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Nantahala Nat Forest Map

Numerous beautiful views on this < 2 hr loop trail. A little muddy today and lots of fellow hikers but worth it

Awesome view!

Wonderful hike! Will be a regular hike! Views are great!

Gorgeous falls, fantastic viewing area, perfect for everyone!!

10 days ago

First off awesome, burning hike. Lots of ups and downs and long. Be prepared with water and food! Start of hike is fairly simple, then long downhill which means back up on the return. Seems like it takes forever to reach fire tower, but what a site if you have a clear day. Fall is the best time. Hiked this past weekend, 29 degrees on the top. Just perfect.

Did this hike in early November 2018.... Great five mile climb that is moderately difficult, last quarter of a mile is the toughest. The mileage is wrong as it is calculated using GPS and doesn’t add in the distance caused by altitude gain. This adds .3 of a mile.

Wonderful view at the top!!!

The actual trail is kind of hidden to the right once you get on the gravel path. Make sure you don't keep walking down the gravel path because that is not the trail.

Great trail! Well marked and easy to park and use.

Seems that the folks that didn’t do the full trail think this is easy least, which it is if you don’t go past the bottom viewing area. However, if you follow the map you go down to the bottom and back up. It goes past the paved part and stairs. Due to the incline coming back, rotted steps, and tree roots and rocks sticking out everywhere this trail does take a while. You canNOT see the waterfall at the bottom. If All Trails wants to leave this as easy and current distance (it is longer than stated) they need to update the trail. It is at least moderate. Literally only 4 groups of people went past the landing like I did. I honestly wouldn’t do that part again. The view from the easy part up top is good.

Great hike and fantastic views

2 Mile Gentle Loop with exceptional views. Best hiked clockwise. Extremely overused, steps are in place all over the mountain. This is a Sacred Space, but one can feel the drained Energy and Spirituality. Mostly Yuppie Tourists. I have never seen so many soccer moms scowl at locals and power broker Dads scrambling to close deals on their cell phones. Hiked on a Monday and still the trail was crowded. Wonderful place to take epic photos if you are in a hurry. I had to stop and take breaks off trail because of the loud, nonsensical ramblings of the Country Club Visitors. Ridiculous. Respect. Please do not gape at me strangely if I do speak with the trees. The second star is because I met a group of 20 Ugandan Citizens on a Paid Expedition. They were so friendly and interested in my type of culture. Wonderful people. Peace, Love, Happiness, and Gooooo...

We had a great time making this a two day trip and camping. Only negative experience was since a recent rain a lot of the trail was swampy.. but that is my only complaint! had a great time.. even in 36 degree wet weather! thanks! I would have a map for a couple areas, we hit a couple different trails to see things.

A truly beautiful hike to Tranquility Point on Little Green Mountain! Lots of ways to get lost though! Make sure you download a map and know which ways you are going. Beautiful fall foliage right now also!

Great hike. Easy overall, but on a cool misty day, great to be on the trail. Very family friendly.

This trail offers so many panoramic views. The fact the you get this type of view in a recreational area in amazing. The trail is definitely better going clockwise on the loop. It allows you to see the best view last.

My new favorite hike! Nice, moderately strenuous secluded walk on the AT with fantastic payoff with 360 degree views at the top of Siler Bald. Highly recommended midweek to avoid the crowds!

Great trail and amazing overlooks.

Panthertown is covered in intersecting trails, so have a map or this app ready for reference. The trail itself is a wide road until you reach the intersection at the beginning of the loop. We went right first. The trail was super muddy and waterlogged, so wear your waterproof shoes. Once on top of Little Green, the views are amazing! Exposed rock, heather and moss, and views for miles make it worth the uphill trek. It’s a great place to stop and take a water break. Once you’re at the bottom of the loop, the fall is right there with a large pool for you to swim/wade in. Be mindful of dogs and horses on this trail, and other campers. Overall, it was super fun and would definitely go back. I’d recommend it for the intermediate hiker.

Agree that going clockwise is the way to go. A bit muddy in spots, but totally manageable. Linger at the top spots. We were too early for fall colors this year, but bet they’re amazing from 4900’.

Beautiful hike easy if you take the left trail the right is more fun.

1 month ago

This is by no means a “hard” trail. The second half involves a mild upward grade, and even this is broken by some switchbacks.

The trail tends to be rooty and a little wet, sometimes even a tad muddy, during the first half. There are several undaunting stream crossings. If you don’t like low-grade rock-hopping, take some hiking poles.

At the summit plateau, the trail flattens, narrows, and is a bit overgrown. Even so, it is easy to follow. Numbered side-trails lead to worth-the-walk vistas.

The only even potentially “hard” thing might be some unsigned crossings by other, unmarked trails. Take your Alltrails map and you should be fine.

A moderately fit-and-experienced hiker will find this to be an enjoyable, leg-stretching walk in the woods.

It is hard! Great views in the fall with the foliage

1 month ago

I enjoy hikes that make me work for a view...I even enjoy hikes that are really strenuous without even offering a great view. I just enjoy feeling the burn. AND...this hike definitely deserves the title of most challenging. We started around 1:45 PM, taking our time, enjoying the scenery and the light drizzle of TS Florence on our skin. According to my FitBit tracker, we arrived at the fire tower after 7.32 miles. Another 7.52 miles (we made a small detour with our dogs to explore the trail to the parking lot at the top) and we arrived back at the car.

Most definitely pack a lot of water, and plenty of food to fuel the hike back. The return is pleasurably painful, but It's worth every moment. Almost 15 miles.

Awesome views! Trail was easy and beautiful.

Love it! We’ve been going for years and the views never get old

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