kids, easy hike. Can get really muddy and have sitting water in spots, so be aware when bringing kids.

easy. and love taking the stroller out there.

Fun trail for the bike, a little sandy in some spots, bigger kids with multi gear bikes should be ok.

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