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Trail was very snowy and due to the past few days of wind the snow wasn't very packed. Super beautiful and amazing hike and there were plenty of people on the trail, but I would not recommend it without snow shoes or spikes

Pretty hike! Short enough to do mid-day, microspikes would be beneficial!

Very cool and simple trail! Beautiful this time of the year!

Very relaxed and beautiful trail!

Can be slippery around either falls in winter. Getting down below either falls to take pictures should be done with care due to steep areas. It’s better to go a bit down stream and work your way back than to risk a fall. Can be muddy or wet. Crossing stream is required to get to the lower falls.

Almost completely packed down snow right, as all the trails in this area will be for awhile. Slight elevation gain to Alberta Falls, but nothing crazy. We have a 4 and 7 year old and the only one that used spikes was my wife. On the way back it would be helpful though. Right now you can see the water at the top of the waterfall running down through the ice... very cool. This one if good for kids. We do it once during winter and once during summer every year.

Super easy loop... snow everywhere... people everywhere. A lot of people with snowshoes for no reason, but to each there own. This is a short trail that we do with our 4 and 7 year old every once in awhile, they like it. Boots work fine, spikes work fine, snowshoes would also be fine, but I save my spikes for when we move over to Nymph Lake and Dream Lake where it's a little steeper. If you're looking for easy, this is what you want.

Once again it was a beautiful trail, however some of the inclines might make it to difficult for small children. The water fall it self can be accessed from the road so taking the whole trail isn’t necessary in that case. Waterfall is smaller but is just as beautiful as the larger ones.

So. Much. Snow. Lol too much snow to do much exploring, but beautiful, beautiful views. Can’t wait to go back, hopefully just not in the winter haha

I did it two weeks in a row. The first week everything was frozen and ice covered. It was very difficult to get down some of the hills, but, the creek was very easy to cross because it was frozen. The next week, it was in the 70's so everything was melted and it was very muddy. The creek was running high because of recent rain so, of course, the boots got wet. Misjudged where to step one time and ended up with water in the boots. It's a nice somewhat challenging trail.


off road driving
25 days ago

Was able to experience every season on the drive up. Beautiful scenery. Easy drive

Very easy and very beautiful

A LOT of people there but the visitor center is nice and it is a beautiful trail with an abundance of wildlife!!! Birds, crocs, fish, everything you would want to see. Flat, paved and boardwalk.

beautiful view.. makes me realized how lucky Iam to experienced such creation!

comfortable hike with amazing waterfall!

1 month ago

I give this trail a 5 for the uniqueness of it. Start on the right side and enjoy all the gators. I saw 77 on the day. They say to stay 15 feet away which is impossible. You will be within 5 feet. The tower was kind of 3/5 but interesting to see over the glades. Irmas caused some Serious destruction out there and bathrooms are currently closed although there is still drinking water.

There are mike markers every mile but the whole trail is on pavement shared with cyclists. Great to run/walk but if you’re planning to do the whole thing I would recommend cycling.

Highly recommend yaktrax or microspikes. Slick spots of ice but lots of bare spots as well. The trail around the lake is snow packed but deep spots occasionally. Beautiful moderate hike.

on Bear Lake Nature Trail

1 month ago

We loved this loop trail! Literally stopped every few moments to soak in the beauty and scenery but truly great trail. We took our three kiddos on this trail backpacked one and the other two walked. I suggest bringing water as the elevation may hit some more than others. Little to no inclines but if not acclimated it might be more challenging. Stunning stunning view! Parking fills fast.

1 month ago

A great snowshoe/spike hike! A bit windy but sunny. Packed snow on trail...some bare spots. Highly recommend this hike.

1 month ago

This is a very well maintained kid friendly trail the whole trail is either paved or transitioned into a very well maintained broadwalk. There are public restrooms at the beginning of the trail. Saw lots of animals, alligators, turtles, double crested cormorants, great blue herons, great egrets, and purple gallinules. I didn’t see any aninghas to my surprise.

1 month ago

This trail is very easy to walk. I did not see much wildlife but there were a lot of different trees, pines and ferns. There are also a lot of trees along the trail that have fallen due to the hurricane, but the trail has been cleared to allow people to hike it.

It can be very secluded if you go at the right times. Really beautiful waterfalls and streams running through this area. One of my favorites.

2 months ago

Went yesterday and the trail was mostly snow packed. Easy trail, would love to see it without snow. Moved on to the other trails after this.

2 months ago

Saw 3 alligators all under 5. Saw several birds, easy paved trail.

Nice 0.5 mike RT hike near the visitor center.

Very nice walking trail

It was super windy and cold. I definitely recommend going early because we hit a storm. You’ll also probably need snow shoes. The views were gorgeous but we were unprepared for the snow

2 months ago

This is a fun, short trail, with little difficulty. A great place for a full-moon snowshoe hike, like my group did to bring in the new year.

Usually crowded during the day, you will almost have this place to yourself at night.

We started at 7:30 am and we definitely needed our snow shoes for the hike up. We didn't use them to come down because the snow was old and turning to slush. The views are gorgeous. One of my favorite hikes so far because you get beautiful views for half of the hike and then beautiful forest and trees for the other half around the lake.

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