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17 days ago

Now that the park is open I noticed they want $6 or $8 at the gate, a day-use fee. Nobody was manning the station so I just parked (there is a self-service pay station but I was only planning on being there an hour or so). Maybe next time I'll just pay it, they keep the place in pretty good shape. I did a little bushwack on this trek and also noticed they mended the fence so it's more difficult to get into the quarry area. That is private property so suppose I should stay out. A nice loop for sure and the Doggy Memorial, absolutely precious.

23 days ago

Fun area to explore with lots of rampart caves and ledges. The highlighted loop goes around the Chasm, but it’s definitely worth checking it out during your trip. We spent about a half hour checking out the caves, then did a little hiking. The trails in the area are very well marked and maintained. My one warning would be to avoid coming on weekends since it gets very crowded.

Nice place to hike and exercise. Very scenic.

28 days ago

This is a large garden with trails. It's beautiful to walk here, and in the right season you can see lots of flowers (spring) or enjoy the fall foliage. The price is a bit steep compared with other locations you might hike, but you are paying for the upkeep of beautiful grounds. We enjoyed this place and came back to do a cart tour with my elderly mother. The cart tour is only a couple of dollars extra per person and is a wonderful private tour if someone in your group has limited mobility.

4.25/5 is my review and we only saw a fraction of the park. The staff at the gates were very helpful and the park itself is pristine with clear water and and easy terrain. Living minutes away, this place is a gem.

Me and my bestfriend did this hike today!!! Loved every second of it. Peaceful, and relaxing! A lot of activities too. People bring their dogs, they jog, there’s people swimming! Very clean, very nice! Would definitely recommend to everyone who you like to walk peacefully.

Incredibly crowded late on a Sunday morning in July, and the summit is VERY crowded with noisy families due to a parking area near the top. Views are nice but not spectacular, obscured by towers and tourists. There’s a lot of up and down, a very indirect way to the top (but a nice workout with a few overlooks). I took the left fork at the beginning of this loop so I summited near the end of this hike... I think I would have been too annoyed with the circuitous route to finish had I gone the other way!

1 month ago

This is a great time to spend your day:)
The trails can be from easy to moderately difficult or you can make it a little of everything. We love coming here.

Good loop on the north side of Callahan. Some much needed trail maintenance has been done on Red Tail which made it much more enjoyable on the way to Gibbs Mountain. The trails alternate between shady woods and open meadows. There are a couple sections that can be confusing so I would recommend using your tracker to avoid wandering in circles. Despite the poor signage on the north side, I really did enjoy this hike and would do it again.

always a pleasure. great look out rock

I started in Franklin and went out and back just a couple miles. Path was nice (some crushed gravel, roots, leaves and then I hit pavement at the very end of my route). Couple of areas that split off and I was a bit confused which path to take but only made one mistake.
Small knats didn’t bother me but could have done without the horse flies that bit me. Ouch!

I love this place. So peaceful and the best hiking experience i have had.

Moderate woodland trails with beautiful views overlooking the chasm. Inside, there are a lot of great bouldering areas to climb over and through.

great place. always impressed by the chasm. Wildlife is super cool. kick over a rotted log and you may find a giant millipede

This is my favorite type of hike. Rocky scramble, huge boulders and trees. Started counterclockwise on charleys loop(yellow), followed forest road trail (orange and blue) and chasm trail (blue). Chasm trail was the best with huge rocks to climb in under on and through. there's a trail but so many neat options on it! First trails were boring but the chasm more than made up for it! FYI - parking fee $5 for MA resident, $10 out of state.

This was one of the coolest places we have ever been to. Highly recommend it.

This complex of trails has several nice views from elevated points looking east. The trails here are closer to hiking trails than ealking paths so be prepared. There are some elevation changes but minor. My last trip was to explore the Vernal Pool trail. Enjoyed walking this trail, very relaxing with some nice rock outcroppings to pass through. Pisgah does not get the large amount of traffic that nearby locations do. Was at this location 4 hours and saw one dog walker and one very friendly mountainbiker. Lots of woodpeckers here if birds as are your thing.

Fun walk with my 5 year old, park area is clean and allows for picnics.

2 months ago

Great Hike for all. Easy access and Great trails.

2 months ago

One of my personal favorites

2 months ago

Approximately 4 Miles.
Was initially difficult to figure out the yellow trail but eventually was nicely labeled. There was a VERY short spot where you have to walk on the street bridge.
Love the waterfall area.

3 months ago

Tons of dogs not on leashes as required. Lots of dog poop and trash. Would recommend you bring a trash bag and try to clean up.

3 months ago

Nice trek around the reservoir. Made my way over to the quarry which was fun to see. Next time I might try and run around it. It is full of water and looks pretty deep. Went thru the Girl Scout Camp on my way back, no campers yet. A nice property!

Really great place to bring your dog. Our lab always leaves here exhausted after all the swimming and running. Everyone we ran into was extremely friendly and people seemed to be picking up after their canine friends. They include fee trail maps as well as poop bags. Trails are easy to follow, well maintained, we love it here.

Went here for a birthday party, great place for a picnic and an easy hike with awesome rocks.

Hiked with my 7 year old. Beautiful weather, some muddy spots with recent rain. Great variety and all around great time.

3 months ago

Gone several times for short lunch trips, great moderate hike to go on with friends & family.

I am a veterinary student in Grafon, MA and love bringing my dog here for study break walks/hikes. Mammoth Trail and Whistling Rock Caves are our favorites when we are feeling a bit adventurous. Taking a walk down to the pond is also an easy relaxing trip.

Amazing trail been using it my whole life there is a beaver damn on one side by the boat ramp side

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