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This was a great hike, but it is NOT easy. The Tony Look portion along the reservoir is a narrow trail with slight elevation changes that I would classify as easy. Once you get to Coyote Ridge it’s a huge grind to the top. Beautiful and worth doing but be prepared for a strenuous climb and bring some water. The loop took us 2.5 hours and we are one very fit and two reasonably fit adults.

Fun all around trail with a decent climb and solid view (for around the Bay Area). Fairly crowded as you’d expect for an accessible trail on the weekends but there’s lots of route options to pick from and explore around.

Expect plenty of competition for parking, one restroom at the TH and no water on the trail.

Absolutely stunning! Best hike I’ve been on so far. At the top it’s just magnificent. Take a seat at the top and take it all in.

20 days ago

no pets allowed and the directions stopped while on the freeway

27 days ago

Really Nice hike - as always long and winding road to get there. Plenty of parking if you get there early (8am). Didn't see anyone the Skyline to the Sea trail & very peaceful. I went past meteor to add some miles. Middle ridge was a little disappointing - little busier and not much to see. Trail in good condition

My dog and I loved it! Follow the recommendations to take the trail clockwise- so much better!

Gorgeous variation in ecosystems and a touch climb up Black Mountain. Great workout and the perfect length for a morning or afternoon hike!

Very nice views and lot of trail options

1 month ago

Wonderful hike, but mediocre view at the top due to many trees around the actual peak. Some good views nearby.

Starts out steep, but fairly light once up top. Descent on Coyote Ridge is long and, at times, quite steep. Wear good hiking shoes. Portions on Lookout Trail and Tony Look trail are single file trails only. Much of Tony Look trail is under tree cover, as is Lookout Trail, but the rest if pretty exposed, so keep that in mind on very sunny and hot days.
Do not suggest young children due to overall duration (abt 3 hours), but use your judgement.

trail running
1 month ago

Beautiful shady trail with great views of redwoods

1 month ago

Not too steep, tranquil, narrow road, connected to nice Middle Ridge Road

Just did this trail. Though it’s just 5.5 miles with all its ups and downs it took a group of us 3 hours. Great hike - just budget the time.

1 month ago

Incredibly peaceful hike through imperial redwoods at the Lagunitas creek valley floor and then ascends past small tributary creeks to reach Douglas firs in the upper canopy. The hike is lightly trafficked and presents lots of great views. The hike culminates when it reaches Pioneer Tree - perhaps the only old growth Redwood left in the park. Unexpectedly great winter hike.

Fun trail with steep incline in forest of red woods. The entire trail is shaded

Kat: Thomas de Aquino trail intersects with San Francisco Bay trail, which you can take by foot from Sunnyvale Baylands Park ($6 entrance weekdays in summer, ample parking). yes indeed it " intersects" Hw 237 ( in fact it goes under hw) but on the park side, not on the highway side. there is a tall fence btw. park and highway, so you want to be in Sunnyvale Baylands Park , on foot or on bike, to find the trail entrance. Thomas de Aquino also intersects Tasman Drive and Mission College Blvd. but there aren't good parking spots. it is mainly a local trail you take if you live nearby and you are already on foot. Nothing worth driving for. The neighboring Guadalupe River trail is slightly more interesting, wildlands better restored, and takes you all the way to Alviso Marina. Guadalupe and Thomas de Aquino Trails communicate at Tasman Drive, though the connector is a narrow path squeezed on a 4-lane bridge. To avoid during commuting hours and during Levi's Stadium games.

The farm was the best part!

not too difficult, cut short due to daylight, but nice

2 months ago

Amazing hike but dont use my map - tried to extend the hike with a few additional miles but ran into challenges. Never easy to get to hikes on the P'sula, TH has limited parking but there is a larger lot right around the corner. Trail in great condition even with the recent rain. Trail goes up right away but not too bad. The Redwoods are solid but not over the top (but wait) - get to the top and wide open views. The Heritage portion of the hike was one of the best I have seen in the Bay Area - very quiet and Redwoods looked great

Enjoyed this hike.

Went to the trail few times. Like its view of Stevens Creek Reservoir.

This is a beautiful trail for most of it. It takes about 3.5 hours to do the 5.5 miles.

It's a little bit too much for a 3.5 and 5.5 year old kids. I had to carry them for part of it, but in the end, they were happy going on the adventure.

Relative flat trail to enjoy nature with deers roaming, woodpeckers chipping and wild turkeys!

I was turned away at the gate by a ranger who said dogs are not allowed on the trail. Please update the description. I told her online it said dogs on leash. She reiterated no dogs on the trail but was very friendly and directed me to Oat Hill Mine Trail nearby in Calistoga.

3 months ago

Absolutely beautiful hike. Definitely recommend taking Dool to Middle Ridge and coming back down the Meteor Trail. The way down is incredibly nice. Lots of banana slugs!

Seriously the best trail I have ever been to. Took Skyline-to-Sea, Dool, Middle Ridge (couldn't find the ocean summit), Meteor trail, then went up to Slippery Rock, down to Sempervirens falls, then took the Sequoia trail back to the parking lot. A hike to remember!

Nice trail, good uphill climb & great views at the top.

on Coyote Peak Trail

4 months ago

I didn't think of this trail as "easy" though the early part of the trail is flat. It ascends when going up Coyote Peak. We expected a view from Coyote Peak, but it is very overgrown and it feels a bit anticlimactic.

4 months ago

Nice trail, specially if you start on the right side.

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