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Love this area. Great for walking the dog & just hiking all the trails. There are so many little trails & a pond of you cross Lakeview road. I've been hiking here for years, often alone (4'11" female) & have never felt in any danger (for the reviewer TM that said women have been assaulted there) I've even locked my keys in my car here & some nice mountain bikers spent about an hour helping me get them out. One of my favorite spots.

Decent hike, was looking to do some photography but nothing too astounding

Great trails for biking and hiking , very friendly people there definitely coming back for more

too many off leash dogs. dogs are supposed to be on leash. the description here says dogs are welcome on trails but does not say they need to be on leash.

Parked at the High Rock parking area and then headed east on the High Rock Road trail. Continued on Messenger then cut into the single track trail and headed south. Wow, impressive property for sure, nice collection of erratics. Found my way over to the Megley Trail then worked my way north back to the AT&T towers and parking lot. I'm coming back!

Love to walk with my dog!

Great views and very well maintained but the markings are unclear at times and you might get turned around. Good for dogs but most are off leash.

wont let me select 1 star. dangerous park. no one enforces leash law. be careful women have been threatened and assaulted at this park.

I tend not to like walks under power lines. However once away from the power lines, this becomes a real nice outing. Prince Philips Cave and King Philips Rock. Nice destination walk.

very nice, definently a worthwhile hike, state forest. nice, well marked

The start of the Warner Trail to Diamond Hill State Park

Plenty of trails in here
Shelby gives it four paws

Starts out well. however the end of the trail runs under electrical wires among flea and tick infested tall grass. Cut out the end section and it would be much better.

short hike but beautiful views from the top of the hill

Went here to walk off a hangover. Well maintained trails and good fall scenery. Would have been 4 stars but I witnessed a man passionately finger banging a woman in the trail so: 5 stars.

6 months ago

Moderate trail terrain. There are 2 climbs of less then 400' each. Worth the view at the top of Allens Bluff. The second climb is the Summit Trail to the fire tower (closed). Hiking poles a plus going up hill.
Only about 2 hours and less then 4 miles.
Great staff at visitor center.

6 months ago

Nice easy going hike with a lot of tree cover - great hike for a fall day.

6 months ago

never ending hike wish to see more lake.

First time there! Loved it. Trails are marked in various colors there is a small piece of paper on the bulletin bored near the picnic area at the ranger station. Otherwise it isn't clear what the trails because they don't follow map.

trail running
6 months ago

Perfect day to trail-run Mt. Misery as the tropical depression Jose was in town, blowing things about. This was my first time in this forest which is right across the street from Farm Pond. It's a nice little property, some signs of boy scout activities and camping in there. The town cell tower, disguised as a giant tree, is in there too. The cell coverage is great! Misery is a nice little ledge with a cute little erratic placed right in the middle of it (looks like humans, not glaciers, put it there but you never know!). Went all the way up to Farm Road spooking a dough deer. A nice property for sure!

7 months ago

beautiful saturday morning hike. It was quiet anf peaceful. There were several cars in the parking lot but I didnt see anyone on my hike. the trails are clean and well maintained. excellant easy morning hike with my dog.

7 months ago

very good moderate trail. hiked in September and will hike again in Fall for foliage.

Beautiful , very quiet saw only handful of people

So once you get off of the main gravel road like trail the trails are amazing. They get narrow and slightly technical right around noon hill. However, I went with my two leashed dogs and we were literally the only leashes dogs. The other dogs were all off leash and not under good voice control at all. So please note this if you're expecting leashed dogs

this gets a 3 star because i got lost trails poorly marked watch out easily able to get twist turned and lost but i love trails and being in nature even if i do get lost

This trail is unmarked. I followed the power lines for 20 minutes and never saw an entrance. Frustrating.

Good picnic area for a barbecue; the trail that follows the lake is very nice!

8 months ago

We had a great time! Took my 4 and 7 year old kids. 7 year old had zero complaints 4 year old didn't love all the rocks throughout the trail. We saw a timber rattlesnake which was a little unsettling.. other than the snake awesome views of Gillette Stadium when the kids started to get bored we would come up on something new and interesting which was very helpful! Would definitely do this trail again!

Trails incredibly well marked and not buggy at all. Beautiful hike and would be great for beginner hikers and families.

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