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It’s a good hike but just a heads up, the trails DO NOT allow dogs. Pets are only allowed on the paved roads

Easy walk and pretty view.

Beautiful year round.

nature trips
7 days ago

beautiful in the autumn colors; peaceful in its isolation, almost other-worldly...

on Cummins Falls Trail

9 days ago

Trail to the bottom of the falls is a little confusing. It becomes more difficult to get to the falls the further down you go. But the overlook path is short, clear, and absolutely beautiful!

12 days ago

I would call this trail easy. It follows the shoreline of the lake and can be quite busy during the nice days. We definitely plan to backpack the volunteer trail sometime soon

Trail to the bottom of the falls was closed for repairs. Would have liked a little bit of a longer hike but the trail was really nice.

Great hike on the stream trail to the falls. Bring some water shoes and a towel as you cross stream twice each way.

Great waterfalls!

on Rock Island Twin Falls

13 days ago

amazing! the view from the rocks below the falls is breathtaking and relatively easy to get to

16 days ago

I lost the trail about a mile from the campsite. What little trail there was had been covered by leaves and no markers in sight. I wound up turning back and doing the rest of the day loop to make up the distance. I am assuming that part of the trail does not get a lot of traffic .

17 days ago

Wow. What’s not to love. The hike was beautiful and kid + dog friendly. To get to the bottom of the downstream trail there is a big section that is narrow with a steep drop and no guard rail so if your walking children are not familiar with trail safety I would consider that but otherwise it’s fantastic. Our kids (9 and 6) have hiked since they were babes on my back and still exercised extreme caution during the before mentioned part. But at the end and in the water (despite the frigid temps) they lived every minute of it. It was a perfect stop to picnic on a rock and then watch them explore. Highly recommend this trail!

Be prepared to get wet

hard but worth it. cross water 10 times

23 days ago

Any trail with this many lake views will be a favorite trail to me. I completed the Day Loop which is supposed to be 4 miles. My fitness tracker said it was 3.6 miles but that I had climbed the equivalent of 30 flights of stairs once I finished. The elevation changes are so gradual for the most part that it seems very easy. The wooded areas have several interestingly twisted and tall trees as well as beautiful rock formations. The lakeside portions rise slowly until you are rather high up on the bluffs over looking the lake and the surrounding areas for what seems like forever. It is easy to forget you aren't alone here as there were a few encounters with other hikers talk-shouting their way along the trail, oblivious to the others nearby. As my partner said, they would be the first to be taken out in a horror movie. Otherwise, I can see myself coming back here again and again.

Nice trail. Tapped the directions button on the screen and followed the directions by my phone. It led us to a gravel road. It was the wrong location. We had a hard time finding the trail head. To make it easier for you please note that the entrance to the Park where there are picnic tables a bathroom and a parking lot where the trail head begins is marked with a white sign for a gravel road entrance located on Highway 52 between the sunshine market and Walmart.

28 days ago

Maybe I should rate this poorly to keep it secret... bring your water shoes. Lots of stream crossings and a tough short hike at the halfway point for a great view


1 month ago

We do this with day packs as training for long hiking trips. Not necessarily a pretty hike - just keep on slogging!

Not much of a hike, but it’s beautiful. It’s great for kids, dogs, people who aren’t able to handle big/difficult hikes.

Great trail and very well kept. Lots of wildlife. It was a pretty easy walk so it’s a nice trail to tackle with friends and family. Get here early because the parking lot and trail fills up quick!

1 month ago

We took our 3 dogs through the “harder” hike and it was beautiful. However the Ridge Overlook we didn’t see an overlook at all. Gorgeous views and not rough at all! 2 overlooks we’re closed temporarily so I’ll definitely be going back to see the those at some point. Took us about an hour to go through the whole thing, but our dogs walked ya so faster than it would’ve been without him. Also very clean!

It's in my way to or from home. it's easy enough to stop by for some relaxation after a bad day. The Day Loop is my favorite. My goal is to backpack and stay over for an extended weekend. I was there earlier this week, lots of fungi also bullfrogs in "the pond". I have quirky ankles and find I can do this trail easily. Enough people around to feel safe, not so many people to feel crowded. Lots of places to swim as well.

This trail is well a maintained and paved with great variety. Lots of fun.

1 month ago

Great trail. Lots of wildlife.

1 month ago

This was a beautiful hike. Lots of area for exploring. Definitely not an easy hike. I did it with my kids (10 and 7 years). They did well but there was some sitting and scooting on the little one’s part. Definitely wear good shoes that can get wet, because they will.

Great hike up and down to the falls. Super crowded. Way too many people for my taste, not to mention the abundance of empty water bottles, cigarette butts, and the occasional diaper thrown in for good measure. Just a matter of time before the state shuts it down.

1 month ago

you gotta do it!!!!

The big attraction here is obviously the lake, but this trail is also a lovely arboretum, well-marked with seemingly countless different varieties of trees. There are also several ponds scattered around the 2.2 miles of paved trail as well as some interesting rock formations near the beginning. This trail is usually very crowded, so don't expect to be able to lose yourself in nature.

The address on my GPS took me in a deserted gravel road close by the actual entrance. Don't give up if you have this same experience. From this wrong location turn back around and.take a left turn on the main road and you will see a clearly visible sign for the park entrance maybe 1/4 mile down the road. Well worth the extra time finding this spot. The hike is somewhat short but you leave with some gratitude of what you just experienced. The water cascades are breathtaking and the waterfalls is very unique. I highly recommend this hike.
The hike is clearly marked. We had no problem staying on course even with leaves scattered over the path.

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