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Loved the challenge of the beginning of this hike, well worth the view at the top of Pikes Peak. Carried 30lb of toddler on the way up on my back and would do it again!

Very easy hike with some cool rock formations that provide great picture opportunities. Completed with a 1.5 yr old and 4 yr old without difficulty.

Easy hike with a lot of stairs. Good for kids, but you may need to carry them some if they’re young. Great views from multiple points along the hike.

This was a pretty easy hike! If you go in the winter or early spring, take spikes if you have them. We went two weeks ago and it was still iced over in spots. We did fine without but I’ll take them next time! Easy trail with gorgeous views!

4 days ago

Short, easy trail with awesome views! Wish I would’ve had clamps for the beginning part but it wasn’t necessary. Love this trail!

Fun and well-managed trail with a steep gradient and beautiful views that make it all worth it.

Very beautiful. Easy terrain. Limited parking.

It was a very pretty and short hike. Lots of places to take pretty photos

I just wish the trails were marked.

One of my favorite trails. There's a good climb, then a nice stroll through aspen trees. It's definitely a repeater trail.

Parked and hiked a bit, walked back and drove to the next parking spot. Hiked a bit again. Gorgeous, paved trails.

Great fun, lots of small trails, different ways to get to the top. While high above the starting point, sitting and dangling my feet off the pulpit wasn't scary, even though I don't normally like heights. The trails could be posted better. You can see the pulpit from almost anywhere in the park.

This is always our first stop when we are in town. Great easy hike.

Always love coming out to Red Rocks. Perfect for the family and dogs.

12 days ago

Beautiful trial along the creek side. The end gets a bit more difficult with rock scrambling but worth it! Trail was pretty iced over but still passable. Very enjoyable with the dogs!

13 days ago

This was a fun and pretty easy trail with numerous views along the way! I would definitely do this trail again. A little bit of snow and ice but with my spikes on my boots, easy to do and no snow toward the top!

However be careful about leaving any valuables in your car. My husband and I came back to the trailhead and a group of hikers had their car broken into and a purse/wallet stolen. It was a late afternoon on a Friday but still light out.

15 days ago

One of the best local hikes in the springs! Good little workout at the end for the final summit push. Excellent views over North Cheyenne Canon.

Combination of paved and gravel trails surrounding and through the park and gorgeous rock formations. Not terribly crowded on a chilly February morning, but the views would be worth a visit even in the busier summer months.

Hike these trails at least once a month when I am down near Colorado springs...lots of different loops....

19 days ago

Great hike! We had the whole mountain to ourselves...on a Sunday! The views of Pikes Peak were beautiful at the top. The trail was snow packed so we did not bother to put on our YakTrax, we were fine in normal boots. Happy hiking!!

No signage to this trail. Totally missed where it started and went up to St. Mary's falls instead. Still a great hike but man, why don't these parks make it clear where the trail heads are??

Such a fun hike, and my dog loves it as much as I do. The creek and bridges make it more interesting. It is beautiful and not too difficult.

24 days ago

lovely trail, not too difficult. There was some snow and ice when I hiked it; trekking poles helped me balance on the icy bits but were not necessary, as my husband did fine without any. Great views at the top, I definitely recommend it.

25 days ago

single track and enjoyable. Did it on Feb 18. Some sections had patchy snow. Normal trail shoes were enough.

26 days ago

Nice hike. Mount Cutler was easy so we came back to try Mount Muscoco. We had some snow recently so it made for a challenging climb and slide coming down. Breathtaking view from the top. Near the top became harder and keep an eye on not wandering off the trail.

1 month ago

2.14.18 - Super windy! so far, this was my favorite trail out of all that I've done! However, if you follow this loop to the T, I feel it is more on the moderate side of easy, and not just to climb Pulpit Rock. It may not have massive elevation gains, but the trails are narrow, rocky, and trenched. Looks like a ton of fun for mountain bikers!!

I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 because there are (what feels like) 300 different and unmarked trails that intersect and converge over one another. I accidentally went off the indicated trail loop twice and only finished by having my All Trails gps map in my hand at all times... takes away from the enjoyment. That being said, this loop gives you a little of everything: Creeks, canyons, bluffs, rock climbing, open prairie, etc. Would definitely do this one again, even with all the issues. Beautiful!!

1 month ago

Great trail! When you get to the peak of the mountain and still have strength, you’ve got the trail up to Mount Muscoco if you turn left at the fork instead of right. There is also a cave-like opening about half way up the trail to Cutler, it only goes about 4 feet in but it’s still a good place to take a photo.

family friendly and offers great views of Colorado Springs.

lots of stairs but great views of the falls. Easy trail for families

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