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Beautiful trail and nice hike. Only downside is that they seem to have put new "No Parking" signs at the trailhead, so we were not sure where to park. We parked about a mile away on the road where we could pull off. Maybe someone else can provide recommendations on where to park!

1 month ago

Hike in Napa area near St. Helena through canyon (good for shade in summer) with main attraction of swimming hole at the end. Trail itself is ok, along a river for part of it, decently maintained, easy trail not crowded on a summer weekday

I took the trail clockwise, and that's probably the easier way, where you start by going up. Because of the fires north of Napa, morning was hazy and so the weather was very comfortable, even mid-day in late August. The hike is beautiful, highly recommended.

3 months ago

Lovely trail currently being maintained by trail builders. Features multiple trailheads with great uninterrupted views of the lake in peace and solitude. Easy access to shoreline for swimming.

on Pierce Canyon Falls

3 months ago

Not much shade, and the water was completely gone when I went in summer, didn’t even see a trickle. Plus side: almost no bugs. I’ve done easier moderate hikes. Would give 3.5 stars if possible. Some good views, decent experience walking. Parking feels sketchy.

As of today, aug 12, 2018. Not amazing at all. Smokey, dry, way too hot and literally looks like it burned down yesterday. Very sketchy to get to and should not go by yourself. Hopefully in the cooler months and growth from rain I’ll try again but def bummed bc recent reviews said it was great.
......... also I was just informed that it’s hunting season up there. Def not safe right now!!!!

this trail can start at the forest service station in angwin. if on mountain bikes it is somewhat technical to start but is very enjoyable. Generally downhill but not one to go to sleep on.

4 months ago

If you are looking for a challenge, this trail might be for you. It has all the ticks you could want, no source of water, decent shade in the first 3.5mi, then no shade. i decided to do this hike on a cloudless day, with 97-100° temps, and 3.5 liters of fluid....bad idea, lesson learned. i ran out of water on the way down, about 4 miles from my truck....that was a very long 4 miles. Cramped up pretty good when i finally made it to my truck. Trying to change clothes and look for ticks with cramped legs sucks!!! I had gatorade and water in my truck, thank God. I am happy to say i completed this hike, so i can scratch it off the list.

No drinking water anywhere, bring your own gallon jug, ticks everywhere. Will not do again.

5 months ago

This was a very, very, bad idea.

I thought it was going well for the first mile or so, pretty boring, but still with the hope that it would improve as it went on. Well holy shit was I wrong; almost immediately into the first mile and a half I remember the advice that a reviewer gave about the ticks, only to look down at my shirt to my complete and utter shock, not one, not two, but four of the vampiric little creatures climbing up my shirt. I walked a couple hundred more feet thinking that I had just gone through a bad patch, boy was I wrong.

Now, I live nearly two hours away and lordy me can I tell you that having the idea of these little blood sucking creatures latched onto me did not make it any shorter.At this point I'm just about to call this trail a bad omen, considering that my car was drenched in fire retardent on the way down the switchbacks and that I nearly had several head on's through the mountainous roads. I'm scared of what disastrous things this innocent looking trail can bring onto others.

I would only recommend this trail if you think that nearly dying of blood loss on the way home is enjoyable.

edit: I guess one of the upsides to the County Fire is that all of the damned ticks in the area have burned. Too bad the trail seems to have been involved in the burn though, I would have liked to venture during the Spring season when the ticks have calmed themselves.

Mostly shaded, well kept trail. Took us about 2 hours on the Moore Creek/Dry Foot trail.

6 months ago

It was SO DIFFICULT. My boyfriend and I hiked this with some friends who have hiked it once before. I was way too ambitious with this hike lol, considering I’ve never been in a major hiking trip before. I think it took us a total of 10 hours (plus the breaks and the 30 mins we spent at the top). Our friends came home with a lot of ticks but my boyfriend and I were tick-free. I think the reason for that is because we wore leggings rather than loose fitting pants. Also, there were a lot of pointy plants that grew towards the path and you run into a lot of them. I have scratches on my legs but my arms were saved since we wore long sleeves. Luckily, it wasn’t very hot because there was a lot of clouds. It even sprinkled at the top. However, we did run out of water, so bring a lot.

I’m happy to have completed the hike but it was pretty difficult, I don’t think I’d do it again.

Good luck to the rest of you, happy hiking!

I visited the first week of May (2018). The trail was completely overgrown and (I didn’t realize until it was too late) totally infested with ticks. I have picked probably more than 50 off of my dog, and am still finding more. I had to puck most of them off in the middle of the street because even the grass by the side of the road was crawling with them. He is up to date on his tick meds, but these monsters are not dying once they bite him. I’ve also found half a dozen on myself. I’m afraid to go in my car because I know I must have missed some. Visiting this trail was a very, very bad idea.

Ummmm Rattlesnake. Ten minutes into the trail. It was a warm day of 86 but I was absolutely unprepared for such things!! Do be careful. She was laid across the trail so I heeded her kind warning and headed back with a quickness to the vehicle. Where I'm from....the State/County/City typically posts a warning of: Bobcat, mountain lion, whatever might be in the area. No rattlesnake warning in sight but now I know...and now you do too..!

Great way to start the day and earn your wine!
Two pointers:
- If you start on the right fork along the water, look closely for the sharp left turn to bring the loop around for the second half. If you reach another fence, you’ve missed it.
- Do a tick check after! We found three, yuck!

Very green with great scenery

This hike is beautiful and worth the drive. The only disappointment was that lake Hennessey has strict laws about dogs being off leash and heavy fines ($350 per dog) if dogs or humans get in the water. The whole lake is fenced around by barb wire and is such a tease on a hot day. Make sure to bring plenty of water for you and your dog and don't risk having them off leash.

7 months ago

Beautiful trail. Need to start very early because the views are against the sunlight when you get to the top, making the lake ordinary as supposed on the west side of the lake, the lake views are exceptional, like in heaven. Because of this, I gave 4 Star. The non-lake views are great though.

Actual hiking time 8 hrs 20 Min. But it took us 9 hrs and 15 mins to finish the whole trail because of extra time to enjoy the view, wild flower and to take short breaks for food and drink.

On one part of the trail, a lot of California Poppy and some other wild flower are blooming ( mid April).

Definitely need to download the map before you go because you would get lost, like other reviewer said, in rocky area where the trail is not obvious. Easy to get back in Trail with navigation in the app.

Trekking poles are recommended because 2-3 area is very steep, and some area is sandy slippery and you are on the edge of the slop. Most area are slow ascent and decent making the trail easier to climb.

Having seen review with ticks, I used bug spray on shoes and lower legs, and had no problem at all.

Bring at least 3 L water and add electrolytes powder. (Costco sales it). Even at low 70 degree F temperature, I drank more than 3 L. Half of the trail has no tree, no shade. Not recommended in hot day.

The trail is very quiet. We did not see any another people. Thanks to the other review, we looked for and parked at the sign of 20 mile mark. Maximum 4 cars could park there. We felt a bit uneasy and unsafe leaving our car there. But no problem with our car when we came down at Sunset time.

Nice hike to some pools. first 1.5 miles are really dull fire road but then the trail gets into single track and with creek crossings and roller coaster hills is a fun run with a swim at the falls.

8 months ago

Challenging yet worth every bit of it. Trail is not too overgrown. still in good shape, only few parts of it are slightly water-damaged. Overall all great hike, a true workout. Make sure to bring at least 3L water with you on a hot day :)

8 months ago

overall it’s a good little trail. i wouldnt have rated it ‘hard’, it’s more on the difficult side of moderate.

the beginning of the trail is tricky because you have to cross a creek that’s a little over a foot deep, so prepare to take off your shoes. the trail is surprisingly well marked though, and pretty basic uphill/downhill there and back. the view is below average for napa, but the lack of other hikers makes up for that. i did not see a single other person on the trail during the 2.5 hour trip, but there’s 4G at the backend of the trail so it makes up for the creepy isolation

8 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous loop, but some clearly hasn't been maintained in a long time. We went clockwise.

The first four miles up to the top of Fiske Peak are in great shape and moderately trafficked. There is a trail register in a box at the top near the survey marker.

From there, the trail gets pretty overgrown for the next four or so miles. Definitely wear long sleeves and pants to prevent getting scraped up, and keep an eye on the map on your phone to make sure you're still on track. We were able to follow a set of horse tracks. There were some small springs on the ridge around mile 6-7, but I don't think I'd want to rely on them.

At about mile 8 the trail comes out on what used to be a parking area for the south end of the blue ridge trail. It would be difficult for even a dirt bike to get up there, so we tented there for the night. The trail then follows the old dirt roads down into the valley. At the low elevation point before heading back up onto the ridge there is a short spur to a clearing with a concrete(?) picnic table and fire pit, totally covered in grass. Shortly after that is the trailhead for the Fiske Creek Trail, which goes pretty much down the middle of this loop.

As the trail goes back up to the ridge the road is in better and better shape (less overgrown, less eroded, fewer rocks fallen into it, more evidence of recent traffic.) Around mile 16 or so there is a small pond, apparently called Fiske Lake, that is probably a year-round water source (treat/filter, obviously.) Half a mile after the lake is a four-way intersection with other dirt roads. This area seems to get a bit of traffic. Take the rightmost road.

The rest of the walk is a gentle downhill and quite pleasant.

Overall, stunning views along the ridge lines, but badly in need of maintenance. Maybe next time I go out I'll bring some loppers.

9 months ago

Lovely and so GREEN right now!

9 months ago

The point of doing this 12.9 kilometer is to reach the Zim Zim water fall in Napa. The trail is fine, i crossed the creek 11-12 times as i hiked. the scenery wasnt that impressive i saw pipes many times and to me this ruins the beauty of nature.

The trail branches as you get closer to the waterfall. If you go left, prepare yourself for serious bushwhacking. I got pulled, pushed, scratched, poked, poked in the eye, i scrambled, i climbed, i screamed to no use.

i couldnt find the trail to the waterfall, the bushes,the rising water, and the wobbly rocks stubbornly blocked access to the waterfall.

Fearing that darkness will soon descend and i would be stuck on a boulder with no way back or forwarded, i declared defeat and retreated.

I took the second path leading up the waterfall and managed to see it from above.

Not the same experience but i will be back with some backup.

The drive to the waterfall was not easy, snaking road that can get you dizzy. Closer to the beginning of the trail, the road got really bumpy. Many holes so watch out.

Also if the water level of the creek gets high, it floods the road. Not this year though, very minimal flooding, the road is passable

This trail is remote! The first part of the trail I would classify as easy. Towards the waterfall, I would classify as moderate. We met two guys hunting coyotes about 1.25 miles in. They were very nice. Lots of birds. We flushed out a whole bunch of what we call grouse on the east coast.

Just hiked this trail. It was the first time I did the full trail. I am a hiking guide for over 23 yrs.
Have hiked all of the trials in Napa this is by far has the best views.
The trail is great for mid to advance hikers.
Would do this first thing in the am.

10 months ago

Luved this hike even though i managed to do half of it due to time constraints, challenging but the views are amazing. I will definitely do the entire hike next time.

Nice! start with the uphill part first so you aren't exhausted at the end like we were!

Did the steep climb first, started at 9:00 finished in 3 hours. Took it slow and enjoyed the views. The last 2.5 miles along the lake were kind of boring, but still pretty. Outhouse near the trail head is the only opportunity for bathroom facilities.

Gorgeous! Mostly shaded, many beautiful view spots, wide trail that's not cement. No bathrooms or water fountains.

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