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7 hours ago

Lots of shaded area.

Part of the trail is still closed from storm damage but the overlook is still open and offers a scenic view of the river.

very easy, cool old houses to look at, dry lake that has drained due to dam damage by in 2016

Due to intense rain lately it was impossible to the follow the trail past .5 marker - zig zagged around. Also heard a a lot of gun shooting which is a bit stressful when trying to hike.

Easy walk, good for strollers, bicycle ride, running. Modern Art work and lawn to relax.

6 days ago

I enjoyed the trail. While you're on the Bay Trail take the Salter Lake Trail to check it out they have a beautiful view with a table to take a lunch break and it's at about the half way point. Most wet areas have raised walkways.

7 days ago

One of my favorite spots to hike and run. This trail is constructed with all fitness levels in mind, as well as family friendly. Safe and well traveled.
Trail is dirt, overlayed with mulch, which is nice for running. Compliments to
the staff, very well maintained.

my favorite quick hike getaway.

trail running
12 days ago

A fun trail to run with dogs.

Love this place. Easy trail with beautiful views

Great trail. Took my grandchildren. and had a great hike. loved it.

trail running
15 days ago

It's a good running trail.I really enjoy it

Shaded a lot of the way, easy trails. A lot of dogs.

16 days ago

Great for walking and running with my 4 yr old. We like to visit the little nature center after going around the trail and pick up a little ice cream cone or drink. Great prices. In the summer we rent canoes- not available the rest of the year. I wish you could bring your own kayaks, but you can’t.

This was a very nice easy hike - did not see anyone else on the trail from start to finish. Shaded so nice and cool. Dogs loved it too.

23 days ago

I went around September, surprisingly there was a ton of mosquitos. We did get to see like 4 snakes on the trail. Depending on which path you take, you may run into snakes. I was looking for a more of hike and maybe bit of incline. I ended up being rushed out because of the mosquitos which I had spray at hand but it was just overbearing! It was nice seeing some cactus on the same walking near the beach. Then nice walk through the woods? Getting closer to the Venus trap which are VERY VERY small by the way.

25 days ago

Nice easy walk. Wouldn't call it a hike as it's all flat. choice of just staying on a dirt/somewhat sandy road (great for biking) or a few trails that go into the woods. Gorgeous trees growing in water...Water Tupelo...is what the sign said. Didn't see any wild life other than squirrels. Quiet and peaceful. Easily marked. Would be kid friendly.

This is open again. I think they closed it due to hurricane damage

This trail is closed now when I went. There are private property signs posted, and a gate at the entrance

Not a long trail, but very pretty.

Great place for a peaceful walk. Nice wooded and paved trails. Nice ppl and a great dog walking spot.

Nice, easy trail and that is very accessible and will look nice in the fall. Great for kids!

1 month ago

We enjoyed our hike today but unfortunately Raven Rock Trail was close but we at least reach to the overlook and it’s a pretty cool view over the Cape Fear River. This State Park is well maintain with helpful & friend staff who make sure we are on the right trail.

This is a perfect little walking trail when you just need to get away for about an hour. I put in my headphones and listen to relaxing music - EMDR bilateral stimulation is the perfect music for this trail. A stop on the bridge is a must do so you can see all the turtles swim up to it. I enjoy seeing all the cute dogs along the trail too.

I liked this trail. We chose it because it was baby stroller friendly for my grandson. However, I would rate it easy to moderate because although it’s paved, there were many steep inclines. So if you’re not used to inclines, don’t do the whole loop.

on Bass Lake

2 months ago

Beautiful hike on a mulched trail. Great Lake views, perfect for a short hike.

2 months ago

Don't forget to stop at the park's office and see the little nature museum. My only complaint is that the trail can be overcrowded on weekends and holidays with strollers and packs of people. The Sugg Farm area is more rugged and "officially not open" (according to the signs) but has lots more trails. Just keep you eyes open for copperheads and spider webs in summer.

Sadly, more than half of the paved outfall path has been eradicated by the construction of a new housing development. There is no path to Womble Park any more, and no indication of when (or even whether) it will ever be rebuilt. Even if it is, the lovely woods and fields will NEVER return, for they have all been removed in the name if PROFIT. Welcome to Holly Springs, where trees always take a backseat to "progress."

Easy trail through a forested area and views of the creek.

trail running
2 months ago

Very shady trail with only a couple small areas of direct sun. Main path was mainly gravel but had some sandy spots along the way. Not busy at all on a Friday morning. Deer flies were out for sure but that was just motivation to run faster! Main path was wide enough for a car/truck. Offshoot paths were narrow (single person) and little rugged. Would’ve loved the main path to be just a little longer to get a full 5K distance in but it was still a great run! Bug spray is recommended.

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