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lot of fun. busy, but still views.

A nice outdoor hike. Not intense at all but its easy to get lost. I had to use to app to follow the trail.

Second time here. Beautiful views and interesting history. We walked back to Waikiki and stopped Banan...nice way to finish up hike.

Always getting there around 4pm so that not too hot. Great for daily exercise. Feels great at the top. Breezy!

This isn’t a trail for first timers. The last mile and a half is on an incline. Bring lots and lots of water with electrolytes! To get to the pools under the bridge requires skimming across a small 1 foot ledge of rock. Was absolutely drained and cramping on the way back because I didn’t take enough water. You should take a minimum of 3.5L. I’d do it again but after a year of training...lol

Just one dollar by feet to access on the diamond head viewpoints. A lot of people but it’s very beautiful view after 20 minutes of hiking

Good hike with a interesting destination. We stayed overnight at the campsites just past the bridge. The trail is a bit difficult to keep track of in some areas, especially as you get closer to the river. Lots of side trails that lead to nowhere (presumably from all of the gold miners in the area). The trail itself not too strenuous. Much of the trail is in direct sun (depending on the time the canyon walls give some shade).Some portions are covered in Yucca.

The campsite at the end of the trail was great. Plenty of trees for hammocks, the river has a ton of good watering holes for swimming and you are pretty secluded from all the day hikers checking out the bridge. The trail shortly after the bridge to the campsites is a little precarious with a sheer drop on one side and about only a foot of width at its narrowest. I wouldn't attempt it at night.

On a negative note this is probably the most littered trail I have ever hiked. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you are going to hike this trail pack out your trash. I lot count of the bottles and beverage cans I saw along the trail. Even worse was all of the TP lining many points on the trail (if you gotta go, go a 200 ft away from trails, no one wants to step in some else's dirty toilet paper).

Pay 1$ and full of tourists

Did a portion of this trail in 2 different spots, near K-hwy and in conjunction with/above crouching lion (CL). Certainly see the weight in the prior reviews as well as the news story, some dangerous spots to trek if committed. After only completing small sections, recommend only the CL portion for the experienced hiker.

Breathtaking views but stairs are difficult for non hikers

It’s good to see, but it’s overly crowded and difficult to get a good pace going when your in a “Congo line” going up the whole trail. It’s also hard to get a picture without getting some randos in it

Pretty disappointing to be honest. Sure it has nice views at the end, but these views can be found at most summit or ridge trails on Oahu. This was most certainly more of a trail or nature walk vs a hike. Not hard at all, just hot and exposed. We arrived at about 8am and there were already droves of people walking up and down. There was a wait for any view as people were taking turns with pictures. I would recommend taking the steep set of stairs immediately to the right after you exit the first tunnel. It's not much of an effort and gets you straight to the first observation deck which isn't as busy and has almost just as nice views as the very top one immediately above you. Nice for families or just people who was a quick walk to a view and don't mind TONS of people. For any hiker or someone who wants a bit of solitude, this is not for you.

Nice short hike with some great views at the end. Recommend walking in and paying the $1. Can be pretty warm in areas where the breeze is blocked, so make sure you have water with. I must have hit it at a light time, I really didnt have to deal with that many people on the way up or at the top.

Crowded, but pretty easy of a hike. Great views. You can drink out of a pineapple when your done. Easily accessible by the bus.

TRAIL HAS BEEN RESTORED AFTER THE LANDSlide. I did this trail on 9/17 and there is a safe bypass around the landslide. I was able to go all the way to Mt. Olympus.

Love this hike, features beautiful scenery throughout. Lots of shades & creeks along the trails from beginning till the end. It averages about 6-7 hours, but worth every minute.

Not really sure why I am writing this review since I've done this hike several times, but here we go, this hike is only as hard as you make it seem, crossing some water and getting wet ads up to how hard it could get, you don't need to get wet in order to cross the water, just be creative and you'll be fine, also, the later you go in the day, the harder it gets due to the sun hitting you directly at the stretch of the hike before getting to the bridge itself, so the earlier you start the better since there is some shade, on your way back it feels sort of like a different hike, which is nice, there is no way of getting lost, follow the stream and you'll be fine.

Good hiking shoes and always recommend since this a rocky hike, several parts of this trail has lots of rocks, the more you hitting for obvious reasons, you will eventually start to feel it and get tired (see where I'm getting with the it's only as hard as you make it seem), bring plenty of water, sunscreen and sun glasses.

It's a fun hike, you feel pretty good once you get to the bridge which you can dip in the water down below. just be careful while getting down there as its rocky and steep, and you will also feel really good on your way back.

My recent group I went with, we started at 7 am and we were done by 12ish, easy 10-11 mile hike, give it a try.

Very heavy traffic the entire time. Do it once to check the box.


Great views and good place to take a splash

Very crowded especially at the top but good for a big group with people at all different levels

Did it on sep 12, such a beautiful hike. It was super windy but view from the top was amazing. 5 Dollar only cash feee for car and 1$ if you are walking in. Make sure bring water and also wear proper gear. Short and beautiful view along the way.
Enjoy and happy hiking.

The pathway has very unique features to the point where it’s worth dealing with the large crowds.

this was the best hike we've been on yet plenty of water plenty of pools deep enough to get in lots of solitude and hardly any people and plenty of shade too

Directions to trailhead put you in a neighborhood with no trail access. Eaton Canyon trail is nearby though so we went there

Super touristy but a good hike if you can get around the people in flip flops and in hotel slippers trying to navigate the stairs and tunnel. $5 to park. Views are lovely!

Nice hike up to the top of Diamond Head. A little steep unless you’re in good shape. Great views of the coast and mountains. Million dollar photo opportunities! We could see some weather coming in, maybe the edges of the tropical storm. Crowded. Enjoy! Aloha!

Did this hike this morning. Very busy trail. Very popular trail. Best if done early in am unless the heat doesn’t bother you. I did it around 9:30 and it not to hot. Has a lot of steps and inclined so if going up stairs is hard for you, you may want to reconsider. The views are spectacular. The shore line of Honolulu is beautiful from the top!

Had read the reviews and was a bit wary about how many people were going to be there. I started my walk about 11:15am and was back down about 50-55mins later which included taking some photos at the top and on the way down - tried to just power up to the top as best I could. The trail was ok in terms of foot traffic so maybe I got a good day. Not the fittest person getting around so bit of a workout getting up the steep step section!

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