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N. Cascades NP Map
1 month ago

Beautiful!! Not so much a hike as stair climbing, but worth the 30 minutes round trip with 15 minutes of enjoying the falls!!!

Great hike! Do this before driving to the view point so that the view is worth it☺️

1 month ago

Amazing views, but would be even better if the cars weren't allowed to park right where the best view is!

My favorite hike!!!

Such a beautiful place, very worth the drive! The views are breathtaking, even with a two year old it was great!

Wow this is beautiful and very worth the trip in the fall with the leaves turning!!

1 month ago

Not really a hike. Easy walk around a lake. Very relaxing. Definitely worth a quick stop if you’re in the area. BEAUTIFUL picturesque views are worth it.

too much road noise

9/9/18 Hiked up to the camp with no trail issues. Keep an eye on the weather report and everything else is clear to go.
Rough hike to do in one day. Very rewarding.
Easy to get to and well maintained.

Hiked on 7/27/2018

Nice hike.

The dust was bit out of control!

I love Diablo Lake, gazing at that water will give you sweet dreams. This hike was well worth the two year wait.

3 months ago

Super short and accessible trail. You can park on the side of the road and make the trip around the lake in about 10 minutes! Fully paved, and there’s benches to sit at the good view points. Just be sure not to step off the pavement, as the landscape is fragile and still healing.

3 months ago

I almost don't want to review this to keep it a secret. But as others have said, this trail offers absolutely STUNNING views. You get to see the valley open up right beneath your feet, wildflowers blooming, . The trail was also lined with huckleberries, which made for a good snack. This trail was pretty tough, and you'll need to be careful coming down as the footing can be rough. Definitely need good hiking boots. We went up Saturday Sep 1 and saw only about 4 other groups the whole time. We started around noon and finished in 3-4 hours.

Warning: You have to climb part of the Winchester lookout before the turnoff to the High Pass trail - and before that turnoff, there is a wasp nest/beehive hanging on a branch RIGHT next to the trail! Some people reported getting stung, others just covered their heads with clothes and sprinted past. Be careful for your dogs, as the wasps went straight for ours. : (

Hard trail? Umm, yeah! Great views? For sure! Worth it!

A nice hike in the woods with an overview of Diablo lake at the end - however when I did the hike this afternoon (8/20) there was so much haze that you couldn’t see much of a view.

Nice little nature walk, with several informational signs through the trail. Great for all skill levels, No elevation gain. Public parking and restrooms at beginning of trail.

3 months ago

High pass trail is absolutely stunning!! The trail itself is in great condition. There are a few parts towards the last mile and half where the terrain becomes slick, however, it is doable, just make sure to have a quality pair of hiking boots or trekking poles. The views from the summit are breath taking. From the top we were able to see a pack of mountain goats in the valley below us. Along the trail, you will see beautiful views of the cascades. You hike in a valley the whole time and climb your way up to the top via switch back trails. The incline is great. If you are just starting out with hiking, I suggest to condition and hike trails with less of an incline before before taking on high pass. All in all, it is a terrific trail, and an excellent choice for a day hike.

Even with the haze of recent fires, this hike offered some of the most incredible views I’ve ever experienced on a hike. The first couple of miles are pretty monotonous switchbacks through the woods, but isn’t too difficult. Once you finally break out of the tree line, you have an unobstructed view of the mountain that you parked next to at the trailhead. It’s INCREDIBLE! Beautiful, immense, just breathtaking beauty. We took a bunch of panoramic pictures even before the pass, it really was that strikingly beautiful. The views at the pass itself were amazing as well, but the haze was thicker there, still great views but in photos will look a little obscured. We continued onto Doubtful Lake, and that required some additional steep hiking. As the poster a few posts below noted, the trail to Doubtful Lake is not maintained and is STEEP and narrow, and overgrown in a few spots. But certainly doable if you take your time. The lake itself is great, very serene and clear. If you just want photos though, take pictures from above and save yourself the steep hike back up; its hard to capture the immensity of the mountain that feeds the lake from the lake itself. Overall, even if you just hike to the pass, do do DO it! It’s great!

Super easy, good for kids. Amazing views

3 months ago

Simple hike on a paved paths. As of 08/13/2018 the area is very smokey and you won’t be able to see many mountains.

This hike is long and strenuous but the vistas along the way and at the top make the trip a must!

3 months ago

Really nice hike and beautiful views.Easy.

3 months ago

Nice hike with a beautiful pay off.

We went from the base of the Cascade Pass Trail to Doubtful Lake and back. Let me just say, it was incredible! There were very few people there, which made it much less crowded than other big hikes in Washington (such as Rainier). We saw a black bear and several chipmunks, and there is hardly any snow left. The trail to Cascade Pass can hardly be considered difficult (though the switchback do get monotonous), but the trail down to Doubtful Lake is much less used and very very steep. However, I would definitely still recommend it. The water was so clear!

Great trail, camp grounds at base aren’t very level but are sufficient. A great view at the top of the switch backs. Going before June is dicey because the weather is still foggy and unpredictable.
Enjoy the beautiful views and naturalism.

Backpacked and camped at glacier camp. It was amazing. One of the best experiences I’ve done

Did this hike last week and was blown away. Started at about 9 am with fog lacing the switchbacks. Saw pika, marmots, mountain goats, and a black bear and her two cubs on the way. Fog broke perfectly in time as the trail curved towards Sahale Mountain from Doubtful Lake. Perfectly clear for pics the whole way down. Insane. Overall, mellow grade - a long & perfect day hike -

4 months ago

This is a scenic walk. It is easy but on the mountain side of the loop it gets a wee bit challenging if you have knee issues, are out of shape, or are not sure footed. It is a single file trail.

Stay on the side of the lodge or parking lot and go back and forth on that path if you are not a walking person or have medical issues.

Fire and Ice is a quick and super easy trail with gorgeous views.
It is a must!!!! I am amazed at how beautiful it is.

We tried to get an overnight permit but it was full (same thing happened to us 2 years ago). We were at the Ranger Station at 630am and 7th in line, but it seemed people had reserved it long before. We shook off the disappointment and did it as a day hike, and ended up happy we could do it with just our light packs. Some of the most gorgeous views in the Cascades. The difficulty up to Cascade Pass is only moderate (many switch backs but low grade), but after that there are some steep sections, especially the last little scramble. The views are well worth it and surround you as soon as you get near the pass. I’m lucky I didn’t trip more as I spent all my time looking around me and not down at where my feet were!

Awesome views! One of my favorites

Hiked this on Sunday, had super pretty views but also had a lot of people up there

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