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Really enjoyed this trail. When it has rained it is a bit slick, but when dry, it is very nice.
Certain areas were soft enough to even go barefoot which I truly love.

This hike was really enjoyable. The first part of the hike is not all that spectacular but the second parts gets really interesting and the view at the end is simply breathtaking. We did a very interesting option which is to take the 2 mile connection trail to the Awa'awapuhi trail. Dont be surprised if the trail is unmaintaned at the beginning. Taking both trails allows you to make a 11 mile loop trail which takes about 6 hours.The views at Nu'alolo cliff trail are more impressive but Awa'awapuhi should still not be missed. Either you can park two cars at both trail heads or walk along the road back to the original car park.

1 day ago

Awesome hike. On your way down, up to around mile 3 you start to wonder why this hike is labeled hard, then it kicks up the intensity. Unparalleled views at the end. Recommend hanging out down at the end for an hour or so before you tackle all that elevation on the way back. We went in at 12:30, hung out for an hour past the trail end (don’t stop at the end sign the best views are yet to come) and were back at the trailhead by 5:30. Save water for the hike back. Overall for an ‘Unmaintained’ trail the trail was in great shape. Would recommend pants though as there are some areas of thick brush.

If you are a tourist, don't go out of your way to go to Ho'opi'i Falls. There are many more beautiful waterfalls on Kauai that deserves your cameras time and attention. It probably deserves three stars but the trailhead was across the street from where I used to live, so it was a great reason for my friends to come over, and for that reason it gets four. Kipu Falls was an infinitely better waterfall with a couple rope swings which I would recommend tourists to go to instead, but I guess too many people died there from jumping and landing on rocks, or swinging and hitting branches that had fallen into the pond. I remember one guy climbed up on the branch above the rope swing and it broke and he died. So the trail there is closed.

Great trail! We got there a little late so we had to rush. The trail can we easy to miss or go off course as quite a bit is overgrown so pay very close attention. Great trail with wonderful views, lots of local vegetation and fruits and the steam and waterfall are awesome. Will defiantly come back with my suit and a lunch. Park at the top parking lot to save you time, bring bug spray and be ready for some incline. Happy trails!

I thought the trail was great. A little sketchy driving in, seems to have been a wildfire recently(months or years). Park right at the trail head and be prepared for some inclines. As others have said, great views about 2/3 up. Once at the top, carefully walk around perimeter of radar installation for views of most of island. After that, prepare for a trip back down. My knees still hurt from the decline.

Great hike with lots of shade. The end is a bit tricky, but worth the view. We went on a day that was fairly overcast. Not for the faint of heart, be ready to climb towards the end.

Best hike on Oahu! Loved the views

Awesome hike that I would rate as "Moderate+". The first few miles are some hills, but nothing too bad and it's mixed with flat sections. The last half mile is pretty steep but the Nā Pali coastal view is the best I've seen yet! Wow! Coming back will, of course, be steep but nothing too bad. If muddy,this trail would have been more difficult because it gets slippery. A few parts are a little overgrown, but trail is well maintained and easy to follow.

Did a portion of this trail in 2 different spots, near K-hwy and in conjunction with/above crouching lion (CL). Certainly see the weight in the prior reviews as well as the news story, some dangerous spots to trek if committed. After only completing small sections, recommend only the CL portion for the experienced hiker.

Amazing views. Slippery and muddy in quite a few areas

trail running
4 days ago

Quick review for any trail runners out there. Excellent trails for this.

Got up at at 3am in Lahaina today, left the house at 3:40, at the summit parking lot around 5:30. Watched the sunrise (bring lots of layers!), then ran the trail all the way down to the cabin on the crater floor, which is close to 6 miles. Most of the way, the trail is steep (you drop 600 feet on average per mile), but wide and soft on the feet. Between mile 3 and 4, the trail was too technical for me to run on so I speed walked it. Too many rocks.

But then the trail got easy again and there’s nothing better than the last 1.5 miles which are flat and on the floor through the grass, or bush, or whatever it is, with mountains all around you.

I then got to the cabin and sat down and took a break and got some food before heading back to the summit. No issue with weather or temperatures - once I started moving, I stayed warm. Mostly hiked the way back due to the grade and the fact that I’m not that good. But definitely an unforgettable experience and nothing like what I’m used to back in California.

Water wise - probably drank about two liters in total, all on the way up. Wasn’t thirsty running down.

Made it under an hour to the hut and couple of hours to hike back to the parking lot.

very steep, yet well worth trail to the top of Oahu! ropes towards the top to help you. very interesting hike.

Easy accessible and beautiful surroundings. Amazing bamboo forrest followed by an even more amazing waterfall!

No a hike, just a parking lot with a waterfall.

Not much of a hike but an absolutely amazing waterfall! Unfortunately your not able to get very close to it but definitely worth checking out.if your spending any time on the big island.

Heads up if you are taking the Kolowalu via Waahila Ridge. Parts of Kolowalu Trail is gone.


Short hike, slippery , but plenty of roots and tree to help you defend and climb back up. Spectacular waterfall.

We did the Tom Tom section from Waimanalo. I noticed more ‘ No Hiking’ signs are up from the Makapuu end.

7 days ago

Great hike with big payout at the end, but you definitely work to get there. trail is a bit overgrown and thick at the start - you’re in trees and more mountainous trail terrain then it opens up to some epic views. Stair master like on the way back up and out of the trail, still worth it if you’re up for the workout.

Easy, beautiful hike!

Challenging, but a great experience. You meet other friendly group of hikers who are willing to help you out-especially at that point where you need to use the rope to help you ascend this steep/wide gap in the stairs! This is worth the hike!

The views at the end of the trail are just breathtaking...

I hike this often, and difficulty always depends on how wet it is, as all the mountain trails here. This one has some great valley views and very interesting trees and fauna along the way, including some strawberry guava trees that form shady tunnels in some areas, and you can pick and eat them for a great vitamin C source and boost! Though it may lack the great coastal views of some mountain hikes, it makes up for it with it's interesting foliage, including steep fern valleys with giant twisted koa and other giants among the vast greenery! I personally love this trail, especially the west side of loop,(which I often go up and down)

slick and muddy, need sturdy shoes. in some area you have to crawl under low limbs to get to head of the falls. At the first waterfall there's a trail that is not easy to find where you can climb down to the base of the falls. we saw the trail that went to the right and climbed up it part way but it look like it didn't go anywhere so maybe the other one was there too and we just missed it. I think it was an easier climb down then it was a climb up for the trail we took because we saw some people with young children that had gone down to the base of the waterfall on the trail that we could not see. It would be helpful if there were some signs.

18 days ago

Easy hike

18 days ago

Did this trail after the rain, there are two paths to go down, just make sure you do the one thats a bit safer. it was very difficult going down because it was steep and slippery, but going up was a breeze because you have better balance in general. there was a rope that you can hang onto to go down, but still slippery as hell. but after all that, it was definitely worth the hike!( or like a slide down)

This hike has views that you can’t see anywhere else, but is not for the faint of heart.

The drive to the top can be stressful and must be taken slowly if you’re not used to curvy roads. The roads are paved, but prepare to take the ride to the trail a little slower. We really enjoyed the different landscapes of Maui with the lava rock and the clouds that sunk into the valley of the craters. I agree with another user that some hikers may bite off more than they can chew in the beginning because at first, the trail seems easy. With starting in a down grade, it is a different trail than I was used to. We left a little after 7, went out approximately 6 miles, then headed back and we were able to complete the hike in less than 5 hours. Walking back to the top was more difficult in warmer temperatures and with the elevation being a factor. That being said, make sure if you plan on going out that far, have appropriate shoes, water, and sunscreen. We saw a lot of folks walking past us on our return without those things. If you aren’t interested in a more difficult hike, but want the same views, I would suggest going out 1-2 miles.

If you are interested in seeing the sunrise at Haleakalā, driving yourself, plan to go within 3 days to use the same park entrance fee. I would suggest going on the hike first, to get used to the roads in daylight. They seem less daunting in the dark when it is the second time you’ve been on the road.

This trail was a great experience, and like I said, is like nothing you will see anywhere else!

20 days ago

this was my first hike in kauai....defintely hard. slippery and muddy. dont wear any runners or slippers, must wear hiking shoes or just go bare foot to get better control. I was wearing my hiking shoes, was so tiref after but definitely worth it.

20 days ago

Beautiful! Easy hike with incredible views.

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