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First time out I will be back

trail running
1 month ago

Great trail. Diverse scenery. Easy running paths. Take some lights with you in morning or evening run as there is a decent amount of traffic on portion by road.

Go to the end, see a nice pier in the bay.

Mosquito spray of course. Bring water.

As trail steward for this trail a couple of things, first it is a mountain bike trail and is known for being the most difficult trail this side of Austin. The trail is maintained by volunteers. Second, if you do the complete trail it is a little over 6 miles.

There are designated hiking/ walking trails in the park that won’t have bikes on them.

We hope you enjoy the trail, for volunteer opportunities go to www.ghorba.org.

Great trail! Well maintained and pretty views of dense trees and wildflowers. Had no idea it even existed till recently!

The trail is well marked in most places. The only thing is as a hiker you have to watch out for bike riders. There is a lot of blind corners.

a very well kept secret, love nature, patrolled by precinct 4 cops, very safe and well maintained

awesome trails

What a great little hidden gem!!!

This is a 20 mile trail starting at Dennis Johnston Park with 3 miles until You reach Pundt Park - 6 miles until you reach Spring creek park then onto Jesse jones park! WHERE WAS THIS PARK 20 years ago when I had to go to Westheimer area to get in a few miles for biking and running! This is so much closer AND nicer than any trail around Houston - how great it would be to keep continuing the trail even further! I can not say enough good things about this trail as it is covered with trees majority of the way, has water stations, bathrooms and plenty of cops on the trail (giving tickets so be sure to know bike laws) well maintained trail!!! I will gladly give donations to keep this trail looking great!!

A short boardwalk through the coastal marsh, the trail is easy and great for kids. I visited in winter, the mosquitos were not a problem and no gators. Kids loved seeing the blue crabs cruising along the clear waters of the lagoon. Great for birdwatching.

Very nicely kept park. Lots of little trails that branch off the paved paths. A good bit of it is in full sun, so bring a water.... nice quiet afternoon walk.

Nice trails, just watch out for bikers!

OMG! Mosquitoes galore. I should had believes the reviews. Please, please take mosquito repellent and possibly long sleeve shirt and long pants. The trail is amazing. We will be back but will come prepared.

Spent the day at the beach then we hiked the trail. Just watch out for Gators.

I love this trail. It has both paved roads and wooded trails on the side of the path. The people I've encountered on it are pleasant and it seems to be patrolled by officers on 4 wheelers so I feel safer when jogging in the morning. Horseflys seem to be an issue for me in April/May and no bug spray seems to repel them! This trail helped take my walks from 1 to 2 miles to now 5 miles because of how long it is. I have spotted several copperheads both in the wooded trails and on the paved ones so be careful.

6 months ago

Love taking my dog to walk down here. It ends at a nice park. Pretty and easy to find. Crushed gravel trail!

6 months ago

Great trail for running, biking, or walking. The only downside is having to run along the road for about 1.5 miles and then crossing it but people are generally driving cautiously. Nice shaded parts along the way as well.

Great trails, and lost of wild life.

This is a great very enjoyable walk/hike/backpack, whatever you are interested in. I have been several different time now with my son and with my wife as well. It is so well maintained and everyone is super friendly and helpful. There is an observation center where you can go inside and someone is usually there to show and let you touch a small baby alligator. There are snakes behind glass observation windows also. Along the trail there is also an old “Homestead House” setup, an old “Blacksmith shop”, old glass front gas pump, an old windmill, and many other old time set ups to look at. There are some Buffalo that you can see and a look out deck where you can watch them. I can’t say enough about this place. It’s so worth the trip. We go at least twice a year.

This set of trails was awesome, this was my first time to this park and I took my dog for a long hike. *Make sure you coat yourself in Deep Woods OFF* And You do have to be mindful of mountain bikers but I only saw a couple and they were very respectful. Lots of hills and great forest scenery. I’ll definitely be back.

Please know this park is closed every Tuesday until further notice. I drove 30 minutes out of my way to find this out.

Nice little boardwalk with lots of wildlife, including various birds, blue crab, gators, snakes, etc. It’s also a short walk to the beach, which is a plus.

Nice trail for walking or running....a bit of parks, wooded trail and bay trails. Overall very nice and well kept with lots of runners in the mornings.

my first time and i love it...

$4 admission was worth it. You have to go into the visitor center and pay admission in order to access the trail (no skirting around it, haha). There are actually three loops available to run/explore. Garmin GPS tracked them all at 4 miles, but it was weird cuz it nailed the distance correctly when I walked but shortened the distances when I ran. Anywho, it was a great and enjoyable outing.

Great trail a little crowded but expected since is the beginning or Spring Break, take mosquitoe repellent, I am definitely going back to enjoy
Spring creek with my dog

9 months ago

It rained earlier when went. The trail on the east side got very wet. Ankle deep water at a lot of points. The path is very clear but sometimes the trail itself isn't clearly marked. The west end near the lake can be a little tricky to follow but still good. Would definitely do it again and other trails in this park. Great for beginners or just wanting to break a light sweat.

mountain biking
9 months ago

Fantastic long, well maintained trail. We totally loved it. Long enough and just a bit hilly in spots to make it fun and a bit challenging. All of the Harvey fixes appear to be done, so no issues. They continue to extend it to the north and looking forward to the broader vision of both Spring Creek and Cypress Creek trailway systems.

Disappointing lots of concrete not much green

9 months ago

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