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trail running
1 day ago

It’s steeper than the other peaks in Mission Regional, but with a good pace, can use it as running trail for a real good work out

Beautiful trail! Make sure you go all the way up to the lake-it’s definitely worth it, but watch out for horse crap! There’s plenty of it lol

Nice short hike with incline.

12 days ago

Currently a .5 mile loop as the floating bridge is out (you do have to cross about a 3 foot log over some water but I was able to do it with a stroller. Very easy & there’s a handrail). Ground was a little wet from all the rain but not too muddy.

Beautiful place..

13 days ago

first of all, I highly do not recommend this trail.
going down its very slippery so you need grippy shoes.
I fell a couple of times lol.
it was not a very interesting trail and it hasnt really been maintained well but very beautiful mountains!
This trail is Clearly on a private road where you'll see some cars pass you.
On another review on here it says to BEWARE because of some dogs that belong on someones property where this trail passes.
on our way back up three Huge black dogs came and surrounded my friend and I snarling very nastily about to attack us.
Luckily we knew how to protect ourselves from mountain lions and have lots of experience with dogs so we used the same method for these dogs that you would normally use for mountain lions which was to make yourself appear big and we even threw a couple rocks at them because they were getting too close.
these dogs where big and vicious.
We did not give our back to them and we actually discovered that by stomping on the ground they somewhat retreated. after slowly walking up the hill while continuing to stomp on the ground and not allow the dogs to get behind us by walking backwards they stopped at what it seemed like their property line.
once you see a rusty old car as a decoration in front of a gate and a road you are on the property of those dogs.
im telling you, no one will be around to help you so please do not go alone.
Someone seriously does not want people on this trail.

18 days ago

Easier than expected. Definitely suggest going clockwise, because otherwise you’d deal with a hard section going up to the South Fortuna summit. This is a pretty easy and pleasant trail!

Would not recommend...a tad sketchy.

Love this place!!!

19 days ago

Living close to Mission Trails, I really enjoyed this loop. Since it was my first time at the lake I went all the way to the closed portion of the gate and back to check it out.

Currently there is a "seasonal" floating dock on the lake and you are able to cross and make the loop around the entrance point. Great place for a quick walk with the pup / kids. Parking is free but you do need to checkin with the ranger on the way in since it is also a campground.

Challenging trail run but so worth the effort, BEAUTIFUL.

Good and quick hike for the whole family.

Easy little loop. Beautiful trail with willows and rock formations. The view of the lake is great. Dog friendly, plenty of parking.

Really pretty, but too desolate for a single female hiker. There was only one car in the parking lot when I reached the location. I’ve been on lots of hikes, almost all alone, but this one was rather eerie. I’ve been to 3rd world countries all around Central America and walked alone with no issue. I decided it was best to turn back after one mile, which I’ve never done before. I rather be smart than be a statistic, or worse. I will try this one again when I’m with another hiker. The land permit warning is old. If you look it up, it’s waived now, but the big sign that states otherwise, makes a statement. There was a 3rd car in the lot when I returned. A guy that was just idling for some reason. I got turned around on my way back and a truck was in the field, doing something strange in front. Okay, this place had me spooked. I’m not sure what all the fur along the trail was all about either.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Good work out and nice view

We love this gorgeous hike! New fave and we hike a lot!!
We did the 5 additional miles at the top- out and back and then finished the hike for a total of 7 miles. So pretty through the oak grove in the first mile or so then the climb up. Stunning views the whole way. We never hiked in Jamal before and we will be back!

Went by today and parking lot was closed with sign that all trails closed. Hasn’t rained in a week so not sure why closed.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great trail!!

It was a great view. I took my dog and he had so much fun. Be aware of mosquitoes.

Several things I love.
1) Typically not crowded
2) Many paths to each peak which offer their own delights
3) tons of thriving vegetation and wildlife
4) Some paths can be a bit of a challenge and leg burner
5) Some pretty cool hangout spots along the way that are peaceful and secluded

Downer: at times south fortuna is crowded at stairs, luckily several paths and theres north fortuna, significantly less crowded.

I once hiked down North Fortuna after dark without a headlamp, by myself, with several paths intersecting. DONT DO THAT scary as heck.

oh, leave a gift of poetry at North Fortuna too

1 month ago

I did this hike several times and enjoyed it very much. Assess from all four different directions.

This was a great little hike / trail. Overall the path was very easy to follow, well groomed, there was plenty of parking, and halfway through you get an awesome viewpoint.

If you are looking for something that is easy, or quick, this is the hike for you.

The feeling when you reach the peak after climbing the stairs is pretty great

Awesome workout. Great view. I recommend ample water, a snack for the top and a lite packable wind jacket for nov/dec/jan/ feb - stairs were awesome, but trail is best on a weekday morning ( less people)

The waterfall is worth it. Pack for a picnic!

Good workout, decent views for so close to downtown SD. Pretty boulders and stairs to climb. VERY crowded.

Nice hike. Trail is well maintained and marked.

2 months ago

A good workout. Very nice views.

Nice hike with some challenging sections. The six mile loop is a combination of a bunch of different paths so I recommend running this app during your hike. You can’t just zone out and walk/run the whole thing. When you come out of the parking lot, there is a cool bridge over a canyon. You turn left once across the bridge to get to The Fortuna loop. If you want to go counterclockwise, the path off to the right is roughly a hundred yards after turning left from the bridge. If you turn right from the bridge, there are some very steep repeated climbs for a warm up.

I did it counterclockwise and enjoying hustling up the long run of steps. I definitely preferred going up those versus down. It took me just over 90 minutes to complete. There are spectacular views from both peaks. I was fine starting at 8am on a weekday in mid-November with a 12-16oz bottle of water. I passed maybe five people going in my direction and about the same going the other way.

I have been seeking this one trail through two other apps... This one directed me to where it begins. Easy to use.. More info...more detailed so my limited sundown closure trails are now my daylight pleasure trails...

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