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Great trail. Lots of steep stair climbing along side of falls.

beautiful place! loved it and my hiking team loved the challenge.

Super easy 40 min each way to the falls. Went with two boys 7 & 10 yrs of age

Tough but nice. Technical in many places. The campsites were awesome.

It was absolutely beautiful and the finish was very rewarding.

9 days ago

Beautiful hike. My wife and I hiked Virgin Falls in a day, left out around 8 AM in a foggy drizzle and by the time we reached Virgin Falls it was sunny and perfect. We did the main trail, spur to overlook, sheep cave, top of the falls and bottom of the falls and came in just over 11 miles total. Both Big Laurel Falls and Virgin Falls are pretty awesome. The trail has some sections over rocks on the descent in/ascent out that I would assume give the trail it's rating...they were tough, but not too bad. Once you reach Virgin Falls, I highly recommend the short climb down to the base, it's so worth it, (be careful it's muddy) and the short climb around to the top (again, so worth it!). We spent 45 minutes to an hour at Virgin Falls and at least another 30-45 at Big Laurel Falls, took our time and were still back to the lot in 7 hours total. I hiked it in chacos, the wife had boots...I could see where chacos might be an issue for some on the way down. Probably going to go back in a few weeks when the leaves are peaking. Also think it would be a great overnight and the camping options look great. Almost rated it a 5 but wasn't as well marked in some places as I expected, but still an excellent hike!

FYI- When you get to the Loop to the falls where it's 0.5 to the falls one way and 0.8 (Sheep Cave then falls) the other way, it might help to know that the shorter trek to the left is a fairly steep descent followed by a climb the last 0.2 mile or so to the falls. The slightly longer route to the right (also to the falls via Sheep Cave) is much flatter and possibly even quicker.

Great park, couple different trail options. Steps can be strenuous but overall super easy and enjoyable afternoon hike.

Fabulous trail well marked for the experienced hiker. Trails were well maintained. Absolutely beautiful scenery.

10 days ago

The trail was great Did a overnight all the water is at the bottom Not a lot of used to get to the bottom it's gorgeous the waterfall was dry but still very cool Will go back to see it flow Can't get lost so don't worry just enjoy

One of my favorite waterfalls, and I've seen a lot! Make sure to go up this trail all the way to the falls, and go up the side of the falls. There's a little secret hidden behind.

One of my favorite hikes. The waterfalls are AMAZING. So worth it.

An amazing experience. I have only recently started hiking so I was a little nervous about jumping right into this, but I am so glad that I did. The scenery is breathtaking. I was definitely winded when I got back to the vehicle, but loved every step of it.

12 days ago

This is a great trail. As another reviewer noted, the start of the "mapped" trail on this site is the gravel drive in from the main road. I clocked this at 1.5 miles. If you zoom in on the trail, you can see gravel "road".
This is a loop, but the best part of the trail is all on the southern part of the loop and follows Turtletown Creek. You will hit the double waterfall shortly after the fork in the trail. You can then continue along the "creek" to the second waterfall, which is at the very "top" of the loop. We came back on the northern part of the loop and would not do that again. You move far enough away from the water that you no longer hear or see it. There is more elevation on this side, and therefore a bit tougher hike, but it is not as scenic. Plus, on this side we had to avoid a three foot long copperhead snake.

13 days ago

SUNGLASSES: If you happen to locate a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses on this trail, then we would love to get them back! (kirk_e_hunt at yahoo dot com) We discovered a pair of sunglasses that someone left behind at the end, brought them back to the trailhead, and left them hanging on the trailhead sign. Hoping the owners will happen to come back and find them and also that one good trail deed will return one to us! Ha!

This was a very enjoyable hike! My wife and I, and our six children (ages 9-14), completed the in & out hike in about 5 hours to include an hour spent eating lunch and exploring the area at the end of the trail. I agree with the “hard” difficulty rating as the ascent back to the parking area is physically demanding. You’re not required to necessarily be “in shape”, but simply capable of physically handling the challenge. The kids handled it well and had a great time! They especially loved climbing and exploring around the area at the end.

The falls were dried up, as the area hasn’t had any decent rain in a while, but there was plentiful water that allowed us to filter and resupply our water before heading back out (water at the end was clear and refreshingly cold).

The trail itself wasn’t anything “exciting”, but the end was fully worth it. Several primitive campsites available in the valley section that I hope to make use of in the near future. Looking forward to going again 1) when there is a good water flow and 2) when the leaves are gone and are not masking a good view of the canyon walls.

13 days ago

Very nice spot for a family hike. Can be a bit steep in some areas but nothing too extreme. Some areas of the trail are narrow and on the edge of the mountain, so caution is required especially with kiddos and dogs. Long enough trail to enjoy the quiet, and get a workout and short enough to not be too intense for younger or inexperienced hikers. Gorgeous views with excellent swimming at the bottom of the waterfall. Will be back for more!

Going clockwise the first half parallels the river and the second half climbs a ridge. I imagine the latter is very pretty in early November.

Saw just a few other hikers on a Sunday in October. Both falls were beautiful- the second definitely worth the extra hike.

Don’t be fooled by false trails. The path described is on well travelled trails although not always clearly marked.

Great little hike . Boardwalk a lot of the way . Very pretty waterfall at the end. Unfortunately flowers are not yet in bloom

We took a 3 year old, a 5 year old, and two dogs. We didn’t make it all the way to the walls because it was getting dark. But we made it to the waterfall and they boys loved it! We will definitely be coming back!

Definitely recommend taking the Ridge Trail on the way up and the Appalachian Approach Trail on the way down. Easier that way as there are steel grate stairs (426 steps) that are easier to walk down than up. We hiked this today with our 11-year-old. So beautiful.

No clue where the trailhead is, but nice trail.

No warnings for the roads to get to the trail head. GPS took us the back way. Good thing we had a 4 wheel drive, we saw a minivan get stuck near a creek on the trail. The trail itself was perfect for me and my kids and the falls are beautiful. We saw a small snake, went for a dip... it was a fun adventure overall!

Exhausting but beautiful!

Great trails and beautiful views. Climbs are moderately difficult.

16 days ago

Walking by the river and suddenly you are on the side of a mountain will tall trees. The walk down to the falls is a bit hard on your legs but it is worth it. You can go real close to the falls. Bear in mind that this trail has lot of fallen tress so be ready to climb under or jump over one. It's an adventure!! Loved it.

It was a beautiful day on this trail, wasn’t too muddy after all the rain. The hike down to double waterfall was awesome, our dog did great. Continuing on the loop I felt the trail could have better markings as there are other paths. We followed our gut and did see blazes further on trails but sparse. Overall loved it and great workout for us 60 year olds!

So fun!!!

Great hike! Dog friendly! Make sure you go after it’s been raining, because the waterfalls will be flowing a lot better. Also checkout the cave about half into the hike

on Devil's Racetrack

25 days ago

Like others have said, the interstate being right next to the trail kinda took away some of the great things about this trail. Definitely had some awesome fun parts and some great rock sections. Overall a fun trail and worth the trip. Views at the waterfalls made it worth while.

27 days ago

We absolutely loved this hike on our honeymoon. The terrain is beautiful and unique with some of the coolest caves and waterfalls I’ve seen on a single hike. It took us about 7 hours. We hiked to Sheep Cave as well as to the top of Virgin Falls.

Worth noting:
On our way to Virgin Falls, we went the shorter way (Left) and came back by Sheeps Cave trail. The sign indicates that Sheeps Cave is a longer hike but I’ll say that the trail seemed much easier and I know it didn’t take us as long either. Both trails are beautiful but getting to see Sheeps cave and also having a bit easier hike leads me to say I’d go to the right to Sheeps Cave trail despite it being longer.

Remember to pack plenty of water and food and possibly a change of clothes at the least. We are fairly experienced day hikers and this trail is certainly hard but not grueling. If you prepare correctly, start early and take breaks when you need, it’s a very enjoyable long hike. This would be a great trail to hike to the falls and camp for the night, hike out the next day. I think we will do that next time as it is a long and tough single day hike for us.

Definitely a favorite of mine. Very scenic! While the waterfall is beautiful it’s not the only thing to see.

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