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Not too challenging of a hike. Good trails for pacing. The views from the fire tower were gorgeous.


I really liked this trail because of how remote it was and I didn’t see anyone else. It wasn’t too difficult in terms of terrain and the length would make it a good overnight hike (I only did 4 miles total, in and back. I plan on going back and camping to do the whole thing). This would have been a rough trail though if I was a beginner. It’s well marked in some spots but not in others and not well maintained. There are many overgrown spots and downed trees that obliterate the trail making it easy to go off track, which I did once and thankfully realized quickly. The bridge about a mile in is damaged. Passable but sketchy. So, good for hikers with experience or looking for a more rugged hike. Not so good for the newbie.

Well worth it. The review below is very helpful, especially the note about the sign for the cliffs which is very easily missed for being so high.

This is a very enjoyable hike. The first 1.5 miles is very easy, some rocks and mud here and there, but nothing terrible. Once you see the lake from the trail you are nearing the turn to the cliffs. There are a couple of side trails to campsites and the shore of the lake as well. Once you continue on you will cross a small snowmobile bridge, and shortly after you will see a second one, the turn to the cliffs is just before that second bridge on the right. It would be easy to miss the sign pointing to the cliffs as it higher than expected. The trail up to the cliffs is what you might expect from any Adirondack mountain trail. Nothing terrible, roots and rocks, and some soft muddy spots and blow downs. The trail up is not well marked, but is well worn and easy to follow. I saw three blue trail markers on the way up and down. Take a mental note of where you arrived on top, as nothing is marked and you could start to descend in a different spot. The location of the cliffs is obvious, and very nice. Overall a nice 4 mile hike. Gets the heat pumping.

14 days ago

We went at the end of July. It was a nice day - not too hot and had rained recently. Trail is nice and well maintained, but we only made it half way to the lake before we turned around. the bugs were absolutely RELENTLESS! Some day I hope to revisit when there's less chance of bugs.

Great day trip. We spent about 3 hours total hiking around. The climb to the cliffs was steeper than we expected but doable for me, my 12 year old daughter and our flat coated retriever. Tree roots make it for the most part, natural stairs so it’s easy to keep footing. Also hiked to Good Luck Lake. I’ll be going back. Only a few slightly muddy spots. Overall pretty dry.

I've been on both trails ,not impossible bfir a first timer like me. view from top could be better. the only way to see the view is if you go up the tower

The view from the fire tower is incredible. Such a beautiful view of the surrounding land.

A very enjoyable short little hike. My husband and I hiked this with our dog on a leash (a corgi) on July 21. We liked the option of two different trails and the ability to hike it in a loop. The view from the fire tower was great. It’s too bad the old ranger cabin has been so badly vandalized. This is a nice hike for beginners or if you’re just looking for a short trail. We actually drove an hour east after this to hike to Spruce Mountain Fire Tower (working on the Fire Tower Challenge) and bumped into another hiker who had the same plan. The two trails together make for a nice day of activity. One note, the parking lot was jammed full as we were leaving before noon. Get there on the early end of things if you need to park.

Our Girl Scouts made it 4 miles in and spent the night at an old primitive site. Nice fairly easy hike not steep.

I went with my dog and a few of our friends. Easy to navigate through with the dog. Also, really enjoyable swimming!

A group of 6 of us really enjoyed this trail yesterday morning. Nice and flat for awhile then a steep incline, but the view is worth it. A bit difficult getting down, but not too bad. Plenty of water in streams available for dogs.

Hiked this trail last week with my 6.5 year old. Trail was OK, just a couple muddy spots that we could go around. Lots of graffiti on the old rangers station which I didn't enjoy explaining to my daughter. Otherwise, loved the hike and the view from the tower.

This is my third time doing this trail...The sign moved, so I walked two hours in the wrong direction past the trail, haha. I included a photo of the sign to show you where it is so you don’t miss it. I absolutely love this hike! The trail is easy to follow (if you keep your eyes open) and not too difficult, so I’m not sure why it’s rated as “hard”. It is very muddy after the rain we’ve had, but boards are randomly placed to help maneuver through in most spots. The view is decent at the top but has grown in a lot since the last time I was there; Beautiful nonetheless. Good Luck Cliffs is a great taste of the Adirondacks and super dog friendly ♥️

There are 2 entrances, one for the lake and one for the cliffs. We made the mistake of initially heading into the lake entrance not even looking at the sign. Got off the trail and had to find our way back to the road to get to the correct entrance to the cliffs. Once on the correct trail, it was beautiful. A little muddy in spots but not bad at all. Trail markers are limited so you definitely have to pay attention but overall a fantastic hike! Definitely gets your blood pumping!

I must have screwed up somewhere because we never found a peak at all, and ended up on the snow mobile trail the entire time. Good workout, but I wanted to get to the top... all flat, no steep inclines like I was looking for. What did I miss?

The hike in to the cliff trail turn off was super easy... the cliff trail was challenging for this novice hiker. It was difficult to see the markers. Once we made it to the top the view was great. Total hiking time was 90 minutes in and out.

This trail was a bit challenging after doing another short hike earlier in the day. I’d recommend wearing boots. We found the cliffs/view, but was uncertain at first due to the lack of trail markers. When you reach the top, the cliffs are straight through the not as heavily forested area. The view was extremely beautiful however.

Great little hike! Hiked it with my four kids! The north trail is nice and quick. The east trail was fun.. just a little muddy in spots. Love this hike! Great views from the top!

Close to Pillsbury and was a perfect backup when Pillsbury Mtn was closed. Nice hike and view. would do it again.

Nice day for a solo hike, there was only one mud patch along the way other than that the trails were great! The view from the summit was incredible once you make it to the top of the fire tower!! Another fire tower challenge complete!

Fun short hike... gets more challenging once you turn off towards the cliffs but nothing too hard. Nice view from the top but not spectacular.

My two kids, ages 8 and 9 1/2 hiked the loop today. Trail was well marked, and well maintained. A little muddy in spots which is to be expected this time of year. No view at the top unless you go up the fire tower. We all were a little skeptical at first but loved it once we up top! Definitely doing this one again and again.

Pro: Nice hike.

Cons: A lot of broken glass from people partying & view only from the tower.

Mostly flat, well maintained trail. Lost Pond looks like it's very suitable habitat for trout.

3 months ago

Great trail. Bring a stick to help cross the stream since it is slippery. Also , do not follow the snowmobile trail. The map at the trailhead says the snowmobile trail leads to the lake but it does not.

Did the loop. Nice well marked trails. Great view from the fire tower. The trail is relatively easy with some wet areas, but mostly in good shape. Family friendly as I joined a family of nine and all ages at the top.

The parking lot was like a frozen pond. all of the thick ice was covered by fresh snow so I didn't know until I tried to stop and kept going. Luckily I was able to carefully turn my car around and there was traction on the one side of the parking lot. The cell service is spotty so I don't know if I would have been able to call for a tow truck. The mountain was the same way. Some parts looked like a frozen waterfall(not a bad thing). I had ice spikes so it didn't slow me down. My dog had some trouble but it gave me a few laughs. Overall the hike was short but rewarding. The only downside was all the graffiti on the cabin and the tower. It's sad that people can't respect the property for other people to enjoy.

Hiked w micros after a 26 below F Sunday morning followed by couple inches of rain 48 hours before. Snow set up good for micros would need more snow for snowshoes. First time up the red east trail and down the longer looped yellow north trail. Great views from tower. Worth a couple hours on the woods on a cold mid January day.

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