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This is a great trail with mixed forests, a white pine grove, ponds, a lake and Canadian Shield granite. The trail is easy to follow as it twists through the hilly terrain although I got a little confused at the "short cut. "

Beautiful trails, as some people have said there are some areas that are a little hard to follow. In the fall it can be difficult to see the pale yellow markers, but besides that it’s a really nice place to hike!

Nice easy trail. Just under an hour. Did both loops. Perfect because the trails were in good condition.

Our dog loved this trail. We only did the first loop and it was a good light workout. Quite hilly in some areas with nice spots to rest and take photos. There were also over 10 different species of mushroom along the trail!

Beautiful easy trail to hike was a nice stop and only took 57 minutes with stopping for a snack.

2 months ago

Amazing spot that evens has a dog park!

3 months ago

Pretty Trail through the forest. Rocky. Not many people at all. Entrance is in the lot for the Muskoka Welcome Centre. Pretty lake at the end. Quite easy.

Beautiful trail with great scenery. It is NOT a loop trail though. Its an out and back on the same trail, 5 miles one way.

wonderful trail!

Loop not possible due to construction on a bridge at the far side of the lake. Have to turn back. August 2018. Do short loop instead.

nice trail although green markers are not advisable when the trails are overgrown ;) of course I got lost and found it tough to find my way out, perhaps that's just me. overall, good trail I'll visit again

Overgrown. Hasn’t been cleaned or used in a long time. Lots of bugs.

Lots of flies in summer but beautiful scenery

very secluded which was amazing however over grown in some spots

Very beautiful trail. Be very careful of not getting lost though. The yellow trail does become confusing so we ended up bushwhacking to get back on track. I would recommend however!

Rated this hike low due to the annoying flies that bit & followed us the whole way even though we doused ourselves with bug spray. Nice lake views. Would be better to do in the spring or fall. I like shaded trails & this trail is open.

This trail is not well maintained or marked. We ended up getting lost and walking most of it on the road till we found another entry point to finish it off.
Very buggy. Make sure you take bug spray. The parts of the trail that are groomed are nice for walking on. But the parts not are like going thru the jungle.

Enjoyed this hike. Pay attention to the white spray paint marks on the trees. If not for those u would get lost. Nice moderate ability trail. Beautiful lake views.

5 months ago

We stopped along the shore after just a couple minutes for a cookie. We were cautioned of some steep sections by a passing volunteer.

We then headed into the woods, and were given a warm welcome by a million mosquitoes. Thank goodness I packed the bug nets. Had I not, I would have quit 5 minutes into the hike. Bugs love me, far more than Erica anyways. It was a warm day, but I covered up, head to toe, with a ball cap, bug net, jacket, light gloves, and long pants. There were swarms. I’m not really used to that many bugs. Typically in the past, I avoided walking into the woods of central Ontario at this time of year, because of the bugs.

Due to my barrier method of protection leading me to be overdressed for the temperature, I got good and sweaty. The good news was, that I was not getting bit much at all. Just a few buggers would attack through my ball cap, or my light gloves occasionally. That said, I was still feeling a little agitated by the constant buzzing and swarming. This caused me blow through the trail at a brisk pace, with Erica wishing I would dial it down just a notch.

Willard the Adventure Poodle was having a pretty happy time, but poor Hilton the Adventure Mutt was getting crushed by the bugs. There was not much to be done about that though, and she did a commendable job of soldiering on.

As a result of the wind on the water, and the bugs in the woods, I did not snap many pictures, but I did try to get a few from the trail.

It was a nice trail. It was mostly fairly easy going, but there were some steeper rocky bits to navigate along. There were a few nice views as well, as the trail occasionally popped out of the dense woods. You could tell that early in the spring, some sections would have been wet, but for our early June hike, the trail was basically completely dry.

Due to our high pace, we completed the trail quicker than we would have typically. I’ll admit, I was a little relieved when we emerged from the woods.

5 months ago

This is a great trail with a bit of everything to make it interesting. Lots of up and down trekking to work your body. The marsh board walk was fun. I was surprised how quiet these trails are considering that they are very scenic, but my wife and I did pass by people here and there on the trails. The trails were well marked with points of interest signs. The conservation area also has nice picnic areas to have your lunch after hiking. Recommended. Bring your bug spray after a rain though. Lots of grass and marsh areas to attract mosquitoes.

Amazing trail. Did today (June 23 2018). Too many bugs and mosquitoes, but that made it really wild in all aspects. Quiet a bit of ups and downs with beautiful rock beds on the way. Most portion is marked in a yellow blazed trail.

GPS: I'd like to share a track from ViewRanger:http://my.viewranger.com/track/details/Nzg0MjcyMg==

Easy trail, well maintained. Nice quick circuit tracks

6 months ago

Trail not beaten, no sights

6 months ago

Great trail with beautiful views

loved it...

Great view and landscape. Can be wet and hard to follow at times.

Great trail. Did today, still lots wet snow but some brave souls were camping.

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