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I felt this was an easy trail. I didn't see a whole lot of wildlife besides a squirrel. It was a very peaceful hike though. Use the restroom before you hit the trail! I saw one port o potty and it was about full!

My son and I went for a quick hike after a rainstorm. Trail is clearly marked -and ready to walk. Nice!

Nice and very long hike.

horseback riding
6 days ago

awesome place to ride plenty of shade. well marked trails.

Beautiful serene forest combined with spacious beach and good weather made for a sweet day! Park to be commended for well supplied and clean bathrooms and friendly gate personnel. It costs to get in.

19 days ago

very fun lots of shady areas great for any activity biking, hiking and horse back riding. We had a blast and so did our dog.

Love the trail. Our kiddos kept up and we did a round trip of 3 hours total. We took our time and enjoyed the hike. We took the longer trail that looped around to the river. Not a lot of people at all on our hike. Temps were cooler so no mosquitoes and didn’t find any ticks on us, hopefully won’t find any later. If you’re worried about ticks however, definitely wear leggings tucked into boot socks or breezy pants tucked into boot socks if you plan on taking the trails during warmer weather, it definitely will help keep the ticks off your legs. We had a stroller for our smallest child and the trails were very stroller friendly.

Amazing trail with plenty to see. Dog friendly

on Black Creek Ravines Hike

24 days ago

Easy and nice trail. Look for ticks at the end of the walk.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great place to start riding. I’m 53 and this was my first off road mountain biking experience. It is listed as easy, but it still wore me out. One thing to note was that the southern side of the back trail was tore up pretty bad by some heavy vehicle causing heavy mud , as such it was hardto cross on a bike. I will be back. I’ve lived in this area for 6 years and didn’t even know this trail was here.

We went in late September. I love hiking and it was beautiful, especially arriving at Lake George. It was perfect thawing out after freezing in the springs. HOWEVER! On our way home I noticed a very small tick crawling on my arm. As I looked closer I found tons of tiny, baby ticks. My husband and I now have about 100 tick bites. We never noticed them because they were soooo tiny. Maybe two were normal size. Ugh! Or I would have given the trail 5 stars!!

Hiked with 5 other hikers on this trail today, and all agreed that it was a great trail, although very challenging at times with fallen trees and very muddy bog areas, mossy Stone stairs, and Ungroomed trails in some areas. But overall, we enjoyed the challenges! There were some wildflowers along the trail, but will definitely be back for Azalea Festival early next Spring, to see all the blooming azaleas on the Azalea Trail! 

Beautiful trail.

Very nice trail. Easy to follow. Bring water.

2 months ago

My backcountry super deet bug spray did not deter bugs out here. You can yell this trail hasn’t been looked after in awhile.

We parked off old Dixie Highway and got less than 1/4 mile down when the trail was blocked. This was actually good because the deer flies were so bad we were taking turns swatting them off each other. If you don’t mind running and swatting than it could be fun.

Beautiful trail from river to ocean! Bike trail is better and 5.5 miles

My ultimate favorite hike of all time. I’ve taken several friends here and had some unforgettable adventures. I saw armadillos, a Fox, a tortoise, and even baby wild boars!!!! There are snakes, but as long as you don’t bother them, they’re fine. I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone of any level! There’s even benches to sit for people who get tired easily. One of the trails comes to a shoreline where you can sit peacefully and watch the water. There are ticks, though, so please wear big spray! I got bitten by one last time I was there because I forgot repellent. There’s lots of cool crabs and seashells. Absolutely breathtaking. Wish I could give it more than five stars. Thanks for some of the best times of my life :)

Potentially a nice hike when there hasn't been a rainstorm after months of above average rain. The bug population was thriving, hungry and laughed at our bug spray. We lasted a half mile in then turned tail and power splashed out. Will be back when it's cooler, drier and the bugs have died back some. December maybe!

My husband and I just finished up this trail. We enjoyed it especially the beach hike which was new to us. It rain most of the day which made the hike more bearable since we got a late start. Mosquitoes were not bad but probably because of the heavy rains. We did the trail backwards which I highly suggest for this trail. Take lots of water and some fruit or protein bars for sugar, the sun will take it out of you (again if you start late LOL). Will definitely do this again but it wasn't long enough. Needs to be 8 or 10 miles.

The hiking trail was ok. My 6 year olds were bored until we started the mountain bike trails! It was so cute seeing them get into hiking! It was also raining which made everything a bit more challenging! We loved it!

Great trails. They range from moderate to difficult and are very peaceful and easy to navigate. The lake and the poles (surfer spot) are gorgeous. One of the premier parks in NE Florida.

One of the best trails I’ve found and I hike around Sanford also.

3 months ago

Love love loved it! Met the men who built and still improving on this beautiful area. Nature at its finest. My sister and I hiked the bike trail, 6 miles! Will be going again soon!

mountain biking
3 months ago

Very heavily trafficked on weekend. Not a bad trail though, good scenery.

3 months ago

I love this trail! Feels like a little bit of South Carolina in the middle of Florida. I wish it was a bit longer trail, but it's perfect for a morning hike and easy to access.

Enjoyed the length of the trail with the different rewarding views. Bug spray is a must and you will need to check for ticks.

Kind of a boring trail, but not really a trail at all. Your hike is on rutted dirt roads which range from hard pack to gravel to soft sand. Even with hard showers everyday the roads have great drainage but assisting in keeping things dry is that unrelenting sun. Be prepared for full sun with little to no shade.

Out of this large parcel of land this short trail is all that is available to hike, there are plenty of other roads branching off but all are posted because the property is under long term lease to log.

Saw some fresh hog tracks but no other signs of wildlife.

Not worth traveling far to do this hike. Friends and I did it after lunch at Woodpeckers Backyard BBQ which is definitely worth the drive!

great trail, beautiful wildlife and scenery; beware of ticks in tick season. they're rampant.

Very well defined paths with lots of shape. Be careful, lots of tree roots. I’ll be back.

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