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Nice trail that can be connected to other trails to make it a loop.

Completed this hike 3 days ago with my mom! So proud of us.

This is not an easy hike! Several older hikers had to turn back. AllTrails has a tendency to underestimate the hikes. The falls at the top are tall but not too much water. It’s not Yosemite falls. You’re not suppose to go in the small pool at the bottom of the falls. Lots of steps to the top make it strenuous. When it’s flat then it’s easy. Very slippery and muddy because the trail is in shadow.

1 day ago

It is a great hike that gives you an amazing view of Waimānalo and if you look back you can see town. Bring water because it can get hot if it is a sunny day. When you get close to the top there isn’t as much shade also.

I hiked this short trail to the waterfall with my 10mo. Old on my back... it is slippery and very muddy if it has been raining (as usual) loved it. Great accomplishment for the kiddos.

Beautiful scenery! We all loved this hike! The light mist was refreshing!

What beautiful view from the top. Make sure you bring water if hot.

The hike was great although crowded. Everyone was so happy...must be because we’re all in Hawaii! Can get steep, but an overall easy hike. The views from the top are spectacular and worth the 1 1/2 hour round trip (although we spent an hour at the top taking pictures!)

Great short hike. Can be muddy. Recommend waterproof hiking sandals or boots. My 3 year old did fine on this hike.

Nice easy hike, but way too many people

This was a super fun, easy hike if you hike a lot of trails. I hiked around lunch time on a Saturday which was still pretty packed. It was around 80° and humid so bring lots of water since there's minimal shade towards the top. It's definitely worth it. I wasn't aware of a tunnel which might be a little scary if you get claustrophobic but it's super short and quick. There's also 2 ways to get to the top. If you go left, it's the easier route and looks out to the ocean. If you go right for the steep stairs, it might take a little longer depending on how packed it is with people. There's also a cool bunker you can go through. It's quite a scene when you get to the top.

Great hike! A little muddy in certain spots but good steady incline and loop.

Took my wife and daughter on this path. We went slow, tracing the coast line on the way out for approx 60 mins, then turned around and used the primary “trail” on the way back. The “trail” is basically a road - ranging from gravel to a dirt road with lots of large pot holes. If they allowed it, taking a 4x4 would be a lot of fun.

The scenery is beautiful. Ocean, with huge crashing waves on one side, soaring, green mountains on the other.

The path is not hard at all. Saw lots of little kids.

If you want to appreciate the north shore waves, do this hike. Plus, plenty of parking.

100% worth it! This was a great hike but definitely should be noted on the more difficult end of moderate, just for the fact that it gets pretty steep towards the top and the down portion is a bit difficult.

The view was gorgeous and making it to the top was an amazing feeling after the steps towards the top.

no shade
4 days ago

Love this hike.

I first reached the summit with my wife on our wedding anniversary.

I did it on New Year's day with my friend and my son. We only went halfway.

This past Saturday i did it with my friends and we tried to be there at Sunrise! Well worth it

trail running
5 days ago

Steep climb on an old train track. Great workout with very rewarding views

Awesome views! Some slippery spots, wear your climbing shoes/boots!

Amazing view at the top! It’s a steep climb! Enjoy!

Went right after Christmas cause my friend said there was a Christmas tree up there. Finally made it up the damn stairs and sure enough, there was a Christmas tree. The trail up is hard but manageable, some of the steps where there are no rails are almost half my height (im short so yes its possible) and where very hard climbing over. There are alot of people closer to the afternoon so it will get crowded and not everyone is nice for those that go slower. But the view.... wow the views are so worth it. The way down, made it beyond HARD though. I hope in the future they do what Colorado did for their incline and add a separate trail for those going down so they don't have to crowd the narrow rails anymore. All in all, loved the view but not enough to do this again unless tricked into it lol

The hike is really hard and sometimes dangerous, but it’s so worth it! It gets very crowded byt the afternoon so it’s better to go in the morning.

The views are amazing at the top, as are the WW2 bunkers! It started raining as we were coming down and if it is wet, it makes it very slick coming down in the mud! Be prepared to slip and slide if wet.

Just finished it! Amazing!!

Bring lots of water, there is none. Fun hike that is pretty much uphill the entire time. Great views of the island in all directions when you reach the top. Mostly shaded with a few sunny spots. It was dry when we did it but I imagine it would be difficult if the trail was wet.

Easy hike with a beautiful view. The only bad side is that the trail is very crowded. Also you need to pay 1$ to access the trail.

Great trail for beginners and children! Be prepared to get a little muddy, but the views are great!!! At the waterfall it was crowded when we went but someone had a memorial going on!


Absolutely beautiful and not too challenging. Me and the family loved it!

Very crowded

9 days ago

Easy hike for all ages. Path is covered with crushed rock in several parts so even on a wet day it won't be ridiculously muddy. Plus most of the incline has stairs built in to make it any easier hike. Falls at the end are well worth the quick trip.

9 days ago

Great view for a moderately difficult hike. I’m sure it would be hard if it were wet. There were some patches I’m sure I’d slip on and make a mess of myself.

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