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2 days ago

My fastest time someone came and cleaned up a lot of the debris

Trail is undulating and cross crosses the creek a number of times. Relatively easy hike, but we were only able to complete the mid-section of the trail due to limited time and trail closures. Hurricane damage is still all over this trail. But trail is well marked.

This trail only get a one star due to the fact that you cannot get to it not because the trail isn’t good but because the access is denied off the main road.

Bear Island is a beautiful hike. Florence did her damage but they have worked hard to restore the island

*The one star is solely to bring attention to the fact that most of this trail is closed*

The northern half of the northern trail is closed per NCCF. You CANNOT get to Pine Cliff via vehicle on the dirt road (access stops at the parking lot on the left) and any other activity beyond the barrier is prohibited. This stands from Pine Cliff all the way to the Dogwood entrance, which seems clear to hike through towards the southern half.

Hopefully it will open up soon, there is a phone number for the Carteret office that I’ve been meaning to call

Gate was closed when we went. probably because of lots of fallen trees blocking the paths. Kayak pier is also broken.

It's a quick trail that takes about a half hour to walk the outside loop. There are some crossover paths that can shorten your walk if you prefer.

The good:
- Easy trail
- Pretty scenery
- A large pond with a man made dam and bridge on either side
- Easy access from Wilmington or Hampstead
- Trash cans along trail

The bad:
- Very short
- Some repairs and debris clearing is still being done from Hurricane Florence
- No restrooms

Post Florence and the record breaking rainfall of 2018, several spots on the yellow trail have become part of the pond. (In fact, it could probably be called Patsy Lake now...but that doesn't have as good of a ring to it.) While I was able to get around it, had I not been wearing my hiking boots, my feet would have been soaked. Other trails also have significantly deep water in some parts. Although I did not encounter many mosquitoes, there was a note on the trailhead (per 1/1/19) saying "wear bugspray." Saw some hunters a few hundred yards away, as well as heard some gunshots. Per the trailhead, wear orange during hunting season. Not my favorite hike, but it was good to get outside on a beautiful day.

17 days ago

Great First Day Hike. Love the sound of the whispering Pines when it was quiet.

Great First Day Hike 2019.

CLOSED due to hurricane Florence :-(

I love this trail because of it’s close proximity to northern Wilmington and the quiet shaded dirt/sand trail. On a typical day there are anywhere from 2-10 people on the trail when I am. Most have a dog along and about half of them are unleashed, but I’ve never seen a problem. Half of the dogs are unleashed...not the people. Some of the trail gets muddy after a heavy rain but it’s only for about 10 feet, so it’s easy to walk around. Plenty of free parking. When it’s sunny and hot I do my walking and jogging at Abby, or as it’s commonly called “Poplar Grove”. The best parking lot is on the north side of Poplar Grove Mansion which is also a great place to visit.

We walked this trail (actually the ENTIRE park ... every step of every trail) during our vacation in July of 2018 and it was easily the highlight of our trip to North Carolina.

My favorite spot that I’ve discovered so far! It’s out of the busy-ness of Wilmington, clean, and neat things to discover here! Plus there are animals that often walk up to the fences for head scratches :)

Unfortunately this trail remains closed long after Hurricane Florence hit the state.

2 months ago

Such a beautiful beach! It’s not crowded as other beaches! Water is very clear! Nothing I’ve seen before! Cute little place to go to and relax!

Shaded a lot of the way, easy trails. A lot of dogs.

2 months ago

I went around September, surprisingly there was a ton of mosquitos. We did get to see like 4 snakes on the trail. Depending on which path you take, you may run into snakes. I was looking for a more of hike and maybe bit of incline. I ended up being rushed out because of the mosquitos which I had spray at hand but it was just overbearing! It was nice seeing some cactus on the same walking near the beach. Then nice walk through the woods? Getting closer to the Venus trap which are VERY VERY small by the way.

This is open again. I think they closed it due to hurricane damage

This trail is closed now when I went. There are private property signs posted, and a gate at the entrance

This is a perfect little walking trail when you just need to get away for about an hour. I put in my headphones and listen to relaxing music - EMDR bilateral stimulation is the perfect music for this trail. A stop on the bridge is a must do so you can see all the turtles swim up to it. I enjoy seeing all the cute dogs along the trail too.

4 months ago

Third year in a row, best beach camping spot on the NC coast. Have camped in July and August, I’d have to say July is for sure my favorite, less storms, too.


Nice little trail with lots of geocaches but I don't understand why my reviews on this trail keep disappearing???

Nice little trail with lots of geocaches. I've done it many times over the years. My previous reviews on this trail keep getting deleted for some unknown reason???
(now the other review is back???)
(now the other review is gone again!)

Great park. It was very humid the day that I ran here but the well maintained trails and views of the river and forest made up for my discomfort.

Pretty hike but not really any signs so it ended up being a bit confusing.

5 months ago

So nice wandering around off the paved path. VERY easy. Highly recommend.

I saw a beautiful blue heron and blooming Lillies on the little pond and the gnarled trees are gorgeous

6 months ago

Hiked the yellow 1.9 trail, could hear traffic during the first part but then it faded out. Easy trail to walk, no inclines, didn't see anything except little lizards, the forest was so quiet, couldn't even hear birds chirping. A bit buggy so bring spray. Came across some water holes and the pond was nice. Good place to go if your looking for a quick hike in the area.

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