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1 hour ago

Nice views of the lake!

Calling this moderate difficulty is a bit of a stretch. The lake views are nice and its a good hike but just not terribly exciting. It's pretty muddy too.

a lot of construction going on a few places you can't get to.. drove 2 hours so I was kinda upset I couldn't do everything! A bit of ice.. but over all a wonderful experience and will definitely be back.

loved the hike I got a little over 5 miles in today

Great trail for the winter and plenty of elevation change. Trail has quite a few areas that could use some tlc, however it is looking better than last time I was here.

[TL:DR This trail, by itself, is a solid workout, if subdued. You won't be doing any rock fields or sharp ascents, just moderate, but continuous, elevation changes over 13 mi. The lack of technical or demanding spots make it a solid winter weather trail, as well.]

If you choose to do the trail by itself, you can park directly at trailhead. It won't really make any difference if you go clockwise or counter-clockwise. The clockwise side does have a bit more open space on trail, but nothing much other than that.

The main benefit for this trail is that it's a continuous, moderate grind over a moderate distance. There's no single part of it that will push you to any kind of a limit. I wouldn't recommend it as a recovery trail, and not as an easy day, either, but it occupies a happy middle.

However, if you want to add some challenge, there are plenty of connecting trails close to its trailhead, so you can easily tack on some extra miles and difficulty. I look forward to linking this and the Lower Loop for a one-day this summer.

As for appearance, I recommend going after a good amount of rain. You'll have a number of minor fords, but it's easily worth it for all the rivers and streams that pop up or flood after a good rainfall. This area really shows off that jade color spectrum the waters at this park can have. Both the campsites take full advantage of this to create some truly beautiful pockets along this trail.

Hiked this yesterday in the cold and fog. It was indeed a challenging hike but worth it for the many elements and variety.

Outstanding hike for multiple water features. Went with my 12 year old and we had a blast! The main Falls were breathtaking - but don’t stop there. Keep walking up the hill to Adams Falls, and when you loop around take the river upstream and there is another 60’ Falls about 300 yards upstream. Across the stream is also a curious cave.

One of our absolute favorites! I’ve hiked it with my kids since they were in hiking backpacks! It can be a little intimidating with kids if your kids aren’t well exposed to diverse trails but we have a “serious” talk before each hike explaining that hikes are fun but not a playground. We must respect the environment and watch each step because it can be dangerous if we don’t give our full attention to what we are doing.

great waterfall right off the road

Beautiful waterfall!! If you park in the parking lot, it’s the trail head straight across the road. Follow the white blazes and it’ll lead you down to the falls. Be sure to wear shoes that can get wet. If you want an added adventure, just before you get to the main falls, when you see the little bridge, turn left and explore the river.

The look outs near the top of the waterfall were closed because of structural damage but you can still get to the top. Best views are from the observation decks. Really short and easy hike. Don’t let the “strenuous trail” signs fool you. ;)

13 days ago

very pretty falls. short easy hike

I really enjoy the great views and proximity to the water along parts of the trail.

14 days ago

Cummins Falls is an amazing hike, with water crossings and an incredible waterfall at the end. Since it has been turned into a state park, it is VERY crowded on weekends! I would recommend a very early start if you’re going on a weekend, or try and do it through the week. In the winter, it’s much more difficult to get to the falls, but it can be done. A Cookeville/ Gainesboro treasure for sure!

Awesome hike! Did the hike to the base of the falls. It’s been raining the last few days so it was super muddy and slick but worth it. The way the rocks are makes it hard to get good footing - so I’d rate this more strenuous than moderate. Also hiked back up and did Cane Creek Falls over the suspension bridge. My husband , I and pup enjoyed the day exploring nature ! Check out Cane Creek Overlook if you’re looking for a good spot to stop and eat lunch.

We stopped in our way out of town. With all the recent rain, the trails were muddy but the water was running fast and it was SPECTACULAR! It was a moderate hike, need to watch younger children and your step. Highly recommended.

First time I have walked the trail and had no idea it was as close to me as it was. It has rained for a week so the trail was often full of water and or running water down the trail in a number of places.

The trail is hard mainly because of the many elevation changes and long uphill sections. There is also a sign missing that tell you about the optional uphill section of rerouted trail and because the trail there is so new it’s very easy to loose your way.

But beautiful lake views, stone walls, and old building piers along the way is a great reminder of pre lake property owners who scratched out homesteads on the hills overlooking the Cumberland River.

Know the trail splits and it takes longer than you think it will and you will enjoy the gem of a trail.

Absolutely lives up to the hype. Great for kids and my dog. Two for one special of stunning falls at the bottom and the top and a suspension bridge for fun thrown in. Very cool hike.

Nice trail with great lake views. The trail appears to be the primary drainage route so it is very wet and muddy following a rain. There is a good balance of climbs and descents and some interesting rock formations and a nice waterfall.

19 days ago

Great spot off the road. Came after some big rains in the area, so the falls were flowing big time.

19 days ago

calm and beautiful. can be very muddy and some of the blazes are worn out.

With recent rain, the waterfalls were incredible!! I’ve been here many times before, but have never seen them like this. Hoping they’ll eventually repair the broken overlooks, but still amazing views and a great short hike.

20 days ago

Make sure to go after heavy rain! Yes it was muddy, slippery and wet but the waterfall was running beautifully! It’s not a hard hike but can be slippery after the ran, the rock formations around the trail are amazing. I only gave it a 4 stars because it’s hard to find the start of the trail but once you’re on the trail it’s easy to follow! Read an earlier review with exact directions - we can’t wait to go back!

Soft and slightly muddy all the way to the connector trail, but not bad after that. A couple of good views but not much to see other than that. There is virtually no flat on this thing, it is all uphill or down. Also it had the most coyote scat I've ever seen on a single hike by a wide margin. Maybe a world record.

Bearwaller Gap is a really fun and rewarding trail. The first part is pretty technical, watch your footing. Especially if it is wet, icy, or muddy. After that, it's pretty straight-forward, and the trail is marked really well.

Be safe and enjoy!

Absolutely Beautiful and easy to explore. We have gone here for years and now that they've made it an actual park, it's so easy to hike . I highly recommend it .

nothing to see, lots of blowdown

Loved it. Such a pretty place

26 days ago

Great place! Highly recommend visiting. Probably best to go during the week or early on the weekends. There are places to swim all along the river all the way to the falls. As they do on the website I would recommend good shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. There is a loop but the trail closest to the falls is more treacherous. Also if you need a waterproof phone case or anything else there is a gift shop at the entrance of the park.

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