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Crowded but great views and watching paragliders is fun.

Beautiful lake, it’s much more enjoyable than Snow Lake. There is a huge drop off in people on the trail after you pass Snow Lake. Trail is very well maintained.

Great hike. A little disappointed by the lack of dogs...

2 days ago

October 6, 2018: Enjoyed the larches and views with the 1,000 other hikers (not exaggerating). We went the counter-clockwise gradual ascent route and there were some snow covered sections of trail just before the pass, but nothing worth digging the micro spikes out from the bottom of the bag.

2018/10/13 Saturday (Hiking Date). Best hike. Very good views (Falls, Lake). It is a rocky trail with lot of stairs. Total of around 7.5 miles. Tip: Visit the lake first as it needs more energy and then cover 0.5 mile trail to Falls on return. Also been there in 2017. Will I go there again? Yes.

Freezing. Gorgeous peaks. Waterfall on the way. Sept 1.

trail running
4 days ago

Very pretty in the fall, but quite crowded, even during the week.

5 days ago

such a beautiful trail for relatively moderate amount of work. A must see. take your camera.

im not in great shape so this was tough for me. im glad i did the falls first because i was exhausted by the time a got back down from the lake. it was soo worth it though. im used to doing hikes during the week so very surprised at the amount of people. a message to anyone who is on the hefty side, "you can do it." although it might take you longer and bring lots of water.

5 days ago

Jaw dropping sceneries starting from the 1st minute you get out from the car. The trail is easy for those who have average fitness level. Would recommend hiking clockwise starting with the Wild Goose Trail @ the Heather Meadows Visitor centre, then joining the trailhead of Chain Lakes Loop at the Artist Point. The trail had icy and muddy sections but nothing too technical. Hiking poles will help.

5 days ago

I enjoyed the elevation and length although it can become difficult towards the end.

5 days ago

My favorite hike by far. We hiked it yesterday, 10/14/18 and couldn't have asked for a better day. We started at noon and we hiked it clockwise. Not a lot of people hike it that way, I guess. We enjoyed this trail a lot! Beautiful sceneries everywhere you look! Will definitely do this hike again. Maybe be hike it counterclockwise next time.

Great trail, the falls are definitely a must on the way to the lake. It didn't feel as though as we thought it would be. It was crazy busy so that kinda took away from the magic.

This was an amazing weekend, beautiful weather! My husband, 3 dogs and I had a marvelous time. I'm sooo glad we did this! I think it is a must do.

crowded, but great views. the paragliders can be entertaining

Easy trail (for me) with very beautiful views.
Highly recommended. The only downside is the business of this trail.

What I mean by easy for me: I haven’t done any super hard trails in WA or anywhere for that matter. I’ve been hiking occasionally ever since I remember. Did about 3 hikes the past summer (not many :( ). Athletic in general but have worked out only about once per week recently.

7 days ago

This hike was breathtaking. If you hike a little past mirror lake it takes you to a ledge with a waterfall and if you go down just one switch back the trail crosses the stream and you get an amazing view of the waterfall and the skyline from above.

7 days ago

We got to the trailhead around 9:30 today and the parking lots was mostly empty, when we returned around 2:30 it was slammed! We started at the lower parking lot and went counter clockwise (if you’re looking at the bathrooms, to the right). This meant we had a fairly steep incline for the first 1.5 miles (and it felt like it just kept going!), but we were super glad we didn’t start at the upper lot and then have to go up the steep stairs at the end (these would start the hike if you went left from the bathrooms). It was busy in places but largely not too bad at all. There were lots of dogs off leash on the trail which is really dumb. There’s a good bit of narrow spaces and scramble areas and we definitely saw these dogs getting underfoot of others. Fall colors were gorgeous and I’m glad we got this hike in before the season ended! The hike was quite muddy and there were some icy patches but not bad. We did okay without poles, but my knee might be happier if I’d used them. Is it the hardest hike? No. Is it an easy walk through nature? Also no.

Crazy amounts of gorgeous! Started at Artist Point parking lot north end. Went clockwise. Finished at west end of Visitor center parking lot & ended with the mega staircase before crossing street to our parking lot. This is a full-package hike!

Really beautiful hike! We would definitely do it again!

on Maple Pass Trail

7 days ago

Well worth the trip. Wonderful views around every corner.

Did it yesterday. The view is awesome. I don't think it is a hard trail, comparing with other hard trail. It took me 4.5 hour to finish, including stop for picture shooting time.

8 days ago

Beautiful sunny October day. I arrived around 9 AM at the trailhead. Only one other car was there. Fall colors are still holding on and enjoyed the trail to myself all the way to Mirror Lake. There was no wind and both lakes were like glass. Be sure to check out the view of the valley at the end of the lake. I was hoping to do the mile hike up to Tinkham Peak but I had too much trouble trying to find the trail. It’s a very nice hike that I would do again.

Drove down from Vancouver BC today to do this one and Skyline Divide. I consider neither one hikes, more like pretty nature walks. Pretty views with very little effort did however leave me feeling pretty unaccomplished but my puppy loved it. Way too busy

Fantastic trail! the falls is a quick and easy trip and you should definitely make the side 0.5mile visit. catch it in the fog and be ready for amazing pictures.
the lake requires much more work, not hard but persistent elevation gain through a mostly well kept trail with wide-breasted stairs throughout. plenty of things to look at along the way not just boring dirt. the lake itself was clouded out for me but still awesome to be up there.

beautiful day and started at low tide just after sunrise. saw eagles, a few seabirds. very secluded. be wary of the tide - coming back was more challenging as the beach started to disappear!

13 days ago

One of the top hikes I've ever done! In late September, the fall colors were mesmerizing and there was no ice on the trail. We took a counterclockwise loop and were treated to amazing views almost the whole way! On the advice of a ranger, we did not go to Lake Anne because the views are more enclosed. We did take the side trip to Rainy Lake to have lunch on a bench just before heading back to the car and it was beautiful. The total hike (8.4 mi) took us about 3:40.

Beautiful views! If your not in great hiking shape I would give yourself plenty of time to do this hike. Tough, but totally doable!

Probably the most beautiful hikes ever.
Autumn colours magnificent with the white paint of fresh snow thickening during the accent . Ice was a problem at times especially on the more exposed cliff track . Always enquire when micro spikes might be needed for safety and knee relief.
Not too taxing physically, a good burn taking 4 to 5 hours return , anti clockwise would be my advice .
This place has all the variable beauty nature can provide.

14 days ago

September 29, 2108. What an amazing hike. I went up clockwise to avoid the steep downhill grade on my knees. From the time I parked, to using the restroom, to arriving back at my car, I hiked 9.3 miles. I met a great trail buddy at the top from Seattle named Sean. We came across a bear on the trail downhill. Had our bear spray handy but didn’t need to use it. I wished I had a hat and gloves for the top of the trail as it was quite breezy and cold. Breathtaking views from both sides of the loop. Fall colors were brilliant. I would definitely hike this trail again next fall.

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