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Excellent trail!!! The Lacefields do a fabulous job well marked and clean

Agree with Moderate rating. There are about two patches that need to some maintenance/cut down and maybe some better signage toward the end of the trail. We will definitely hike it again!

awesome trails, awesome scenery, and an overall awesome hike. Some parts are more challenging but what waits at the end of all of these trails is well worth it. Will be going back.

28 days ago

Is there water at the water fall this time of year? July?

Very beautiful trail with some nice rock formations and next to the water.

Nice trail through the wilderness of the park.

1 month ago

Very nice trail with some awesome rock formations and a nice waterfall you can cool off under.

1 month ago

Trails are not very clearly marked, didn't mean to do this trail in fact, but it turned out to be a great trail. Very clean, also super cool to be able to get to the natural spring. Even got to fill up a bottle.

Great trail want to do it again in fall

Great trails. Well maintained and marked. Will definitely go back to do other trails.

Beautiful trail. Well worth the effort. Some markings can be confusing and the trail is mixed in difficulty. The half by the river is easy, while the parts by the outcroppings are much more rigorous with elevation changes and tree roots. Overall lovely hike though.

Cane Creek is a privately owned but open to the public at no charge—a cooperative project with The Nature Conservancy of Alabama. It is an excellent option for a summer hike as the entire trail is shaded and the owners have provided water at several locations along the trail. Resourceful caretakers are Jim and Faye Lacefield (jalacefield@gmail.com). Rock shelters along the canyon walls have produced some of the earliest Carbon-14 dates for human occupation in AL. Alltrails.com ranks Cane Creek the fifth best trail in the state. I would move it to the top of the list for its scenic beauty, accessibility, clear directional signs, strategically placed ‘restrooms’ (a/k/a, outhouses, but they beat crouching in the weeds), excellent map (on loan at the trailhead), and fascinating written commentary.

The park is lovely and well maintained. I enjoyed the shade of the trail on a very hot day. My dog joined me and I was very glad to see how agile he actually is b/c the trail had some rocky areas that some smaller dogs might struggle with. I chose to go right after crossing over the bridge which was a mistake as somehow I got turned around and ended up missing a portion of the trail. Something to do with a “trail run’’? access. Have learned my lesson to always follow the straight path!! Path was diverse with challenges along the way to keep me energized- would love to go back and tackle it again.

Fabulous experience! Trails for the beginner to the more advanced. Lovely views, well thought out trails and dog friendly to boot

Drove 7 hours from Florida to do this trail and all I can say I would do it again in a heartbeat. It was well worth the drive. The family that maintains the trail are incredibly friendly and helpful. upon arrival there is a Gazebo at the edge of the parking area. Inside will be someone to sign you in and give you your map. This map is pretty informative and well laid out. FYI for anyone who open carries or conceals carry there is a no weapon policy for this trail. They also have a no kill policy for snakes. The trail itself is amazing!!! I cannot stress how well this trail is maintained and Groomed. Benches , tables , bathrooms and covered areas for foul weather are placed all along the trail for convenience and comfort. There are also water coolers set up throughout the trail system so minimum water is needed. Junction points along trail are clearly marked and coincide with markers on the map. The only thing I think of to watch for was the amount of poison Ivy I saw off trail, so if doingthis with children keep them on the trails lol! The Scenery is amazing , good waterfalls, clear streams , lots of elevation changes! This trail gets a 9/10 for me.

2 months ago

Fun hike, a watch tower is one of the stops.

Well I have seen people on this trail but I loooooooks sooooooo coool

This was an okay hike. Very charming people, but no spectacular views or challenging terrain. There are a lot of small bugs that fly around your face despite ample bug spray (all hiking has bugs, but this trail has so many more irksome bugs than usual that it needed to be mentioned). Nice trails and very safe and homey feeling. Someone on the trail mentioned that they saw a lot of snakes but I saw none. Also- there is a "waterfall" but it was a trickle when I went by.

Absolutely one of our favorite trails! The place was very well maintained and the family at the house were very helpful. The trails are clean and visible, marked, water coolers and restrooms along the way and the scenery is beautiful. Definitely going back and maybe camp and spend the weekend there.

The Lacefields are some amazing folks and so is the land they’ve so fantastically preserved! Unfortunately they are now open only Friday-Sunday it seems. Water Coolers on the trail often so don’t sweat bringing gallons, relatively easy, great waterfalls (the first falls are the best but don’t stop there!) I’ve hiked it 4 times and don’t think I’ve seen everything.

Great place to visit. The Point is beautiful . Love the Falls and creek. Be sure to get off on the side trails

nice trail!

4 months ago

Good trails but the bridge is the best part in my opinion. The wildflowers were blooming on the trails and the river is always nice to look at

One of the best trails I’ve hiked. Privately owned property that is better well kept than most parks that I’ve visited. The owner is very helpful and talked us through the best trails to take on the property. You have to sign the log when you get there and sign out when you leave. The trail is wide and very well marked. Will definitely go back again. The falls were gorgeous!

Fantastic property! Lots to see! Lots to do for my 8 year old! We hiked around for about 4 miles or 5 miles. The owners are very sweet & helpful! You receive a map after you sign in. The property is well marked. Lots of restrooms throughout the property! It has rained so it was a little muddy. But hey! That’s the beauty of it! Picnic areas with fresh drinking water available!

Great day hike. Waterfalls are awesome after a rain

Not a bad hike. Plenty of trails and a few water falls. Good views and wonderful owners of the land.

Great place to hike. The waterfalls are awesome after a rain

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