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pretty easy hike to the natural bridge from the parking lot. Wear waterproof shoes, you will get wet. I was very aggravated by the trash in the cave. why do people do that. There is bats in the cave, I hope the trash does not disturb them

Very beautiful hike once you get down to the creek. The trail comes and goes so we ended up just climbing on the rocks along the creek.

I only rate this as a moderate hike because of the distance. It is a very easy hike. The western side is the best part of the hike. I would hike counterclockwise to save the best for last. several backpack camps all with fire rings and tables. trail is easy to follow if you use their map.

Similar to what others said: gorgeous, yet lacking in signage and maintenance. As few hikers attempt it between May and September, however the low ranger staff can’t justify maintaining the path until September. I loved watching river otters cross the Current, as well as having my legs cleaned by minnows while wading.

15 days ago

Easy flat trail very family friendly and running friendly. Would suggest doing Salt lick trail of you want to as some adventure and incline on the way back to the parking lot.

Great short trail whole loop was 3 miles which is a little short. Had some great view points. Hardest part is the incline in the first miles. I decided to do the Johnson trail and then when it connected to the Salt Lick Trail I did that again backwards. I recommend it for anyone looking for something different than the flat trails in the area. I would say it’s more moderate than hard. I wish you could go in the mines that would be fun!

21 days ago

Nice hike with a variety of terrian. Several camping sites along the trail. Trails are marked well enough that you shouldn't find yourself backtracking or scratching your head on which way to go. I was able to find ways to cross all the creeks (staying dry) after a couple days of good rainfall but a week of heavy rain might prove otherwise.

23 days ago

Visited this trail on a nice Sunday morning. Trail was nicely marked and cleared. Gave 3 stars because we weren't able to find the rock structures and there were constant gun shots towards where the rocks were so we turned around and left.

nice for as close to town as it is, easy to get to and not a bad hike unless the ground is soggy

Found a great cave on this trail

Very challenging initial climb but very nice views from the top.

Beautiful scenic trail.

This area is quite possibly the most beautiful stretch of Missouri I have experienced. As Cory said pleas take care of this place. Pack in/pack out, practice safe fire use and watch out for snakes in the warmer months.

1 month ago

Kind of a tough choice as I've been on the couch for the bitter cold streak; but doable and breathtaking vistas.

my favorite spot in the state. very remote and serene. not for anyone afraid of venomous snakes or four people looking for an easy path. please take care of it. pack in/pack out

Muddy conditions made the trail more challenging than it should have been. The route shown is part of the Salt Lick Point Trail and the Johnson Trail. Add the Newman Trail (out & back) for some extra fun. Maps are available at the trailhead.

This canyon and surrounding bluffs are one of the most desolate and beautiful spots in Missouri. Watch out for Cottonmouths!

2 months ago

Nice trail. We did a 3 day backpacking trip in October with with Sierra Club -Beginner Backpacking Course. The trail is great for beginners and experienced hikers alike. There are a lot of horses and the trails can be quite rocky in spots, other than that there is plenty of elevation changes, water sources, great scenery and a nifty little cave you can climb up to if you like that sort of stuff.

Definitely plan on bringing the kiddos down for a weekend this spring so they can have their first overnight experience. Even a nice spot for them to practice their Belaying and rappelling.

Only downfall is it is close to Fort Leonard Wood, so it's not uncommon to hear gunfire at times.

3 months ago

Grew up hiking these bluffs! Great trail!!!

3 months ago

The reason it’s rated Hard is because of the initial ascent up 452 feet. But once you get up to the top it’s a meandering trail with beautiful vistas overlooking the Mississippi River Valley.

sink holes,amphibian pond, class A forest. ..go

3 months ago

Using this as a neutral rating as the trail was closed on 12/2/2017. Hopefully it will re-open soon. Was looking forward to a nice day hike.

had a great time here today. nice stone arrow pointing the way at the fork and some cairns to help you back to the trail.

This is a great trail for beginners. For the most part it was well marked. It was perfect for a fall hike. I think it would be more difficult in the spring/summer.

A hidden gem! And a must hike.

3 months ago

Very nice loop trail with a variety of terrain and scenery. Completed this in the evening in a little less than 3 hours. Some parts of the trail are very close to roads and traffic, but other parts are very quiet and private. The old cabin ruins and and geology is very interesting. The trail is well marked and easy to follow. Total recorded mileage was 6.3 miles for the whole loop.

great river great scenery

4 months ago

For the first two miles my trekking pole was used as a machete to clear the unbelievable amount of spider webs at eye level. This trail used to merge with an equestrian trail, and even though it no longer does, some signage and blazes have not been updated and are very misleading. The trail features amazing rock formations and plenty of other views.

This trail was well marked with red circles and hiking in the fall is the perfect time! I would totally recommend this as a great two day hike for anyone that enjoys different scenery every step you go. It was a hiking challenge but nothing dangerous and safe for children which is what I wanted.

4 months ago

Fantastic trail! Did the loop counter clockwise. Felt like most climbs on the return trip were very gradual, only a couple of very steep sections. The trail is rocky and at a couple of spots hard to follow, but common sense and a little observation you can find the trail easily. Beautiful ridge line camping spot over looking the river at mile 9 (counter) / mile 8 (clockwise).

The GPS track shown starts at the southwest end of the loop, which means overall descending to start, and overall climbing to finish. If you'd like to start your trip climbing and end descending, there is a camp ground near the jut out by Highway AF, which is right about halfway. Campground is free and very pretty, right along the river.

Feel free to message me on FB for more information! @jordanmwhite9

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