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Hiked with our 7 year old son. It was a bit strenuous, but he made it like a champ. We loved this trail.

This is a very easy but relaxing trail.

Great short hike! You do have to cross water at times, so wear water proof shoes or bring extra socks!

Easy to get to, well maintained and nice variation in the terrain. Twice through makes for a great workout, whether running or hiking. Hiking usually takes about 1hr-1hr15m per loop.

6 days ago

We love all the options here! Paved, dirt, flat, mountain, long, short, etc.

14 days ago

Had an amazing time hiking the machine trail. it was absolutely beautiful, we will be headed back soon.

14 days ago

Beautiful hilly trails. Note: path can get pretty muddy.

nice stroll

trail running
25 days ago

Love hiking through the woods on unpaved paths. Wait until you see this place in spring & fall.

25 days ago

It was nice. Great if you have a dog and like to view open fields.

The falls are beautiful!

Easy and short and the river is close and loud so it clears your head. cool facts on the area with the stone fort, ancient people's and the mill

super fun pretty and easy hike. had to cross over the river and some places to stay on the trail because it was so high but that made the hike even better!

Very good hike. Did this on a rainy day so there was really no one else around. Quiet and peaceful.

For a local park, it's a great place to hike with the pups. Also fun for a trail run...

1 month ago

My "Go To" since I reside about 6 miles from the Deep Well Trailhead. Have hiked it since moving to Tennessee in the late 80's... Never gets old....

1 month ago

Update for 1/25/18: A group of us hike this trail fairly regularly and it makes for a great moderate day hike. But this particular trip, there was still a lot of water seeping out of the ground from the recent snow and we encountered a good bit of sticky mud. That made the hike much less enjoyable than normal. Would strongly recommend giving this trail another week for the trail to dry out.

1 month ago

Definitely a lot harder than I was expecting! Lots of inclines. My Fitbit said I climbed a little over 100 flights of stairs on this trail. My younger dog did great, my 11 year old dog didn’t do so well on this hike. Overall really great trail, I just wouldn’t recommend doing this trail after a rainfall!

Kinda fun. Got my car broken into. Be careful

This is one of the nicest facilities I’ve been to. Ranger office with restrooms & trail maps. The trails were mostly easy but there were parts that were moderate climbing and steep incline. The falls are beautiful!!! Ive never been to one place with so many falls. I would love to return here to hike again!

1 month ago

Nice two mile “tune up” trail. 200ish feet of elevation change.

Trail gets muddy and slick when wet.

The “Cave” isn’t much to look at.

It was super beautiful with the snow. Easy little trail that's enjoyable for your family and dogs.
I want to come back and run the trail.

One of my favorites. I have been many times. I do the trail down to Machine and then I go to the wildflower loop and take it to lower Busby falls which few people really get to see. Lots of dead-fall and trail finding but the payoff is awesome. You can come back the way you came or climb up on the right side making your way up to the bridge that is at the top of Busby. If you go that way it is steep and tricky in spots. It is especially tricky when you get to the large rock slab that is taking up a large chunk of the area you need to be. I climbed up the side and over the top of it. Just go slow and you should be fine.

Love the trail even at one point it got spooky, there was an area that looked like the trees and grass either had died or got burnt, by other than that waterfall was also refreshing

2 months ago

Its a nice trail and a nice peaceful walk through the woods, however thats all it is. No great views or falls or anything too scenic to see. Can get crowded. Good day hike near the city if youre not looking to travel too far

Nice local easy day trail. Not much to see besides a nice stream. Average day hike. Well maintained.

This hike is a must do if you’re in the area. The water fall is awesome to see up close. There’s a rock ledge on the right you can traverse that will keep your feet out of the water. The falls are well worth all the stairs going down. We chose to go back up them as well.

I love the trail itself, but so many people let their dogs off leash.

I love this trail. I live in the neighborhood across the street so anytime I want that hiking experience but can't go anywhere else due to plan or such, I do this trail. you can make it as easy or hard as you want. around the field is easy, the lower trails feel like more hiking. there are 7 waterfalls and all are accessible. I love bringing my camera and living the peaceful experience. worth every minute.

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