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not the best for a hot day, lots of people but still a solid good hike.

4 days ago

Good workout! A fit person should be able to reach the summit in 45 minutes. Many stretches are rocky and prohibit trail running. A good balance of terrain verity. Hiking poles come in handy.

6 days ago

Nice hike in a beautiful State Park on a HOT summer day. Well marked but with 19 trees down across the trail none to difficult to maneuver.

I love crowders mountain! It’s not too difficult, it’s just right! Rock top is my favorite trail!

7 days ago

Great trail, but strenuous for rookies like me. First strenuous trail since becoming active again at 69. Took about three hours for 4.3 miles with 30 minute plus rest at top. First 1.8 miles moderate to easy, but last .5 miles is rocky and steep. Worth the climb with great views at the top.

8 days ago

Did this last weekend, great trail starts off very easy but will become more challenging the closer you get to the top. All kinds of Terrain , but definitely worth the hike and the view at the top!

Easy family-friendly hike even after all the rain we had. I went backwards through the trail. lt was a great idea because it was super muddy red clay starting out and ending up back at the start of the trail all the mud was gone!

9 days ago

Very good , best to do early

Great trail, beautiful waterfall, stairs were a little tough, only downside really was the amount of people—a LOT

10 days ago

Nice wide trail with only a few somewhat narrow places. I would rate this moderate for the blue and red trails. Strenuous for getting up the mountain. A lot of the trail was small rock, so steady shoes a must and a hiking stick also nice...a barrel of them at the trailhead are available for those who didn't bring one along. Did this with my dog who is trail hardy and the mountain climb wore her out. The view is great as you see the valley below and the Blue Ridge beyond. Be sure to bring some water along. Overall, a nice walk in the woods!

11 days ago

11 days ago

Beautiful view. It can get windy at the top but it’s refreshing after a long hike. I live pretty close to crowders so it’s great to drive up there and get in a good workout.

Miles of trail options in woods and along the shores of Lake Norman. Trails are covered with bare roots, leaves and Carolina red clay this making them slippery in wet weather. Nice spots to eat on trails or nearby Troutman has Randy's BBQ or Pomodoro's Italian/Pizza for lunch.

18 days ago

Great hike for exercise. I would wait for lake season to end to do it again. Did not like hiking through occupied campsites on lake. You hear lots of noise from cars, boats and jetskis.

One of our favorite hikes. It starts out from the paved parking area and moves right before the main bridge over the river. The path begins super easy as a flat path with fine, loose aggregate along the river with tons of paths to the water as well as a few slightly hidden viewing decks over the water (we saw a beautiful doe and fawn in the river from one of these overlooks yesterday). At one point the trail forks - stay left to stick to the river. It starts getting a little more difficult as you progress with rocks, tree roots and stone steps. There’s an area where it might be difficult for some - a rock slide from Hurricane Hugo in the late 80’s brought down slabs of granite and you have to traverse it to continue. Don’t worry! It’s not terrible. Just keep it in mind as it could be slick with the wrong shoes. As you get to the areas where you are getting closer to the falls you’ll cross the river on wooden bridges and almost all steep wooden steps or box steps filled with soil, to the falls and upper falls. Take it slow if you have bad knees because the hike is so worth it at the top. At the top of the falls you can come back the way you came if you want to stick to the river or continue on the loop back to the fork in the trail. The loop portion is all forest and fairly smooth hiking but it is uphill a good bit. The downhill is much appreciated. At one point there’s a natural spring trickling down beside the path. The only water you’ll see along that part. You’ll end back at the fork where you originally stayed left. The treck back to the parking lot is back on the same flat, fine aggregate path along the river. Enjoy this hike and take tons of pictures. It’s beautiful!

21 days ago

Not too long has a decent mix of terrain...the View at the Pinnacle is great.

It was last year when my friend and I rode the mountain bike trail.,It was our first time on a mountain bike but a look workout and loads of fun.

I didn’t see the waterfall, but we took the long way up to the mtn top & it was moderate difficulty. Bathrooms, no shop. The ranger dude was super helpful & friendly. The walk was nice & shady, pretty view from the top. Several benches along the way to stop

23 days ago

There is NO biking allowed on this trail at all. Please remove that. Other than that it is a very nice trail.

This is a greenway and not a trail. It's paved or gravel--no dirt. For this reason it can get really hot in the summer compared to a wooded trail because the vast majority of the trail is not shaded. It's an okay trail for getting a feel for your mountain bike if you've never ridden before, but even beginners will be board to death on this trail in my opinion. This is a take your kid on their training wheel bike trail. So for that sort of thing it’s perfect. Or maybe not, given that there is an unbelievable amount of dog poop and duck poop on the trail. Magnitudes more poop than on any other greenway or trail we've ridden in the Charlotte MSA. Never seen a more poopy trail in my life.

This is a very nice trail for everyone but it isnt a loop. it is mostly paved along the river. There are access points at both ends of the trail.
About a mile in is access to unpaived mountain bike trails I've never been on.
As a Pokemon Go fan I appreciate the fact that there are Pokestops at the beginning and one about a mile in as well as a gym about 3/4 mile in and tons of critters as I call them

love this trail. beautiful and secluded. have returned several times.

One of my favorite hikes. A lot more big trees down across the trail since last time I had done it. Some were difficult for this short 65 yr old out of shape hiker to do in heat, but I was able to do the entire trail.

The swinging bridge is closed as well as the blue star trail where it intersects north sugar creek

Depending on the way you decide to go on the loop from the crossroads go left for a strenuous stair case going up right beside the whole water fall or go right to climb 3/4 foot high natural staircases. it's a good hike bring plenty of water and be prepared to get exhausted. when you reach the top of the falls you are met with a stunning view of the falls.

30 days ago

A nice day hike. I've been on this trail many times nice views but is a little strenuous to the summit. good hike

1 month ago

Bring bug spray! The loop trail is simple and easy to follow, you can’t get lost. There are lots of access points to the lake and bathrooms at the trailhead. There is a fishing pier. The path is clear with lots of tree roots. I went on a Monday around 7pm, there were about 8 other groups out on the trail and enjoying the shore line. Made it around the loop in less than 30 minutes walking at a leisurely place. Saw a few people walking dogs and fishing. There are picnic tables and grills all around the loop, and a covered pavilion at the trail head. Parking is paved with 30ish spots. A majority of the trail is flat forest ground, some paved.

1 month ago

We are not overly fit (not out of shape, just average 53yo)...found this challenging but doable. Just over four miles round trip in just under three hours with several rest stops on the way up and a leisurely lunch at the top. Great hike on very well maintained trails!

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